Chapter 18

The Real Beauty
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The feeling of something uncomfortably tugging at her arm woke Sori up. Her eyelids seemed really heavy as she tried to open her eyes, and it took Sori a couple of seconds to put on focus the beige walls surrounding her. Surprised by the fact that the room looked nothing like her own, Sori let her eyes slide from side to side of the room and finally it all clicked together: she was in a clinic! The uncomfortable feeling in her arm was given by the IV tube, that had gotten stuck under her forearm. At that, Sori noticed the big plaster on the inside of her elbow and couldn't keep herself from grimacing.


Ugh, needles

How the heck did this happen?


It wasn’t like Sori didn’t know how she’d ended up there, more like she just found it absurd. Just because she’d skipped a couple of meals she had fainted. Maybe she should've been more careful since she was also on her period, but it seemed such a drastic consequence.


Sori stared at the IV bag as it got absorbed by her body drop after drop. There was barely any kind of lighting inside the room, it looked like it was still night or really early in the morning, and in addition with the silence, Sori started feeling drowsy again. It was a long while before someone finally entered the room.


“Oh, I see that you woke up. I hope you are feeling better”. The young man was quite tall and had a sweet face. From all the tv series Sori had watched, she knew his green uniform meant he was a nurse. Sori nodded lightly as he checked the IV bad, before he took a step back and smiled at her. “I came to check your IV, and since it is almost finished, I will call the doctor who had the results of your exams and then I will remove the needle, okay?”. The nurse left right after that, leaving Sori alone with her thoughts again. It seemed like time was stretching to infinity in the annoying silence of the room. Sori kind of wished she'd brought her phone with her when she'd left the house the day before.


What if there’s something wrong with me? Is that the reason why no one comes to tell me what happened?

Normal weres don’t get ill or anything, but what about turned-weres? I haven’t heard much about this topic…maybe it’s possible? What will Jungkook say if it’s true? Will Namjoon keep me in the pack anyway?

Does Namjoon know I'm here? Is he angry at me?


A light knocking on the door informed Sori about the arrival of the doctor. He was shorter than the nurse Sori had met earlier and a little balding on the top of his head, he looked tired and about to fall asleep. Also, he didn’t look much older than the nurse, so maybe e wouldn’t be too formal with her. Albeit she was old enough to know how to deal with doctor and formal situation, they always put her in an uncomfortable situation.


“How are you doing, miss? You have been here for a couple of hours now, so while you were sleeping we run a couple of routine exams. If that is fine with you, I can check the results now and tell you what we have learnt with them right away. We can wait for your alpha to come back”, he politely asked.


Namjoon is here? , I’m not ready for this.


I don't want to stay alone with the doctor! . I hate my life.


“Mmm, I…whatever is best for you, sir. If it is easier, than you can tell me the results of my exams when comes in”, Sori weakly told him, accepting the fact that there was no time left to postpone the meeting with Namjoon’s rage. She inwardly cringed at her lack of proper words.


“In that case. I will go look for him and come back with the results”, the doctor told her as he left the room again, passing a hand on his face. As soon as he left the room the nurse entered. He sent her a small smile, but this time he didn’t start a chat with her.


“Sorry, we got to rush a little because around this time the first patients arrive”. He didn't add anything more and Sori had no reply to his statement. The nurse simply removed the IV and left, but before closing the door he added: “Do not worry. Everything will be alright”.


Minutes seemed to stretch to hours as Sori waited once again for the doctor, and now even for her alpha, expecting to hear the worst. How big could the hospital be for them to take that long?


Maybe if it isn’t something too bad Namjoon will let me stay in the pack…


“Here we go, sorry for taking this long”, the doctor informed her while he held the door opened for Namjoon. Their sudden arrival had startled Sori, but she hoped she hadn't made it too obvious. “I just went to take your last exam, as I was informed they had arrived while I was looking for your alpha”. The only thing Sori caught of his sentence was “your alpha” referred to Junmyeon. Why in the world was Junmyeon standing in front of her and being called her alpha instead of Namjoon?


“He is not my alpha, sir”, Sori denied.


“You are not? I was informed you were the one who brought her here, I am sorry for my mistake”, the doctor asked as he fixed his glasses on his nose.


“No, you are right. I brought her here, but she’s just a friend of mine. She belongs to another pack, and I have already called her alpha. He assured me he would be here as soon. Since I called him a while ago, I suppose he is about to arrive”, Junmyeon shoot Sori a meaningful gaze, which told Sori he knew something but he couldn’t tell her. Hopefully, Junmyeon was going to tell her once the doctor was out of sight. “Do I have to go wait outside?”, Junmyeon asked.


“Well, that isn’t my decision to make. Would you like your friend to leave before I tell you the results of your exams?”, the man asked politely. Sori didn’t really mind Junmyeon’s presence in the room. In the end, it wasn’t him who had the power to chase her away from the pack, and it wasn’t in his personality to judge. Whatever it was, at least she wasn’t alone with the doctor to hear the news.


“No, it’s fine. Do I have to worry?”, Sori couldn’t help herself from asking. She knew it was a dumb question to ask, but she was starting to panic and lose control over herself. The last time she'd been in a hospital, had been when she'd been turned, and after that her life had completely changed.


“No, I wouldn’t say you have to worry. I quickly checked your results on my way here and there nothing worrying about them, aside from the fact that you are lacking a lot of vitamins. How far along are you?”, the doctor asked, barely lifting his eyes from the papers he was reading. Sori caught Junmyeon surprised expression, but only shrugged to let him know she was at a loss as well.


“Along with what?”. At her words the doctor finally lifted his face, confusion written all over his face.


“With the pregnancy?”, his statement came out as a question, and Sori didn’t know whether it was real statement or just a sarcastic remark. That would’ve been quite unprofessional and rude, but you never know how people might treat you once they find out you’re a turned-werewolf, especially after what had happened just the day before.


“Pregnancy?”, Sori shot back in complete disbelief. The doctor looked at a loss of words himself, as he took his time staring at Sori up and down before he spoke again.


“Miss Shin, are you perhaps not aware of your pregnancy? The results of your exams clearly show that you are pregnant”, the doctor pointed at the various results of what looked like a blood test, as if that should’ve meant something to Sori. Unfortunately Sori had no idea of what he was telling her. Her mind felt fuzzy, as if there were bees flying in her head, but also as if there was cotton in her ears. His words made in no sense. “Well…by your expression I suppose you were not informed about it. So…congratulations?”. The doctor, who was so professional and kind earlier, was so lost he seemed to be rambling, or maybe he was so tired he couldn't wrap his head about the absurdity of the situation. “Let me just…I can give you a moment, if you would like. I will leave for a moment, write down what you need to buy to avoid fainting again, and then I will come back and read you the rest of your exams”. Sori didn’t even realize when he left. The room suddenly seemed too small and the air too dense for her to breathe it in. She couldn’t be pregnant. It was impossible. They had been using protection most of the times and Jungkook hadn’t even touched her in so long…




Jungkook was the only one she’d ever had with…if she was really pregnant Jungkook was the father of her child. A child. There was a chance they were going to have a child together.


“Sori, breathe, okay? Listen to me”, out of nowhere Junmyeon was sitting next to her and caressing her arms. It would’ve been comforting if not for the fact that Sori felt like her life was about to end. “Come on Sori, take a deep breath and listen to me. This is not the end of the world. If it’s true, then we can find a solution together. You, me and all the others who care about you, and there are a lot of them, okay? You are not alone”.


The others. The others were going to find out. Namjoon was about to arrive and then the doctor was going to tell him and…no way, Namjoon couldn’t know about it yet. What would Namjoon say if he were to discover about this? And Narae? Baekhyun? And Jungkook?


A wave of nausea washed over Sori. Junmyeon, attentive as always, barely had the time to shove the room’s trash bin under her face before Sori started heaving. Fortunately there was nothing she could throw up, aside from a little gastric juices. It took her a couple of minutes to regain her control over her body, even though the nausea hadn’t left.


“Sori, please, calm down. I understand that you’re shocked, but this isn’t helping you. Moreover, if the doctor sees you like this, he won’t let you go home, so please take deep breaths and drink a little bit of water”, he offered her an uncapped bottle, “Gosh, you’re so pale. I don’t know if he’ll discharge you”.


“I don’t think I can do this. It can’t be true”, Sori managed to murmur.


“Sori…I…this might be a little too straight forward coming from me, but if you had unprotected not too long ago, this can might be true, okay? And if in the end it comes out that there’s a baby on the way, then it’s not something that horrible. It might be hard for you, but there a lot of worst thing that could've happened. We’ll all be there for you to help you. Both during the pregnancy and after, okay?”. Sori could only nod, because she was speechless again. Junmyeon kept rubbing his hand up and down her back to comfort her, but Sori felt more alone than ever.


When someone knocked on the door, Sori raised her head assuming it was the doctor again, however when Junmyeon opened the door only Namjoon and Narae were standing there. Namjoon looked enraged, while Narae only seemed to be worried, and in fact she reached for Sori right away.


“My poor baby! How are you doing?”, Narae was holding Sori’s cheeks so hard that an unnatural pout formed on her lips. “Why did you leave like that?”, she went on whining while she was rubbing her cheek against Sori’s cheek, scenting her friend. “You had us all worried about you!”. All the moving caused from Narae's movement was doing no good to Sori's nausea, but she couldn't find it in her to tell her to stop. What if after today there would be no more cuddling sessions with Narae?


Namjoon stood next to Junmyeon without uttering a words, clenching his jaws so hard Sori could see the way his cheek muscles tensed from her bed. This was exactly what Sori was afraid of. When the alpha got that angry, he often ended up yelling and spewing words he would never even think on a normal day, thus Sori just turned her eyes back on Narae, who kept whining childishly in her ear.


“I don’t know what happened, Rae, I just…I don’t know how to explain it, I felt heavy and then breathing became hard and then…well, I woke up here two or so hours ago, I think”, Sori mumbled to her friend. There was something off about her scent too, and it was making her nervous. She carefully took glances at her friend’s body and then she saw it: there clearly visible a bump in her arm. Sori gently grabbed Narae’s arm and lifted the sleeve of her jacket, exposing a neatly done bandaging, probably made by Jin, if Sori recognised the handwork. “What happened to you?”


“Oh, that…mmm, don’t worry about it, I’ll tell once we get home”, Narae shot a glance in Namjoon’s direction, who looked like he was about to lose his brain-mouth filter and let out all his frustration on Sori. Unfortunately for the alpha, before he could as much as utter a word, someone knocked on the door again, and a moment later a nurse came in.


“May I ask who of you is Shin Sori’s alpha?”


“That would be me”, Namjoon took a step in her direction, “Why? Did something happen?”.


“Oh, no, you don’t have to worry. The doctor sent me here to bring you to the front office, as he need you to sign some papers since the girl is ready to be discharged. He is also preparing some prescriptions for her, hence you might not see him there, but he will come here soon”. Sori felt a little offended to be dismissed with a simple “the girl”, even though it made sense for the nurse to call her like that. It would’ve been weirder if the nurse had simply called her “Sori” without knowing her, and there were high chances she didn’t remember her name, so even expect to be called “miss Shin”.


“Fine, lead the way”. Namjoon sounded every bit as annoyed as he looked as he followed the nurse out of the room, which was completely out of his character, especially when he had to interact with strangers. Sori could only wonder what had happen to upset him that much.


“What happened, though? I haven’t seen you since you left the living room yesterday at lunch, and the next thing I know is Namjoon got a call about you being at the hospital”, a deep scowl marred Narae's soft features, informing Sori of how upset her friend was.


“I really don’t know. I think it was because of the hunger, though. I ate breakfast early and they I skipped lunch…after that scene I just spent the afternoon at my pond and then Junmyeon arrived and invited my for dinner and…well, you can tell I didn’t have many other choices, right? Also I wanted to meet the rest of his pack, so I accepted. I was feeling a little queasy, and I think it was because I hadn’t eaten since early in the morning. My legs were shaking and my hands too, then the room started spinning and I don’t know how to explain this…mmm, the air seemed to be too dense? I don’t know, it was hard to breath. The last thing I remember was that I was about to start eating”, Sori finally put a stop to her word vomit. In her fuzzy state of mind, it was hard to deliver a full sentence. Everything around her seemed blurred, whether it was people, feelings or words. Sori couldn't focus on anything aside from her anxiety.


“So you know what happened, Sori. And after that?”, Sori turned to Junmyeon this time. He’d been so quite since the couple had arrived that Sori had even forgotten he was there.


“Nothing much, really. There was a sort of really…mmm, chaotic situation and…well, Baekhyun started yelling Sori was dead and then he was crying, but fortunately Kyungsoo slapped some sense into his brain, and short after that I was driving to the hospital. I waited until the doctor informed me Sori’s condition wasn’t dangerous before I called Namjoon and…”, Junmyeon dragged on the last words, looking at Sori, uncertain about informing Narae about what the doctor had told them. When Sori realized what he was silently asking, she shook her head, so Junmyeon simply concluded with: “that was pretty much it”.


“And did you talk with the doctor already? Did he tell you why you fainted?”, Narae asked looking at Sori again.


“Sort of…I’m waiting for him to come back and read the results of my exams”, Sori let out a shaky breath before she spoke again, “I might-“. Before she could end the sentence someone knocked at the door, and a sniff was enough to tell her who it was.


Oh, , he's back. I’m not pregnant. I’m not pregnant. What is Narae going to say?


“Hello, miss, I’m back with your prescriptions and also to read you the results of your exams. Now, I think it is better if we do this with you alpha present. Where is he?”.


“I am his mate. You can tell us everything and I’ll inform him later”. The doctor didn’t look too convinced by Narae’s words, yet he looked like he didn’t want to waste more time than necessary on the situation, which was also kind of understandable since Sori’s condition was in no way life-threatening.


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