Chapter 1

The Real Beauty
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Sori was spread out on her bed, reading one of her favourite books. Unfortunately, she was having quite a hard time focusing only on the book, not feeling in the right mood to really follow the plot, but there wasn’t much else she could do since it was raining and the guys went grocery shopping. They’d left her home alone since she wasn’t feeling too good in the morning.


Would have they stayed home if it was one the born-were ones who was unwell?


She kept asking herself the same questions over and over again. Well, it was hardly possible for that scenario to happen, since born-weres never fell ill, but still...


She sighed thinking about that, but then again she knew she liked being alone and having time for herself. Actually, Sori often needed some alone time, which is something quite hard to have in a pack, especially in one with touchy and loud people like hers. Although she knew that she sighed again. From time to time she liked to pity herself a bit. Life hadn't been easy so far, and she didn't have the right personality to fit in the cheerful mess that was her pack. Having grown up mostly on her own, Sori had never learnt how to interact with people, especially with people of her age, and that set of lacking skills weighted her down.


She knew being negative and thinking the worst things wasn't going to raise her spirits not help her self-esteem, yet here she was again, poisoning herself with worthless thoughts.


Sori had always felt a bit left out and alone in their pack being the only turned-werewolf in it. Not that they necessarily mistreated her, but turned-weres were seen in a quite negative way from born-weres. It was an old prejudice, but it still seemed to stuck on many people. Although the were considered to be the lesser form, turned-weres were not that different from born-weres. Sure, they were smaller and slightly weaker, even closer to human beings since they could fall ill and healed slowly, but the rest was exactly the same: they had very fine senses, could run for hours without stopping and change just as fast as them. Did this really mean she wasn't as important as the others? What for? It wasn't like in the past. They didn't need to survive merely on their preys, not did they need to works strictly solely for the pack. Almost every wolf had a job, and they also occupied a role in the pack. That was it.


Nonetheless, the guys had always been nice to her since she officially joined the pack, however there were still moments in which they joked about people like her right in front of Sori, and even thought they meant no offence, it still hurt her a bit. Sori always hid it, she knew she was taking it too personal for no reason, but deep inside her mind those jokes left small, painful scars. She’d also noticed that they weren’t as touchy with her as they were with each other and sometimes it happened that they forgot to include her in their plans. Not that it happened often, actually, not anymore, yet she had cried herself to sleep more than once because of it.


Sori knew she should just be grateful she was accepted in the pack so quickly instead of being left to fend for herself in a world she barely knew, probably left to die in a couple of weeks, like it often happened to lone wolves, the rogues. Actually she would have had a horrible life if they didn’t accept her in the pack, because women in werewolf society couldn’t be lone wolves unless they wanted to be used as slaves or slaves in general. It was even worse with turned-weres such as herself, and while society was changing for the better, the improvement was too slow for her to feel safe on her own. She was very thankful to them, really, but nonetheless she felt lonely at times.


Despite having been a member of the pack for over three years, Sori almost never felt completely part of it. She knew she was mopping because Minyoung was accepted way faster and was already a real part of the pack in spite of only having arrived a month ago. No one had doubts about letting her in the pack. Just for being a born-werewolf she was trusted in a way Sori had never felt before. Sori felt a pang in her heart thinking about Minyoung, no matter how much she told herself it was useless to be jealous of her, for they’d never be on the same level.


Maybe what hurt her the most was how easily she caught Jungkook’s heart and attention. Jungkook was the youngest guy in the pack, but he was tall and strong, probably he’d make a good alpha if he ever decided to leave the pack, although it seemed very unlikely to Sori since she knew how much he loved the rest of the guys. He acted childish at times, but he could be mature if needed. Once Jungkook got close with someone he turned into a bubbly and annoying kid despite the quantity of muscles he had. Just not with her. Sori had never had his full attention for herself. Not even when they getting it on in her room: he’d just and leave her hanging. She was just an object for him, but that was more than enough for her. And yes, maybe she had been crushing on him for too long and it was high time she just gave up on him and moved on.


Sori had tried not to care for him, she had tried ignoring him and chatting up other guys, but he never left her head and her heart. Probably it was because of the huge amount of books she read, but Sori had reached the conclusion that Jungkook was her soulmate, her one and only true love for life, albeit he didn't feel them same. Unfortunately, her love was one of those sad and painful loves, those in which one party was dying to give love to one person while the other person was clueless, or careless, and kept hurting the one in love. And it . So freaking much.


It often happened that when all the other guys were sleeping, Jungkook would step in her room and stay to sleep for the night. Those were nights Sori cherished and hoped to never forget, because when they were talking alone like that, lost in their little bubble, she could call him Kookie, just like the others, and he cuddle with her, joking and just let his mask fall. It was very special to her, because in front of the others he preferred to keep his distance, and clearly disliked Sori using any pet name unless he was in her room. Thus, yes, for Sori then nights they spent together made her feel special.


When Jungkook was in her room, right before going to sleep, he’d tell her about the things that caught his attention during that day or that week. Sometimes it was a guy with whom he wanted to be friends with, sometimes it was a song he loved or a singer, some other times it was girls he wanted to date or take home if he could. It always hurt, but she was so good at hiding it that he never suspected anything. Or at least that’s what she hoped for.


However, in the last weeks Jungkook had only spent time in her room to talk about Minyoung: how beautiful she was, funny, y, elegant, thin, playful, fast, and whatever else he appreciated about her. Sori could have written with all of the things Jungkook was fascinated by in Minyoung, yet she knew couldn’t complain nor compare herself to Minyoung.


Sori was quite plain in her looks, nothing that screamed “hey, look at me, ain’t I gorgeous?”. When she wore make up she was a little more than just plain, still she couldn't compare herself to Minyoung or Narae, which was the alpha’s mate and her best friend. She was too shy to joke around like them or to be as expansive and touchy. Sori was a bit chubby, not “fat” like Jungkook often called her, just not as thin as the other two girls. She liked reading a lot. She also liked cooking and going for walks on her own, because when she was alone she could relax and think about her past, ho

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AiiSoo #1
Chapter 35: I really really hope that Sori won’t return to BTS. Not with the current mindset that Jungkook has and even Namjoon too. I was really pissed that Namjoon tried to like give Minyoung a chance and had like a benefit of doubt that she could change. Not in a million years that that could happen. Even Jungkook himself that had stayed in the pack for years still kept the same learning from his previous pack, why would Minyoung changed hers in a matter of months. Although fortunately Minyoung kept true to her personality and getting kicked out in the end. At this point, I can see that Namjoon is not fond of confrontation and he is bad at it too. Not that everyone is fond of confrontation, but Namjoon tried to avoid it so much that the action hurts his pack. He almost did it again when he tried to talk to Minyoung in early of this chapter though.
I think this is a new information, or maybe I forgot about it entirely; Minyoung knew about Sori’s pregnancy way before Sori herself knows?! Was this mentioned before? That girl is just pure evil. But with her gone, BTS and EXO has to be ready if she get together with the enemy and attack both packs. If before, Minyoung hates Sori because she is a turned-were, now, she just basically hates Sori.
Thank you for this update..!
Chapter 35: About time already. But from her reaction being kicked, I could sense she’s about to plot something evil in her head.
Chapter 34: It's good that Jungkook tried to bring himself to finally get the helps he really needed. It's the first step.
AiiSoo #4
Chapter 34: It was nice to know what happened to the BTS pack after Sori left. And to know Jim’s thought and his point of view in some of the matters when Sori was with them. But knowing about it made me angrier to the pack. And maybe Sori too. At least now she won’t be so oblivious anymore or making her assumptions that the pack didn’t see what actually happened between the members. In Jin’s case, he decided to turn blind eye in a lot of cases. But his honesty was definitely appreciated. Quite refreshing to read too.
Jungkook has taken the first step in getting better although he was still in denial himself. The woman is a psychiatrist and trained. So it would dumb do him to believe that she won’t detect his lies if he decided to do so.
I hope all goes well for both Sori and Jungkook.
Thank you for this update..!
Chapter 34: I was so happy to read this update!
hope Sori and Jungkook will have their happy ending ♡
also every chapter you write is amazing, you put thought in every detail and it's really amazing in my opinion.
take care and hope to read more updates soon :)
Chapter 34: I love it!! I like that Jin and Sori got to talk as well. I can understand it’s going to take time to build back the friendships they’ve lost with her, but I’m so excited for her and Jungkook to meet again, he’s really trying and I like that you’ve focus on how his part is going on. Thank you for the UPDATE!! So excited so so excited every time I see an update from you!
july-pupetta #7
Chapter 33: Hi, how are you? Thank you so much for the chapter! I am always happy reading this story!!! I'm glad sori is bringing out her personality and saying how she really feels, it's okay for others to understand how her feelings. I'm also very glad that Namjoon is trying to find a way to improve the situation in the group and encourage a healthier and more cohesive environment. I am happy they are noticing how Minyoug has worsened relations within the group with her prejudices and treatment of Sori. It is good the others are trying to reconnect with Sori and are taking their time to understand her and give her space.
Thank you so much for the update and I am looking forward to your next chapter! <3
Chapter 33: She's starting to stand for herself and I liked it. Thank God Namjoon has decided to do something about Minyoung. It just had to be done.
Chapter 33: I was waiting for this update :)
I really loved how Sori stood up for herself with Jin and Yoongi.
hope you're feeling better ^__^
AiiSoo #10
Chapter 33: I like that Sori was determined on what she wanted. It’s up to her ex-packmates to adhere to what she wanted or just forget about bonding again, even as friends. I guess she was so sick and tired of all the previous dramas and just wanted to settle down with her baby.
Well, good for her.
Thank you for this update..! I hope you are feeling better than before though