Chapter 6

The Real Beauty
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Sori was sitting in front of her little hut, laying down while enjoying the warmth of mid April's sun. Spring and summer had always been her favourite seasons, even when she before being turned. As a human, in this time of the year, she used to go hiking and exploring the wood near her town during the weekends. Despite the solitude of the lonely afternoons in the woods wishing her mother would for once have time to join her, she loved seeing how the leaves started growing again and flowers blooming here and there as soon as the weather warmed up. In virtue of her love for nature, Sori had tried to take care of a couple of flower, but when the tiny cactus she had bought at the mall died too, she had just accepted the fact that she had no talent whatsoever in gardening. Not that she had talent in many things, anyway.


Ever since she had been turned, Sori had had the luck of living in a pack whose house was in the woods, so she could at least watch the many bright and colourful flowers all around the house without even having to grow them herself, not only because she had no talent in that area, but also because no flower lasted long with the guys fighting in their wolf forms in the garden. Only Hoseok had a little cactus in his room, however Sori was pretty much sure it only survived Namjoon's clumsiness and Jimin's bursts of energy for so long because no one was allowed in his room unless he was there, and even then no one was allowed to touch his cactus.


The day was sunny and slightly windy, exactly the kind of weather Sori loved. The only thing missing to make the whole picture perfect was some light music in the background. She’d been thinking about buying herself a new iPod since last year, but she never really had the money to buy it and she was ashamed about asking Namjoon money for it. Playing music with her phone would've kind of ruined the mood because it would've scared away the small animals that linger around the area, not to mention that if her battery was to die while she was outside Seokjin would have had her head. She had dared to complain about Seokjin to Yoongi once, but then he had reproached her because she was the one who was in the wrong and had ranted about her carelessness for half an hour. Sori had decided to keep her thought for herself ever since.


Sighing, Sori turned to lay on her stomach. She had wasted the whole time there thinking about how she could tell Namjoon she wanted to get a job soon. She had been thinking about this for a while now, and she had reached the conclusion she only needed to convince Namjoon to let her work and then she would be “free” to do whatever she wanted. Jungkook wasn’t wrong when he said he didn’t want to work only to give all his money away for those who stayed at home lazying around, and Sori wanted to be independent once again. She missed the time when, as human, she had her own tiny apartment and job. She used to work as a waitress for 6 hours a day, and it didn’t grant her much money, still it was enough to be fine on her own. In fact, the night she was turned she’d gone to a pub with some friends because she’d finally managed to obtain a full-time job in an office, which would have allowed her to give her mother more money and even buy a house in the long run.


A part of her wanted to find the courage to try her lucky and follow for her dream: being a writer. Unfortunately she knew that making it in that area was extremely difficult. If she were to go for a normal job instead, she could work as a waitress again. It was tiring and not a high paid job, but she already had experience in this field, and it would have been enough for her to leave the house for an acceptable amount of hours without causing Namjoon a full on alpha-panic attack. Unfortunately, she was pretty sure the alpha was not going to be too pleased with her request and he was surely going to try and convince her to stay at home and use his money. When she had first joined the pack, Sori had thought the alpha was barbaric for even thinking that proposing something like that was acceptable for her, but as she spent more time in his pack and got to know him better, Sori discovered he was very sweet and she finally got to understand where his ideas came from. Actually, spending various years in the pack, she got to know other alphas and members of other packs, which allowed her to discover that many alphas shared Namjoon's beliefs. Although it was still quite far from her way of thinking, Sori had slowly accepted this side of him too.


Actually, Sori had started asking Namjoon for some money after he had gotten really upset with her. Narae had explained her that Namjoon basically expected her to use his money even without asking him for permission, since he had offered it to her. When she hadn't used it at all, Namjoon had taken it as if Sori didn't want to lean on him and didn't trust him, which had bruised his pride. An alpha always provides for his pack, and Sori hadn't trusted him to do so for her. After that fight Sori had learnt what Namjoon's words really meant, once she knew how to read between the lines, so she had taken up the habit of asking him for small amounts of money to buy a shirt and some small presents for him or the rest of the guys every once in a while. That way Namjoon was happy and she didn't have to feel too bad about wasting his money all for herself. Sori smiled at the memory of Namjoon’s flushed face the first time she handed him a tiny present. The alpha was cuter than he gave himself credit for.


Before leaving the house, Sori had packed some clothes as she had planned to relax for little bit before spending the whole afternoon walking around looking for a job, and if she were to find something she would inform Namjoon about her intentions. Other than that, she had another plan no one knew about just yet. Sori had started writing a book to send to some publishing houses hoping someone would find it interesting and she would somehow be able to be a novelist. That was her dream ever since her teenager days, however she never had the courage to write down her ideas up until some months ago. One day she had scribbled down a dream she had had the previous night, and surprisingly, she had discovered she didn’t really have many problems with shaping her ideas with her words. She didn’t want to get excited over nothing, but she felt as if she finally found something she was good at.


Thinking about it gave Sori the energy she needed to finally stand up again and leave her little pond. She was filled with hope at the idea of finally being self-sufficient under whatever aspect and to be finally able to help with the general expenses of the pack, and maybe do it by working her dream job. She was fretting at the idea of it. She trotted happily for barely more than a handful of minutes in her wolf form, and as the town came in sight, she changed back and wore her clothes. I’ll send the first chapter tonight. I hope they will at least give me some feedback if they don’t like my story.


Furthermore she was looking forward meeting some new people, even though Sori didn’t really mind being a loner. In fact, even when she was human she wasn’t really close with many people, but at times she felt the need to talk with someone new. As a human she always hanged out with the same old people, since they had been friends ever since they were children. Although they had grown up, they were still close, but their little group hadn't had many chances to hang out once they had moved out of town to attend their classes in college and Sori had started taking more and more shifts to save some money and help her mother pay their debt, then she had been turned and they had definitely lost contact. At times Sori missed them, but she had her pack now, and when she was feeling down because of that Yoongi, Seokjin and Hoseok always brought her some ice-cream and gave her small presents to make her feel better.


Despite the fact that they had been close, four years had passed without her old friends crossing her path even once, and as much as she despised it, Sori had to admit to herself that as years passed she thought of them less often. It saddened her a little, but on the other hand she was pretty sure they all went on with their lives and were quite happy. Probably she missed them less because she was getting closer with her pack members, she reasoned, but lately she had found out it didn't bring her too much pain to think about them. Quite the opposite, instead. Remembering her old friends and their movie nights brought a smile to her face. When the paramedics had realized Sori was still alive after the attack, Sori had been secretly brought into the werewolf hospital near her house. Werewolves were not really completely hidden nor out in the open for everyone to see and learn about. People knew general things about them, however they were never given the chance to learn more or to discover the identities of the wolves who lived in their town, just like the government wanted. The knowledge about weres was expected to slowly fade and turn into a myth. This was also the reason why she was brought there and asked to move to another city once she would have recovered fully. She only moved around two and half hours away from where she used to live before, but it seemed to be enough distance to severe what was left of her human past relationships. Sori was pretty sure her old friends had suspected something when she never called them again after the news of the accident, but they didn’t know whether she was still alive or not and she was never going to be allowed to tell them the truth, so moving on was the right choice. Probably they were told she had disappeared and that the police was looking for her, or maybe they suspected she was turned. There had been other similar cases in the past, albeit no one talked much about them.


It wasn't like there would be people looking for her anyways. Her father was a dead-beat, and albeit he never fully left Sori and her mother, he never really stayed either. Sori didn’t have many memories with him, and the ones she had were from back when she was very young. After that her memories of him became more sporadic since he only showed up from time to time, often drunk, telling her he wanted them to be a normal family. It was even worse when he wasn’t drunk and tried to act like the best father of the world, playing the victim because he didn't get to spend enough time with his daughter. He had never been someone Sori could respect. Her mother was the exact opposite, instead. Sori always wondered how her mother managed to fall in love with someone like him. Her mother was quite pretty too, in her opinion, so what was it that made her fall for someone like him? Maybe she wasn't the prettiest woman around, but she was pretty enough for her to stand out and gather attentions from many people. She was a shy woman who was always working hard. As a child, and even as an adolescent, Sori had been very angry with her because she was always at home by herself and also because they were poor, but as she grew up she learnt to understand how hard her mother worked for the two of them to live a normal life. Unfortunately she only realized it when it was too late.


Her mother was the reason she had started working as soon as the school holidays started ever since she was fifteen, as she wanted to help her mother as much as she could. Sori wanted to be able to support her with their living expenses and bills, so that her mother could finally slow down and spend time with her. Her mother strongly wished for her daughter to study hard and have a good, easy life. A life with no worries, a life in which she didn’t have to break her back working day and night. It broke her heart whenever Sori handed her out her paycheck, but she needed it to pay some past due bills, so she bit the bullet and accepted it, promising herself every time that she would give Sori her money back as soon as their economical situation would have improved to make sure she could save as much money as she needed to attend uni. However, Sori didn't really like studying and as soon as she finished high school she started looking for a part-time job to fill her days and stop being caged inside her house. Maybe, she thought, if she worked more than she would be able to help her mother more and their debt would be paid off sooner. Her mother had been really disappointed when Sori had brushed off any chance of going to a good college, not that they could effort its college fees anyway, or anything aside from a short list of necessary goods. It wasn't even as if Sori made her feel the burden of that. She didn't need to. The last time she spoken with her mother had been the night she had been turned. Sori had called her to tell her about her new job, and her mother was really happy for her, although a bit of disappointment could still be heard in her voice. From time to time her mother still pushed her to go to college, but she knew it was too late and it wasn't what Sori wanted.


Some time after she was changed Sori tried looking for her. She knew her mother could be trusted with the information about her new life. Sori knew she wouldn’t spread the news around, and if no one found out about it, then they could still see each other from time to time, but what she ended up discovering destroyed her: her mother had committed suicide after she had learnt about Sori’s disappearance and how badly injured was the friend who was found death in apartment. Apparently, her mother had believed that Sori had been killed like her friend, or maybe she had believed that Sori had killed him and then ran away. Sori never managed to tell her she was finally living a fine life with a good group of people who was taking care of her. She had lost the most important person of her life. The only one that had cared enough about her, even though they didn't spend much time together.


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