Chapter 3

The Real Beauty
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Sori turned again in the warm sheets of her bed. She was all warm and cozy, bathing in Jungkook’s scent that still lingered on the bed after the previous night. His side of the bed had now gone cold, but his scent lingered in her room, allowing her to think he was still there and she was cared for.


The sun was going up in the sky. Sori had been awake for a while now, but she didn’t feel like getting up just yet. She sighed. She could hear the muffled sound of the guys talking in the living room, but she had a some thoughts to sort out before joining them... or at least that’s the excuse she came up with to justify the fact that she wanted to lay down for a while more without thinking about anything in particular. So she waited there, letting her thoughts flow freely.


Jungkook had left her room soon after he ended his business with her. Sori thought there was something different in him the previous night, but maybe she was wrong. They’d talked for a while before he leaned in and gently kissed her. He sort of apologized for the things he had said some days ago, too, which was really unlike Jungkook's usual behaviour. He wasn't really one to openly apologize, honestly. He was more the type of person who ignores whatever happened and starts behaving like nothing was ever wrong between him and the person he offended, hence he hadn’t really said the canonical “I’m sorry”, but Sori understood what he meant to say anyway. The way he blushed in embarrassment for a while made Sori think he looked more like a bunny than a mean wolf. He had cuddled up against her side and hugged her tightly while he talked about light things, and Sori happily to lend him her ears. At moments like that Sori thought that he had feelings for her, but then, every single time, she was proved wrong.


Jungkook liked to tell her little things about himself, and Sori could always remember them, despite the fact that Jungkook never seemed to do the same. Although lately Jungkook had made it an habit to spend the night in her room just to talk about Minyoung and all her qualities, the previous night he had utterly surprised Sori by not even mentioning Minyoung for the whole night for the first time in weeks. He hadn’t mentioned her for the whole night. Because of that Sori’s heart had swelled up with hope. It felt so good be spared from having to listen how perfect some girl was for the man she had been in love with for so long.


Out of nowhere he had started kissing her slowly and sweetly. Jungkook did that sometimes, whenever he felt particularly sentimental, and she always felt goose bumps like it was the first time they kissed . In the end they made love, if calling it that way was even proper. No, that wasn’t the exact name for what they did, but at times she felt like she could call it “love” since it felt so sweet and passionate. It always made her feel vulnerable and emotional when Jungkook whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and this time it was no different. They’re eyes met while he was moving above her and his eyes were full of emotions Sori couldn’t really read at the time. Despite all of that, the moment those emotions disappeared from his eyes was just too easy to identify for Sori's well trained eyes. In a matter of seconds his eyes were back to being cold and distant, and as soon as he was done he left her room, leaving her hanging.


Sori was still looking out of the window above her bed. The sun was high in the sky now. She felt confused: did he feel something for her or did she imagine his tender touches and whispers? Did she really imagine all the times he sweetly moaned her name and told her she was beautiful? Did that mean nothing to Jungkook?


Sori scoffed and threw the covers away. She looked at her phone and seeing it was already half past eleven, she decided to get up and take a shower. She proceeded to scrub herself the best she could, because there had been a couple of episodes in which Jungkook got mad at her for smelling like him the day after they had slept together. For that reason Sori was very meticulous, because she hated seeing Jungkook mad at her. She enveloped her small body in the big fluffy towel she had prepared right beside the shower and got dressed. While getting dressed she caught something weird in her reflection. Avoiding her own eyes, she observed the big purple spot on her neck. Jungkook had left a mark on her for the second time. That tiny detail was enough to make her feel euphoric.


He feels something for me for real! Oh my God, he left it on purpose!


Her cheeks were now red and hot. Sori was shrieking in her mind, feeling a little bit silly for fangirling over something so common, albeit not for her. It was important to her, who had never been marked by another man. The man she loved marked her on purpose. No matter he left her like that, Jungkook had still marked her! Sori suddenly felt like singing and laughing!


She got dressed while singing under her breath and went downstairs. In the kitchen there was no one, but she knew they had heard her coming down. Sori didn’t really care if she had to eat alone, it was more comfortable for her actually, because no one would’ve known how much or what she ate. Not that they spent their time looking at what was in her plate, but she still felt like she shouldn’t eat much, especially when it came to some specific food, in front of them.


Since she had decide to go for a stroll to the library and to the nearby park afterwards, Sori only ate a sandwich to make it quick, thinking that if she got hungry later on she could stop in a cafe. She slowly ate everything, cleaned the table and washed the plate she had used still smiling sillily, lost in her own thoughts.


Knowing Namjoon didn’t like her going out alone, all the most when she didn’t tell him where she was going, she started looking for him. It seemed he had disappeared in thin air, because she really couldn’t find him anywhere. She went downstairs again and asked in a loud voice:


“Guys, did you see Namjoon?”. She waited, but no answer came. She waited some more, but still nothing was heard a part Hoseok’s loud laugh. She felt a small prick to her heart, but she ignored it. She didn’t want something so stupid to ruin her good mood, let alone that she knew they wouldn’t pay her any attention when they were playing with their stupid videogames. She walked closer to the living room without fully entering and asked again:


“Do you know where’s Namjoon? I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find him”. The three inside the room didn’t even look at her. “Ok, fine. If you see him, tell him I’m going out and I’ll be back in a couple of hours”. No reaction at all.




Sori grabbed her purse and checked the money she still had in her wallet from the last time she had left the house, around a week and half ago. She liked staying at home or going to the lake nearby, and Namjoon hated it when she left the house for too long too, thus she never really went out that much. Jin once explained her that Namjoon was always worried for her when she went out alone, because she wasn’t strong enough to defend herself from a possible attack, and if no one was with her anything could happen. Not like it wouldn’t happen if she wasn’t alone, he reasoned, but still their alpha liked it better when she had someone with her. Sori didn’t really mind bringing someone with her once in a while, but she was a loner, so she didn’t really have much to do or friends to meet when she left the house. She mostly went to cafes or to the park with a book to read while she enjoyed the sun. Lately Sori had discovered an amazing library just a bit further than she usually went, which was the reason why she hadn’t mentioned it to anyone. She was afraid they would forbid her to go there or worse, they might want to go with her keep an eye on her. She liked the guys of the pack, but no one loved reading a part from Namjoon, and he was always busy, which meant she’d have to read while someone spoke to her, played with her hair or with her phone, or asked her every two minutes when they’d leave, because they were bored. Nope. That was only going to ruin her mood and waste her time.


Sori was thankful her alpha cared for her, but it was too much at times. She was told from day one that alphas have a tendency to be overprotective over weak members of the pack and especially with the females of their pack, but she never gave him a reason to worry in the past three years. It happened once or twice that she forgot her phone at home, when she had just joined the pack, and came back to find 30 or so calls from the alpha, but that was long time ago. Now she always checked her phone’s battery before going out, and made sure to have the volume turned to the maximum, so that she’d hear it as soon as it started ringing.


Sori took her clothes off, tightened the strap of her purse around her body and folded her clothes, so that they fit inside it. Once she was standing on the ground in front of the house she changed and ran as a wolf until she was close to the town. When the sounds of cars and city life got too near for comfort, Sori changed back to her human form and wore her clothes again.


Sori slowly walked towards her favourite cafe, which was quite close to where Jungkook worked, enjoying the timid rays of the sun and breathing some fresh air after having stayed coped up in her room for almost a week.


She was trying to restrain herself from going to eat at Jungkook’s workplace just to see his face again and see if this time he would act differently towards her than all the other times they had . It surely felt different for her since he had marked her, but she couldn't take for guaranteed that Jungkook would have felt the same way. After all it would also be convenient for her since the café she had planned to go to was on the same street as Jungkook’s workplace. Sori giggled softly on her own, nodding her head at the sound of the music that was blasting through her earphones.


Sori walked at the pace the music set and, as she got closer to Jungkook’s workplace she turned it down. Now that she was this close, Sori wasn’t all that sure this was a good idea. Actually she was pretty sure it was a ty one. Her heart was pounding and her anxiety was taking over. She had been warned more than once by him not to enter his work place, as he didn’t want to see her there. He was quite exhaustive when he yelled her that she must never go there, actually. Sori didn’t really know why she was the only one in the pack who couldn’t go there, at least not if she was on her own, but she followed his order anyway. Not that she ever had the occasion to go alone before anyway. Sori was quite happy when she discovered her favourite cafe by chance and she was even happier when she learnt that Jungkook didn’t know she often sat in there, just across the street, to watch him work.


It was ironical for her to understand she wouldn’t find it in herself to go there knowing Jungkook could get angry, no matter how much she felt entitled after he had clearly marked her as his own. Actually, she didn’t even want to go in there after passing in front of the restaurant, in spite of her previous resolution. What if Jungkook noticed her and thought she was trying to spy on him?


Through the glass walls she could clearly see the girl smiling as Jungkook took a piece of paper she had handed him, before the two girls who where leaft the BBQ place. The both of them were taller than her, dressed fashionably and they were thin. No wonder he was smiling so brightly: they were exactly his type. Sori didn’t want to think about it, but she wasn’t dumb enough to think it was just the receipt. Unfortunately.


She stood there pretending to be talking on the phone and waited for the girls to exit. Then, she followed them for a while, trying to eavesdrop their conversation to confirm her suspects. She was close close enough to hear one of them say:


“He said he’d bring a friend tonight, so maybe you should ask him what his friend looks like, because if I don’t like him I’m not dolling up for nothing”, in a whiny voice.


“Yeah, we can do than, and maybe I’ll call him and ask him to bring more of his friends. That way we can bring some of the girls, so it won’t be a double date and you won’t have to put up with his friend for the whole night, but I sure as hell want to get in his pants tonight”. Sori stopped after hearing that. She could clearly hear the girls giggling between themselves and making dirty jokes, but she couldn’t understand them since her brain wasn’t working properly. “See, he texted me already!”, she grinned. “I have high hopes for tonights”, the girl giggled.


Sori wanted to mentally slap herself. She should have known that hickey meant nothing. She should have known right away. She shouldn’t have been dumb. She shouldn’t have given herself the possibility to put her hopes up, because now it hurt. Even thought she’d already suspected what that piece of paper was, it still hurt her. It hurt so bad Sori felt her breath faltering as she felt tears prickling in her eyes. As Sori could feel a violent shift coming, she started walking back, right throw the short cut for the pack house. She needed to change, but she couldn’t do it in the middle of the street. So now all she needed to do was breath deeply and pick up her pace to reach the first rows of trees as soon as she could.


Dumb. You’re so ing dumb, Sori. You deserve it.


At a certain point she took off running, because she was sure her control wouldn’t last enough for her to reach the woods if she didn’t quicken her pace. This was one of things she never loved about being a turned-werewolf: sudden and powerful emotions could cause violent shifts. She was particular subjected to them since she often felt very embarrassed or hurt because of the things she heard and saw around her, and she was even more affected by the things Jungkook did. Lately her control had improved, which made this sudden shift even more embarrassing and hateful. It was all because of her stupid hopes. Her stupid ideas. Her stupid feelings. She despised herself so much.


I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. You the worst. You and your dumb ideas. Why would he ever want you?! Hasn’t he made himself clear eno

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AiiSoo #1
Chapter 35: I really really hope that Sori won’t return to BTS. Not with the current mindset that Jungkook has and even Namjoon too. I was really pissed that Namjoon tried to like give Minyoung a chance and had like a benefit of doubt that she could change. Not in a million years that that could happen. Even Jungkook himself that had stayed in the pack for years still kept the same learning from his previous pack, why would Minyoung changed hers in a matter of months. Although fortunately Minyoung kept true to her personality and getting kicked out in the end. At this point, I can see that Namjoon is not fond of confrontation and he is bad at it too. Not that everyone is fond of confrontation, but Namjoon tried to avoid it so much that the action hurts his pack. He almost did it again when he tried to talk to Minyoung in early of this chapter though.
I think this is a new information, or maybe I forgot about it entirely; Minyoung knew about Sori’s pregnancy way before Sori herself knows?! Was this mentioned before? That girl is just pure evil. But with her gone, BTS and EXO has to be ready if she get together with the enemy and attack both packs. If before, Minyoung hates Sori because she is a turned-were, now, she just basically hates Sori.
Thank you for this update..!
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AiiSoo #4
Chapter 34: It was nice to know what happened to the BTS pack after Sori left. And to know Jim’s thought and his point of view in some of the matters when Sori was with them. But knowing about it made me angrier to the pack. And maybe Sori too. At least now she won’t be so oblivious anymore or making her assumptions that the pack didn’t see what actually happened between the members. In Jin’s case, he decided to turn blind eye in a lot of cases. But his honesty was definitely appreciated. Quite refreshing to read too.
Jungkook has taken the first step in getting better although he was still in denial himself. The woman is a psychiatrist and trained. So it would dumb do him to believe that she won’t detect his lies if he decided to do so.
I hope all goes well for both Sori and Jungkook.
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Chapter 34: I was so happy to read this update!
hope Sori and Jungkook will have their happy ending ♡
also every chapter you write is amazing, you put thought in every detail and it's really amazing in my opinion.
take care and hope to read more updates soon :)
Chapter 34: I love it!! I like that Jin and Sori got to talk as well. I can understand it’s going to take time to build back the friendships they’ve lost with her, but I’m so excited for her and Jungkook to meet again, he’s really trying and I like that you’ve focus on how his part is going on. Thank you for the UPDATE!! So excited so so excited every time I see an update from you!
july-pupetta #7
Chapter 33: Hi, how are you? Thank you so much for the chapter! I am always happy reading this story!!! I'm glad sori is bringing out her personality and saying how she really feels, it's okay for others to understand how her feelings. I'm also very glad that Namjoon is trying to find a way to improve the situation in the group and encourage a healthier and more cohesive environment. I am happy they are noticing how Minyoug has worsened relations within the group with her prejudices and treatment of Sori. It is good the others are trying to reconnect with Sori and are taking their time to understand her and give her space.
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I really loved how Sori stood up for herself with Jin and Yoongi.
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AiiSoo #10
Chapter 33: I like that Sori was determined on what she wanted. It’s up to her ex-packmates to adhere to what she wanted or just forget about bonding again, even as friends. I guess she was so sick and tired of all the previous dramas and just wanted to settle down with her baby.
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