Chapter 31

The Real Beauty
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Namjoon kept writing down whatever was crossing his mind, just in case he had to make a point during the argument he could see coming his way, but he had already made up him mind about what he was going to say. He had written down the main points the previous night, and now that Minyoung was sitting silently in his office, his mind was running free with new topics. However, he wanted to be careful. He had to.



If, by any chance, Minyoung decided to improve her attitude, maybe he could tell her he would help her rather than kicking her out of the pack. After all, despite his promise to Narae, he still wanted to try and make things work, because he didn't want to admit he had made a completely reckless choice, nor disappoint his parents. If he could get out of this mess without compromising himself, further, than was what he was aiming for. He was not going back on his promise, he really wasn't, so he didn't feel like he was betraying Narae's trust for trying to make Minyoung reason. And if she didn't bend to his requests, then he was definitely going to revoke her position in the pack and face the discussion with his parents knowing that he had tried his best. Was it really wrong for him to wish it didn't come to that?



There was also the chance that Minyoung would agree to working on herself at first, only to go back to her old ways once she realized she was safe again, so he had to think carefully of his next words. He had to make it very clear to her that it was either working on her attitude or going back to her pack, and he didn't necessarily want to offend her, but he had to be firm and assertive. Minyoung had to understand she had crossed way too many lines, and now this was the last one he was drawing. This was her very last chance. He couldn't grant her to stay in the pack only to shame him right after. Not again.



In spite of all this reasoning, Namjoon was well aware Minyoung was not going to be welcomed by the pack even if she decided to stay at his conditions. She had lost all the support she once had, and aside from himself, the only one who kept a neutral ground with her was Jungkook, and it mostly was because ever since Sori had left the pack he had cared very little to go out of his way and make room to talk with anyone else, besides Jimin and Taehyung. He basically had little knowledge about what had happened in the pack after Sori had left. Thus, there really wasn't a reason to offer Minyoung a way out of this mess, but here he was anyways.



Moreover, he had to be extra-careful with his words too, because he didn't want Minyoung to start calling him an hypocrite. Obviously, not everything that had happened in the pack could be blamed on her, and he didn't want to either. Hence why he was quite nervous to break the silence and accidentally slip, giving her the chance to counterattack.



Also, he had refused to let anyone else stay in the room, because the only two who were aware of his intention of openly facing Minyoung were Narae and Seokjin, and neither of them was a great fan of hers. Not to mention that having somebody else there would have either made it look like he was trying to intimidate her, or that he was scared of her, and he was neither.



The only thing that was bothering his concentration was the annoying sound of Minyoung's nails against her phone as she played or texted, or whatever, it was getting on his nerves either way. Perhaps this was a recital of sort she was putting on for him. After all, he too was acting. He was interpreting the role of the business man, an alpha, and a very confident one at that. So, in parallel, she was putting on the acting of a careless and bored girl. He was trying to tell her he had some big, serious news for her with his body language, while also telling her he was in charge, and at the same time Minyoung was distinctively communicating that she was not afraid and she didn't consider him the boss of her. It was about time to stop this staging.



It was high time she recognized his role in the pack.



“Put that phone away”, he simply told her. He didn't raise his voice, nor look at her. He knew Minyoung had heard him, and now she was given a choice. The first chance she was going to be given in this little meeting of theirs. And right from the next moment Namjoon got a pretty clear hang of how the conversation was going to go from there. Her reaction told him all he needed to know, and also that he was going to have to do something he never liked doing. Something that he ended up regretting every single time he had to use it, although he had a feeling today was going to be different. “Put away that phone”, he repeated in his alpha voice.



Minyoung's shocked reaction made it clear that his order had gotten through that thick skull of hers this time around. Wouldn't it have been better to do it when he was asking her nicely? Now he had been forced to do this to prove her he actually was her boss, and things weren't as peaceful anymore. Her enrage gasp was still ringing in his ears, but her phone was now laying face down on his desk.



“Perfect”, he stopped writing and capped his pen, then he carefully set it down along with the rest of his pens. “Now lets talk a little bit”. Once again, he decided to try and diffuse the situation by going back to his normal voice. After all, he didn't need Minyoung to obey to him like a servant, he simply needed her to listen and participate in the conversation like a mature adult instead of acting like a spoiled brat. And it was also safe to say that she had gone right back to her irking attitude, and now she was keeping her eyes fixed on his chest while clenching her jaw so hard her muscle was going to snap.



Now, he had to get started with the hardest part. He took a moment more to re-read the words he had written down, trying to order them to make a firm but tactful discussion. He was still acting, after all.



“Any idea of why I called you here?”. Meh, it was a little too passive-aggressive, he could have worded it better, but now that he had said it there was no going back. He had to calm down before he made other mistakes. For a moment he considered whether he could keep his eyes on his pen, like rolling it around for a little bit, showing her he cared very little for her presence in the room, but it crossed his mind that she could also take it as if he was trying to avoid her gaze, which would have given her the impression he was intimidated. For this reason, he put down his pen and openly fixed his eyes on her.



It was only irking him to look at her. Minyoung was showing no kind of care, no kind of concern about this private meeting they were having, which was completely unusual, and still she was acting as if he was the one bothering her for some trivial reason. And this was making it really hard for Namjoon to keep his intention of offering her another chance steady. If this was how she was going to be acting around him, than she'd be better going somewhere else than in his pack.



“I guess you'll tell me”, she just shrugged. Oh, Lord, why did she have to be so difficult. Minyoung had made a 180° turn as soon as she had gotten close with the members of the pack, and she was completely different from the joyful and hard-working girl his parents had presented her as. Now, it was clear to him that they were boosting it up a little to convince him to take her in, but they had really done a number on him and his pack. The fact that all those problems had started because she wanted to leave her parent's pack for apparently no reason, since she didn't even have a new pack to join in the first place, and that should have given it away that she was tremendously spoiled. And also, why couldn't Minyoung try and understand his position as well? Like, she really didn't care and to him it almost seemed like she was certain she couldn't lose her ranking in the pack.



“Well, if you keep being difficult it's going to be a very short conversation.”. Why was she disappointing him like that? Wouldn't it have been better for the both of them if they could just interact calmly? “Do you plan on fixing your attitude any time soon?”. He silently observed as her eyebrows raised to her hairline and her face turned redder and redder as the seconds passed.



“What do you want, Namjoon?”, she venomously spit out the moment she was able to formulate a sentence. It was clear she had never had anyone questioning her about her behavior. It took her that little to be resentful, and they hadn't even started the real conversation yet.



“I don't want anything from you. I just wanted to ask you whether you realized you're making things difficult on the members of the pack”. His words were more confrontational than he actually had planned, but they were still quite right. It was more or less what he wanted to say anyway.



“How am I the one who's making things difficult for the others when no one even talks to me?”. She did in fact sound like a spoiled brat, he realized. Narae had been quite right about her for a long while now, and he was regretting not having tried to fix this whole mess before it got to this point.



“It seems to me that you are the very reason why they're not talking to you anymore, aren't you?”. That could've also been formulated in a less condescending way, but that was a thought he was going to keep for later. Namjoon already had a feeling he was going to replay this conversation in his mind again and again for a long while, rethinking many of his choices.



“Are you implying something?”, she scoffed. Her eyes were getting larger and larger the more she got irked by Namjoon. The chance of this conversation going well were becoming so tiny Namjoon was already resigned himself to his fate. He was definitely going to have that talk with his parents.



“I'm quite sure there's no need to imply anything”, he let it set inside her brain for a moment before he went on. “You've been rude to pretty much every single person in this pack, and you've willingly and repeatedly made mean remarks about Sori even though she has done you nothing. And this has been going on ever since you first joined the pack”. There, it was done. There was no going back.



“I have not been rude to anyone who hasn't been rude to me first”, and that was when her index finger started raising and pointing at Namjoon. “And in case you have forgotten, I had never lived with a turner-were before and it didn't seem to me that anyone of you was trying to step up to defend her either. I said what I said, and if that's all, I'm going to leave”.



“Yeah, no. Stay exactly where you are. We are going to talk about this now”. He gave her half a second to listen to him out of her own free will, and then his alpha voice came out again. “Sit down. Now”. If looks could kill, Namjoon was almost sure he would've been gone by then. “Now, stop being childish and let's talk like adults”. Minyoung kept tightly closed and Namjoon realized out of no where that all the others members of his pack were completely right. Minyoung had the power to irk others even without saying anything. And then he had an idea. Like, why drag the discussion on when the topic was that easy? It was either one way or another, no middle ground for them to stand on this time since she was acting like that. “Look, let me be straight with you. Are you willing to stop berating Sori?”. A light tremble shook Minyoung's face as she started losing control of her wolf because of her anger.



“I'm not berating that ”. This time it was Namjoon who had to grasp his control with both hands to stop himself from showing her his teeth.



“I said we're going to clinch this question once and for all. This is your last chance, I'm not going to repeat myself again. Are you going to change your attitude?”.



“I don't even know what you're talking about! For 's sake, you're constantly talking about that as if she's the center of the world. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe you're just dramatic?”, she scoffed. And that was it.



“Fine. Have it your way”, mentally grimacing at the call he was going to have with his parents, Namjoon spit out the words that sentenced the end of Minyoung's stay in BTS. “Pack your stuff, I want you gone before the end of the week”. Minyoung's eyes almost popped out at his words. Sure, she didn't expect she could get kicked out just like that. She was a born-were after all, and she had been coddled by her family her whole life, she probably never had anyone talking that directly and firmly to her. “And for your information, it's you. You have been the problem in this pack for a long while, and I never intervened exactly because you are a born werewolf and our parents know each other, but you have been the biggest problem in this pack for a while now. And you know why you are the problem and not Sori? Because Sori avoided you to let you be more comfortable, since you always said you were uncomfortable around her because in your pack turned-weres have a “very specific role”. Because Sori never went around blabbing about you, complaining about your mere existence, unlike you. Because when she left you kept bad mouthing her to anyone who lent you a ear. And you did it constantly, to the point no one talks to you anymore. You are the problem, and now I am stepping up to fix my mistake. I want you gone from this pack”. The alpha voice made its way out of his throat before he even had the chance to think it was time to definitely cut Minyoung off of the pack. Clearly this time he and his wolf were completely on the same page.



The moment those words left his mouth a painful jolt, almost like an electric shock, crossed his body and the pack bonds. Minyoung's bond to the pack had been severed for real. Minyoung herself seemed quite shaken by the sudden loss of the bond, and for a minute that left her speechless, which was quite a welcomed change for Namjoon's ears, and heavy breathing.



“I can't believe you did that”, were the first words she spoke once she regained control of herself. Her hands were shaking significantly and so were her lips, which gave away she was barely holding on to her control. “You... I can't believe it. All for a turned ”. She shakily raised herself form the chair, finally able to break away from the pack alpha's order now that she was packless. “You will regret this. When you'll realize I was right it will be too late”, she snapped before making her way to the door. She turned around just to spit in Namjoon's direction and slammed the door behind her. Very lady like indeed.



He threw his pen on the cup he used to hold all his pens and finally rested his head on his hands. Well, the conversation hadn't gone the way he hoped, but at least now it was done and he was free from this weight. At least Narae was going to be satisfied with him, and they could get closer again. Their relationship had been shaken up from the little accident with Sori and him using his alpha voice on her, but he was doing his best to prove her she could trust him and to fix his mistakes.



Now he only had to face his parents.



Out of no where an electric shock went through Sori's body waking her up from her after-lunch nap. Lately she had experienced some difficulties with sleeping at night. Baby Minhoon seemed to have made up his mind to never let Sori sleep, thus he spent the whole night kicking and rolling around, stretching her belly here and there. Also, her sciatica had been giving her a hard time, hence why she had resorted to little naps here and there whenever she could find a good position and baby Minhoon gave her some peace. Sure, being at the 28th week was definitely putting things into a perspective for her, and she knew very well it was still far from how uncomfortable she was going to be in just a couple of weeks.



Now, that painful zap not only had woken her up, but it had also given her anxiety. She had never experienced such a thing before, and it couldn't be a positive sign. Something must have happened in BTS, because she could feel her bonds pulsating as if they were open wounds.



Grunting, she rolled on her back and took a moment to breath ti fix the light vertigo that standing up and sitting up often caused her. She also used that moment to think carefully about her next actions. She could either ask Junmyeon if he had heard anything from Narae, or directly ask Narae about it, although that could make her look nosy. In the end she did non have that much time to act. If something had happened in her old pack, she wanted to know. If she had to send help, now it was the moment to act.



Without thinking any further, Sori grabbed her phone from the bedside table and called Narae right away. The phone was ringing, but no one was picking up the call and it was giving her anxiety. She tried again. Not that something must have happened to Narae, she reasoned, but maybe someone else was hurt and they were helping him? She didn't know if insisting was the right way to proceed. What if someone had attacked BTS again and someone was hurt? Was she distracting them with these calls?



When it was definitely clear that Narae wasn't going to pick up her phone, her anxiety gave her pangs of pain to her stomach and chest. No, not Narae. She was definitely fine. She had to be. Sori picked up her phone once again and she called the next person she could think of. Seokjin. He could know if something was going on, right? Maybe he could give her some quick info just to reassure her, and later on she could call Narae again.



Ring after ring, Sori started pacing in her room. Her back hurt and her sciatica too, but she couldn't stay put anymore. She could hear Baekhyun in front of her door, clearly eavesdropping to find out what was going on, and she found herself wishing he would just enter and keep her company. Perhaps she was being dramatic, sure, but having someone with her didn't seem that bad right now, though she lacked the courage to directly ask him to.



She rang Seokjin once again and suddenly she realized her dumb mistake. Obviously Seokjin couldn't pick up the phone. He worked in the morning, so he either didn't know or hadn't had the chance to leave his workplace to go back to the pack house.



Fine, she was going to call the next person she could think of. Hoseok had to be home. They had chatted a couple of days ago, and he had informed her he had been working more in the afternoon to cover up for a colleague, but in the morning he was staying at home to have a fair amount of people always guarding the house. Sori's heart was basically in at this point, and she had already decided that if Hoseok didn't to pick up right away, she was calling Junmyeon to drive her there. She would've run there, but being heavily pregnant she was slow and heavy, not to mention that no amount of training could make her useful this far along with her pregnancy. Junmyeon could be way more useful in that sense.



Hoseok's phone rang once, twice and suddenly someone finally picked up her call, however it was not the person she had expected. “Uhm”, she heard, followed by a grunt. “What do you want?”. Yoongi wasn't known to be a morning person, and whomever woke him up had to expect some kind of roughness from him. For a moment it seemed like nothing had changed, but then the urge to know what was going to made its way back to Sor

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I think this is a new information, or maybe I forgot about it entirely; Minyoung knew about Sori’s pregnancy way before Sori herself knows?! Was this mentioned before? That girl is just pure evil. But with her gone, BTS and EXO has to be ready if she get together with the enemy and attack both packs. If before, Minyoung hates Sori because she is a turned-were, now, she just basically hates Sori.
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