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☾ Moon Spell
☾ Moon Spell
   you say witch like it is a bad thing
Stay wild moonchild!
Under the full moon during eight friends summer vacation, they find a old dusty book of witchcraft in their friend's grandmothers home. They find a ritual in the book that would make them friends forever as a friendship blood oath according to one friend. That night the eight highschool teenagers perform a blood oath ritual all together under the full moon just drinking and enjoying their last summer in highschool. 

The group goes their separate ways after highschool, never repeating their crazy wild summer messing around with witchcraft and doing the blood ritual. The each person finds their own way whether that be college or jobs just moving on with their lives until the past comes back to bite them. One of their friends can't seem to move on and misses their friends and the great memories of that summer. The friend again on the full moon they do another blood ritual using items from that summer to bring everyone back to those good times. 

Of course, this friend does the wrong ritual and nothing happens until these eight people start expressing having witch-y like powers of their own. they all meet up back at said friend grandmother's house only to come find from great old grandma that their friend has turned them into witches that now have to fight the good fight from nightmares parents tell their kids aren't real and the monsters that hide in the night. How will eight adluts handle saving the innocent and juggle their daily lives together once again? 
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more information!
TITLE : moon spell
AUTHOR : twiillaa
GENRE : angst, comedy, romance, friendship, slice-of-life, magic, fanasty, supernatural, au
CREATED : august 8 2017
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UPDATE (08/08) : story is posted and plotlines to be up soon!
UPDATE (08/13) : story is open! i can't wait to read everyone's applications!
AUTHOR'S NOTE  so sue me, i made another one. i have nothing esle to say but i hope people are interested and looking forward to applying or simply just reading.




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Chapter 17: okayyy its been a loooong time since i havent comment anythinggg im so sorry!!

okay first of all, I LIKED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FIC. I can see theyre starting to become close,,, donghyun and ricecake /COUGHS COUGHS hahahaha I love the bonds and the partners are slowly being exposed. /takes out my dispatch camera/ Its all perfect. HWAITING AUTHOR NIM!!
Chapter 16: people are calling ruiho for special help, lmao, i can relate. #relatable
and also!! oh my god, you included chaeyoung and jun's first meeting!! T __ T that is somehow... cute
and it doesn't really come off as so sudden. like? it was really natural.
and i'm [ intense eye emoji ] at dongyun and ricecake.. hMMMM. i c u 2 i c u
honestly this chapter is very very cute and i like their relationship dynamics but i'm
SCARED bc they're getting in trouble like, every 2 mins and i cant, i love thEM too much
pls dont put them in trouble

+ sorry for the late comment / reaction, school had been CRAZY rough on me
Chapter 16: Its nice to see Kyul be accepting about the witch things. Hahaha ruiho had to get a new phone number.
Jun and Younghee burning the Trolls wooh burn baby burn!!
Chapter 15: tbh i feel kinda bad for kyul throughout the whole chapter because
i would be like that too if i am put in her position??
and i feel bad for hojung too because it seems like she's so fed up with everything
but ooooo younghee and jun
[ intense eye emoji ]
Chapter 15: Oohh Kyul is now on board! I love her reaction when Hojung told her about everything, her life in danger and what not hahahaha. Hojung getting attacked by a harpy and getting a bruised nose. Lol the new guy who just applied caught her attention ahhaa.
Chapter 14: Oooh first chapterr niccee. Getting a bit more info about how some of them react to these types of situations. So the enemies are fire demons. I like how Younghee was full on attack mode while throwing at taunts while Jun was kinda scared that she kept on taunting the demons. I could just imagine this scene in my head hahaha! Nice work!
Chapter 13: i'm screaming!!! a yebin faceclaim.
minkyung and yebin a.k.a my faVORITE pristin ship, omg?? and i'm laughing at jun in this too wow he really gotta make that much noise over something so simple... smh.
i like how everyone talks about kyulkyu's rice cakes.
and i like ruiho and jun's relationship a lot.
i'm so excited for the story to finally commence- this was really fun to read!!!
Chapter 13: Yeseul now has her intro yess! She has telekinesis and is a nurse woah that must be hard since her powers could get in the way of her work. How does orbing work though? Is it like teleportation?
Chapter 12: omg dhdjd this is so cute!!
another mx faceclaim, yes jun you're not alone. i'm laughing bc the way hojung tells him about the demons and everything that scares him was so casual and relaxed, and he still freaks out.
can i just say that lowkey highkey i imagined this as a k-drama and it already seems like a very promising drama in my head????
also i see a new name... yeseul? nugu-
Chapter 11: ok i love the first chapter alreadyyyyyyyy and so sos orry that i cant update the partner appp i will sooonnn maybe pair up with afraid to contact so- i promise i'll complete it soon