I am dating Kim Jongin?!

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         Oh Sehun is not sure whether he likes boys or girls so he decides to employ the help of their school's playboy Park Chanyeol to figure it out. It's only too bad that he ends up dating Chanyeol's best friend, Kim Jongin, who is not only the best athlete and dancer in their institution but also rumored to be an extreme homophobe. Will Sehun ever find out if he is gay or will Jongin break him first?


Hello guys. I have no excuses for this story either. I have too many Sekai feels these days so I have to post them. Sorry not sorry. Either way this is the first time I am writing this Jongin (hot and scary) so I pray I won't screw it up. Wish me luck! 

I really hope you like what I have in mind for this fic and I just want to mention the fact that I won't ever stop writing Sekai because they were my first Kpop OTP and because I love them!

P.S: Their new album 'The War' is so dope. I love all the songs and I am totally going Ko Ko Bop with EXO!!!!!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING except for the STORY. COPYRIGHTS of the gifs and images used BELONG to their rightful OWNERS. 

A really really big thank you to my amazing friend and artist blissfulcoconuts for creating such a masterpiece! Check out her page for more details on her beautiful work! <3

Hello everyone! Just posted the last chapter of 'I am dating Kim Jongin?!' and you really don't wanna miss it so go and check it out NOW! Thank you! Love ya all! xoxo
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