The Omega Twin

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                 If the stranger looking strikingly like him is telling the truth, he has a twin, a royal title and he’s a wolf on top of that. Sehun believes this is pure madness but he still listens to what the person has to say in order to satisfy his morbid curiosity. Except that the more he hears about this apparently nonsensical situation, the more intrigued he feels. Could it actually be true? And if it is, would he dare take his brother's place and act as a fiancée to a man he's never met, and an Alpha at that?


                I have no idea what happened. And I would like to apologize for being all over the place this week (the people who have witnessed it know what I am talking about). I think my problem is I have too many ideas and I kind of have to stop writing all of them down. So, in order to do that, I decided to focus on only one plot. Which is more of a mystery to me in the sense that I have never read any stories featuring this yet (maybe they exist I don’t know). I have always wondered what would happen if wolves had twins too, identical ones. How would that work? Would they both have the same status (Alpha, Beta or Omega) or could they be different as well? Also what about their fated mates? Given that I have so many questions about this, I decided to write my own version of what I think would happen if twins like that existed. I can’t guarantee this won’t be a disaster but I will do my best to make sense most of the time (hahaha). I also hope you will give this a chance and that we can enjoy this writing adventure together.

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Also this is very loosely based on the 'The prince and the pauper' novel. I really liked the idea of brothers trading places and making a mess of each other's lives so I really wanted a shot at writing something like this. Hope I don’t ruin this too much but then again we are going about moi so prepare for the worst. (sorry not sorry)

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