Time and Time

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Wendy feels like she’s pushed into space; into another galaxy where everything is a blend of purples, blues, and whites that invade her wide silver eyes. Her vision is practically eaten up by the light surrounding her, making her feel extremely vulnerable.

And she’s just floating in the midst of this space. There’s no roof or floor, just colors rapidly spinning around her. She feels suffocated even though there are no walls to loom over her small frame.


And she wishes Irene was here to hold her.




Wendy turns.


Seulgi’s voice— It’s distant, but Wendy can hear it.


And Sunghwa’s voice, which seems to be getting farther and farther away.

Wendy turns her head frantically in different directions, her pupils rapidly dilating and constricting. She looks up and sees a hand stuck inside one of the colors, seemingly reaching for her.

Wendy follows her instincts and pulls down the hand, feeling additional weight along with it. Bit by bit, Seulgi appears as Wendy pulls her out of wherever she was stuck in.

“S-Seulgi? Where were you? What is this place?” Wendy asks in panic. She holds on tight to Seulgi’s hand as she waits for an answer.

“I may have an idea, but I’m not entirely sure yet. All I know is that we have to jump,” Seulgi responds. Normally, she would fight off anyone who tried to even touch her hand(excluding Irene), but it’s a little different now.

Seulgi’s confused too.

“Jump where?!” Wendy asks and looks around for any nonexistent portal or door.

“Here,” Seulgi says in a rush. She jumps into a shade of a blurred, rushing shade of purple as she pulls Wendy along.

Wendy’s next words are muffled as they enter into another space, except this time, the colors are rushing at the speed of light and there’s no way for the two girls to see things clearly.

Wendy pulls Seulgi into an embrace as they shut their eyes tight. Their hairs violently rush in all sorts of directions as they prepare for what is to come.


And they hope they survive.




Irene pushes her bedroom door open but she doesn’t enter. She just lets it swing slowly until the doorknob hits the wall of her room. A sigh escapes her lips.

It feels awfully quiet; with Wendy no longer here to occupy her room, or everywhere else in the house. No more Wendy to ask for a legitimate answer as to why Korea really split.

And no more Seulgi to make fun of how old Irene is(even though, technically, Seulgi is way older.) Irene enters her room and shuts the door. She feels the cold settling into her skin and her goosebumps rising.

It’s not really the same. She misses the blue and golden particles that admittedly always made her calm. Even if those particles appeared for chaotic reasons, the way they floated was peaceful.

And Irene has the peace she asked for in the beginning, but she would much rather be spending it with Wendy and Seulgi.

She turns on her phone and navigates to her contacts list. There, she finds Joy and Yeri’s phone numbers before smiling.

Well, she still has these two to take care of. She calls the both of them and holds her phone up against her ear.

“Helloooo!” two voices from the other line yell in perfect unison. Irene slightly flinches, but keeps a smile on her face anyway.


“Hey guys, can you come over?”




Wendy and Seulgi, after no longer feeling colors rushing around them, finally open their eyes. They look down below and look at each other with wide eyes when they see the top of a tree. Together, they fall hand in hand as they grunt with every contact with wood.

Branches scratch and probe their skin as they fall, causing them to let go of each other’s hands completely. They land on the ground with simultaneous grunts.

An elderly woman passing by rushes(slowly) to get to them.

“Ah, are you two okay?! What are you doing climbing up a tree that high? Do you need a doctor?” she asks as Wendy and Seulgi recover from their fall.

“No ma’am. We’re fine, but thank you very much,” Seulgi answers. Wendy is still dazed from the fall. Seulgi grabs Wendy’s hand for support and stands up.

“C’mon. We gotta go,” Seulgi says as Wendy finally stands.

And judging by their surroundings, they’re not in Wendy’s time period.

“Goodbye, lady!” Seulgi says and waves. The elderly woman is confused, but manages to wave back anyway. “Now you girls be careful!”




“Are we back in Joohyun’s time?” Wendy asks, with a few scratches on her face. Both of the girls have scratches all over their bodies, which are hopefully only temporary.

“Let’s find out,” Seulgi answers and leads the way. Wendy has an odd feeling about this place. She finds it unfamiliar, even though it is clearly still Seoul. There’s a different aura about this place, an aura Irene’s time period didn’t have.

“Oh, ,” Seulgi curses under her breath and stops dead in her tracks. Her eyes are wide as they seem to glow even brighter.

“What is it?” Wendy’s moving pupils accelerate in curiosity. She looks in the direction Seulgi’s looking and it take her a few seconds to realise.

“Is that you?” Seulgi asks. Wendy’s pupils are now frantic as she looks at her red haired self walking towards them.

Seulgi and Wendy turn around as she walks by.

“Promiscuous woman, where the hell are we?!” Wendy semi-whispers. Her red haired doppelganger finally walks ahead and they immediately turn to face each other. Seulgi follows after the girl, Wendy following right after.

“What are you doing? Shouldn’t we be trying to get out of here?” Wendy asks quietly.

“That’s exactly what we’re doing now so shut up,” Seulgi whispers back. “Act natural.”

Wendy observes. Everything around her is the same as Irene’s time. The buildings, the cars, the roads, the people.


And yet, nothing feels the same.




The red haired girl eventually stops in front of a light blue building. She pulls open the glass door and steps inside, a bell ringing right after.

Seulgi and Wendy stand outside the building, still confused as to where they are. They both look at the logo at the top with furrowed eyebrows.

“Wendy’s...Tears...Bakery?”  Seulgi says out of amusement and looks at Wendy.

“There’s a whole bakery named after you?” Seulgi asks playfully. Wendy looks at Seulgi with a click of a tongue.

“Now is not the time to be joking around,” Wendy says and pulls open the door. She steps inside and is immediately greeted with the smell of warm coffee. The ambience and mood is peaceful; with some yelling coming from the back here and there.

But that’s not what Wendy is focusing on. At the front, behind the cash register, is a girl with dark brown hair and a smile oh so beautiful. It’s hard to not recognize.

“It’s...Joohyun,” Wendy says, dazed.

“I know,” Seulgi responds.

She walks to an empty table and sits down on a chair. Wendy sits parallel to Seulgi, head still turned towards the Irene doppelganger.

“Goodness...I’ve traveled to yet another universe. I said I wanted to travel the world but I didn’t say I wanted to travel three different ones,” Seulgi says and rubs her temples. “Unless Irene got too bored and decided to work in a bakery cafe.”

“Yah, Kang Seulgi! Come here!” ‘Irene’ yells as she enters what seems like the back kitchen. Seulgi turns her head at the sound of her name, but soon realizes it wasn’t meant for her.

Moments later, a girl, who looks exactly like Seulgi, comes out of the kitchen. She seems to be a barista, judging by her uniform. She walks over to Seulgi and Wendy with a blank stare.

Wendy stares at Seulgi’s doppelganger, who has blonde hair and half an eyebrow seemingly shaved(or scratched) off.

“Hello. What’s your name?” the Barista asks with a strange smile.

“Seulgi,” Seulgi answers.

“Oh really? My name’s Seulgi too!” the barista says and stretches her arm out. “Hello, Seulgi. I’m Kang Seulgi.”

Seulgi takes the barista’s hand and shakes it.

“If you uh...need anything, I’ll be at the cash register. Judging by the way you look, I think you need the hospital right now,” the barista says. “Again, I’ll be at the cash register, ready to take your order!”

The barista bows before going back. Seulgi looks at Wendy, who now has an amused smile on her face.

“What’s so funny?” Seulgi asks.

“Don’t you recognize yourself? That was you. Your doppelganger,” Wendy answers and that makes Seulgi turn her head very quickly.

“Holy we are in another world. This is bad.” Seulgi says, panicking.

“What do we do now?” Wendy asks and looks at Seulgi’s doppelganger. Seulgi sighs and rests her head on the blue table.


“We wait.”




Wendy and Seulgi wait until it gets dark and all the customers leave. The two are asleep, with their heads on the table, but a scream awakens them. Seulgi jerks and looks around, wondering what just happened.

“I FOUND THE RAT! KILL IT!” a voice screams, followed by clamoring and clanging from the kitchen.

Wendy and Seulgi look at each other in bewilderment.

“WHO THE IS GOING TO CLEAN THIS UP HUH?! CERTAINLY NOT I!” a voice that Wendy can only infer is Seulgi’s yells.


“That’s Yeri’s voice,” Seulgi whispers.

Moments later, all five girls come rushing out of the kitchen door, a trail of flour dust following right after them.

“Wait, shh-where is it? I know it scurried out here,” one of the girls say carefully as it gets completely quiet. They’re crouching behind the counter that separates them from customers.

Seulgi clears , and soon realizes that that was a bad idea when a spatula comes flying straight towards her. She quickly tils her head to the side to avoid the kitchen utensil.

That could’ve killed a normal person.

This catches the attention of the four girls behind the counter. They peer over the counter, staring ominously at Seulgi and Wendy.

“I'm sorry, ma’ams, but the shop is closed. Please come again tomorrow!” the same girl with noticeably red hair says and stands up straight, a smile plastered onto her face.

Wendy tries her best to slow down her pupils, but she knows that's not possible. The very sight of her red haired doppelganger with questionable bangs intrigues her.

And the brightness in her silver eyes is even harder to suppress. Seulgi is having the same problem with her orange irises.

“Uh, we kind of need your help,” Seulgi says and stands up, the back of her knee pushing away the chair.

Wendy's doppelganger walks to a corner and flips the lights on.

“Are you guys looking for jobs here? If so, we can make r-,” she stops when she takes a good look at Wendy and Seulgi.

“Oh wow, Yeri. She does kinda look like Ddeulgi,” Doppelganger Wendy says, staring Seulgi up and down.

“Kinda? She looks exactly like Monolids if you take away the brown hair and replace it with blonde,” Yeri, behind the counter says.

“Come to think of it, the girl in front of her looks exactly like you when you had brown hair, Wendy,” Seulgi’s doppelganger says and everyone looks at Wendy, whose silver eyes are glowing with excitement.

“So, who are you imposters?” Doppelganger Seulgi asks and makes her way towards Wendy and Seulgi.

“I told you, I'm Seulgi. Kang. Seul. Gi,” Seulgi replies.

They have the same surname and first name. This is going to get confusing.

“Okay, so there are no confusions, your name is Ddeulgi from now on, okay?” Joy says and Doppelganger Seulgi nods.

“Okay, but not only do you have the same appearance, but you have the same exact names? What kind of sorcery?” Irene asks and then her eyes flit towards Wendy.

“And you look exactly like our Wendy! Don't tell me your name is Wendy too,” Irene says.

Wendy smiles. “My name is Wendy.” She would've introduced herself as Seungwan, but ‘Wendy’ is the name Irene gave her.

“This is ing crazy. First, we find find a goddamn rat and now we meet two people who look exactly like me and Wendy? Some magic is happening here,” Ddeulgi says and squints.

“Wendy, you're Wandy from now on,” Yeri says and Joy snickers along with her.

“Wandy?! I will not be called Wandy,” Wandy says with a groan. “The narrator of my story is probably changing my name right now.”

“Then what do you want to be called?” Ir

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