Chapter 17-Intermission

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Seulgi runs from the humans riding their horses, but they can’t possibly catch up to her even with those creatures because in this moment, all she cares about is her and her home.


She doesn’t know for how long she’s been running, but all she knows is that she can’t stop or fight.

When they finally lose her and give up after the twists and turns, she stops running and rests up against a tall thick tree. A grin shows on her face as she breathes heavily to catch her breath.

Her head tilts up towards the sky with her eyes closed. She feels the breeze and listens to the rustling of trees and leaves on this gloomy day.

There’s an overwhelming sense of relief and nervousness spreading inside her. She can’t tell which feeling is overtaking her more.



It feels surreal to her after being in another world for so long, but she’s finally home.

Her smile slowly fades when her thoughts drift off to the other world.

She wonders how Irene is doing and if she’ll remember anything at all. She thinks of Miss Hwang, and how much she might be pestering Yeongweol right now.

Seulgi wanted to keep her memories because the memories won’t hurt her and leave her with such a painful longing.
Wendy and Irene fell in love in a way that was nearly impossible, and now they must face the consequences of such a love.

Thinking about them, Seulgi’s hopes start to fade. She wonders if her hometown is still the same, and if things have drastically changed instead.

She wonders if her wife’s feelings are still the same and if she waited for her.
Seulgi understands if she didn’t, but she holds onto the little bit of hope she has left and stands back up.

Her clothes are a black baggy long-sleeved vest with a tan shirt underneath and black pants that she “borrowed” from a tailor shop earlier. She pats the dirt off of her clothes before continuing to run through the trees of the woods in her black boots.

It all looks so familiar, and if she keeps going this way, she’ll surely find her love and her hometown.

Surely, she tells herself.

Off in the distance, past the trees, she spots structures and buildings. She looks up to see that smoke is slowly rising in the air, showing that people still live in that area.

Seulgi huffs and speeds up, until she gets close enough to see the disappointing and heartbreaking view. Her expression sinks and her panting gets quieter as she looks.

She expected to see the buildings strong and firm, but she remembers they were never very stable in the first place. This place had always been hanging by a thread, and she was naïve to have had even a little bit of hope that it would still be intact by the time she came back.

Her heart aches at the sight, and her tears threaten to fall.

The walls to the town have been completely broken down and some of the houses have been reduced to just ashes.
Some houses are still standing, but barely. One touch and they would surely fall.

She can hear the faint chattering of people and the laughs of children off in the distance.

This is what causes her to move on.

This isn’t a town anymore. This is a town that was vulnerable after she left, and other outside forces took advantage of this vulnerability. She looks around at the shapeless rubble and junk and grits her teeth, disappointed in herself.

“You better not be dead,” she says quietly as she looks for the source of the noises.

When she stops and turns, she sees a group of people sitting on logs around a small fire.
A man in a large black robe notices her, and immediately grabs his bow and arrows. He stands abruptly.

“Who are you?!” he shouts menacingly in a dialect. He aims his bow and arrow at her, ready to shoot if Seulgi makes even one suspicious move. His face is rough with several scars and judging by his aura, Seulgi can tell he’s a human.

In fact, all of these people are.

They hide behind the man, hoping he will protect them in case she means to harm them.

“I don’t mean any harm. I just have some questions,” Seulgi answers cautiously. The man only stares back and his grip on the bow loosens momentarily, but suspi

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