Missing Somebodies

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Irene’s parents are coming back soon--and she doesn't know what do about Wendy. What if they question her? What if they ask why she's living in the house? She can't just lie. Irene paces back and forth, thinking of what to do if such a situation arises.


“What is troubling you?” Wendy asks, scooping up ice cream with a spoon as Irene bites on her nails.


“Nothing for you to worry about, but my parents will be back soon,” Irene replies, receiving a perplexed stare as a response.


“Wendy, what am I supposed to tell my parents? That you ran away from your dad in Sills and happened to travel to our timeline?”


Wendy keeps the spoon in before sliding it out, pupils dilating and constricting, creating the illusion that she’s actually thinking of a better answer.


“That is a very good question. I am almost certain your questions will be answered when your parents come back home,” she replies and continues eating her ice cream nonchalantly. Irene groans and plops down next to Wendy.


“You're not helping...and give me back my ice cream!” Irene says and takes the tub of ice cream out of Wendy’s protective hold.


“This is unfair in every shape and form! In all your years, you have been able to eat that as much as you want,” Wendy says and tries to reach for the ice cream. Irene draws it back and gives Wendy a look.


“Well, this is my ice cream...which I stole because I had to run away from that store owner,” Irene says and takes a spoonful of ice cream as Wendy watches helplessly like a kitten following its owner’s movements.


Irene giggles and hands the tub of ice cream back to Wendy.


“Here, after you eat this, I need to get you ready for school. Come up soon,” Irene says as Wendy gladly continues eating the ice cream.




Irene carefully and with precision, plucks a hair off Wendy’s eyebrow with a tweezer. Needless to say--Irene doesn't receive a very quiet reaction.


“What is this torturous tool you are using on me?!” Wendy yells, pushing Irene’s hand away. Irene clicks her tongue as she draws the tweezer back.


“Um, you hid a life threatening wound from me. I'm sure you can endure the stings. Also, I'm just getting rid of the extra hairs, relax,” Irene explains and with a very shaky and unsteady hand, tries to pluck yet another hair out.


“It would make it much easier if you switch your position,” Wendy says. Irene sighs and shifts in her position, the bed dipping underneath her weight as she does so.


“If I must,” she mumbles and gets on top, straddling a very much flustered Wendy.


“What are you--”


“Hold still, Wendy,” Irene says, feeling Wendy’s wandering eyes probe her skin.


Plucking eyebrows has never been so challenging.


“You smell nice,” Wendy says quietly and takes in the sweet strawberry scent exuding from Irene.

Irene tries to keep her composure and hopes to God Wendy doesn't feel the sudden pause in her movements.


She also hopes Wendy doesn't feel or hear the acceleration in her heartbeat.


“W-we use the same shampoo, so…”


Irene continues her work and decides to ignore the fact that there are now arms wrapped around her waist. However, she's unable to maintain the slight hitch in her breath and the rosy pink decorating her cheeks.


Irene doesn't want to get distracted from the bigger task at hand. She doesn't know what to expect from taking Wendy to school. All she knows is that Wendy needs--wants to find a way back home.


And she’ll help Wendy. She wants to.




The next morning is chaotic. Irene is clutching her school's uniform skirt as she chases Wendy around the house, knocking things down in the process.


“Wendy you have to wear this!”


“I refuse! Forcing me into that? I always knew you were a vile woman!” Wendy screams, dashing around the kitchen.


“It's school uniform! Deal with it!” Irene screams back, the skirt flapping in all directions. Wendy does look quite silly wearing the pajama pants along with the school's buttoned shirt, which is why Irene feels the need to get Wendy into the skirt.


“Hey look, I'll give you free ice cream for the remainder of your time here if you stick your legs through this damn skirt!” Irene says and that seems to stop Wendy all at once.


“F-free ice cream?” Wendy says and slowly turns to face Irene, who is nodding and panting at the same time.


“Yes. I will buy all the ice cream you want...if you put this skirt on.”


Wendy contemplates on the spot, fitting her chin in between her thumb and index finger.


Irene waits for a few seconds before she sees Wendy finally move.


“Very well then. I shall do as you ask.”




Irene turns around to see Wendy fully clothed in her school uniform;  topped in a white short sleeved buttoned shirt and a black skirt that stops slightly above her knee.  


“Wendy you look…” Irene stares up and down, wide eyed at an insecure Wendy who keeps fiddling with the hem of her skirt.


“Just say it. I look promiscuous. Just like that Seulgi woman,” Wendy says and receives a laugh from Irene.


“No, Wendy. You look pretty. Really pretty. You'll be fine, I promise,” Irene says and walks closer so she can adjusts Wendy’s bangs. She brushes Wendy’s bangs to the side, watching pupils surrounded by silver dilate and constrict gently.


When Irene realizes she let her eyes linger on Wendy’s for too long, she pretends to clear and fix Wendy's tie.


“You took too long to put that skirt on. If you don't hurry and put your socks and shoes on, we’ll be late. If you're worried about your legs being exposed, the socks are long, don't worry,” Irene replies and walks away.


Wendy stands there, confused and unwilling. One of her backpack straps hang off her shoulder as her pupils accelerate.


She doesn't know what to feel about school, but she trusts Irene. Irene will take care of her--she hopes.




On their way to school, Wendy decides to run to everything Irene has taught her.


“Wendy, we’re gonna be late!” Irene says, pulling Wendy back by the backpack.


“Are those cars? You taught me about them!” Wendy says excitedly and runs towards a moving car. Irene panics and runs after Wendy on the busy road.




Irene pulls Wendy back before a car can run straight over her.


“Wendy what the hell?! Just stay by my side!” Irene yells and grabs Wendy’s wrist.


Wendy still looks around like a child even though she still wants to run here and there. Irene finds it endearing, but decides to keep it to herself.




Irene walks with Wendy in the hallway, feeling scrutinizing and discreet eyes on them. Irene senses Wendy’s anxiety and grabs a hold of Wendy’s wrist. Irene expected this reaction from the students. She just doesn't want Wendy to be affected by it.


“It's okay, Wendy. They won't hurt you, I promise,” Irene says quietly and sends the other girl a reassuring smile. Wendy sends one back.


“Do not pamper me, Joohyun.”


Irene clicks her tongue.


“Well you need to be pampered because you barely know anything about my time. Thank me later.”




Irene stands by Wendy outside the door, waiting for the teacher to say anything.


“Irene? You can come in,” the teacher says. Irene takes one last look at Wendy and smiles before walking into the class to take her seat among other students.


“Okay everyone, before we get class started, let me introduce a new addition to our classroom,” the female teacher announces.


“Seungwan? You can come in now.”


Students shift their heads towards the door, anticipating.

Wendy, without a second thought, steps into the classroom and walks to the front. She bows politely and smiles, her eyes fixated on Irene nearly the whole time.


“Hello. My name is Seungwan. Please take care of me.”


Wendy's eyes aren't very noticeable today, and for that Irene is relieved. She can tell her classmates don't know what to make of Wendy, especially the girls. The boys on the other hand, have already made their minds up.


“Okay, Seungwan-ssi. Please take a seat next to Seulgi over there.”


Wendy immediately finds a smiling Seulgi somewhere and makes her way, whispers arising among the other students as she does so.


Maybe coming to school was a bad idea.




Irene eats happily, glad to finally be able to take a break. Well, she was, until two male students come sit right beside her and she just knows they're here for Wendy. They set down their trays shamelessly after. 

"Go away Dohwan," Seulgi, who is sitting beside Wendy says with a roll of her eyes 

"Hi, my name is Dohwan. What was your name again?" Dohwan asks with a wide, dashing smile, ignoring Seulgi’s annoyance. Wendy eyes the boy as she stuffs the food in using chopsticks. 

“Son Seungwan,” she answers curtly and goes back to focus on her food. 

“Well, uh, Seungwan, tell me a bit about yourself.” 

Seungwan looks up to think, wondering what she should tell the naïve boy. 

“Well, my father tried to kill me and-,” 

Irene chokes on her water when the words come out of Wendy’s mouth. Seulgi can be seen stifling a laugh. 

“Are you okay?” Wendy asks with concern. Irene sure hopes Wendy knows the absurdity of what she just said. 

“Yeah, Seungwan, I don’t think that information should be uhh disclosed,” Seulgi says. She still has an amused smile on her face because of Dohwan, whose confusion makes him falter. 

“We should go,” the boy next to him nudges him. Dohwan sighs, grabs his tray and gets up. The two boys leave, finally letting the girls be alone. 

“Jesus I hate the boys in this school,” Irene says and Seulgi nods in agreement. 

“I don’t like boys in general, but I have to live with seeing them everyday so.” 

Wendy takes a sip out of her juice box, silently agreeing with them.




The next lesson is on History--and Irene has never dreaded a class so much.


“King Han’s daughter went disappearing and soon after that, King Han also disappeared. Did anyone find out where they disappeared to?” Mr. Park asks the class, looking around to see if anyone has their arm raised.


“Joohyun, do we know why they disappeared and where?”


Irene stares bug eyed at the teacher.


King Han. That name sounds strangely familiar--not because she's heard about it from history books, but she finds it strangely familiar because of something else.


“Uh, no one knows where they went while they were gone, sir. No one ever found out,” she says, unsure if that really is the right answer.


“Very good. Even to this day, no one knows where they ran off to. We never got any answers because when they did find Han, they only found his body and no answers,” Mr.Park speaks once again and looks at his book in hand before coming up with another question.


“Han’s death was a murder and they spent years investigating. Who is the murderer of King Han?”


A male in the back raises his hand, pushing his hair back as he does so.


“No one knows. King Han’s death was a murder, but they never found out who the murderer was,” he answers confidently and puts his hand back down.


“That is correct. Now, I have two more questions to get you ready for the quiz on Friday, bear with me now,” Mr. Park says and walks back to his desk.


“They found his body, but did they ever find his daughter’s?”


A female student in the front raises her hand.


“No. His daughter’s disappearance remains a mystery.”


Mr. Park glances at the clock and shuts his book.


“And what was the name of his daughter?”


Another student raises their hand to answer the question so they can get the class over with.


“Her name was Son Seungwan.”


Irene’s eyes widen and she looks behind her desk to see Wendy, who is also clearly in shock. Her eyes are dilating and constricting frantically, indicating that she is feeling all sorts of emotions.


Irene knew the name King Han sounded familiar. Worry grows inside her, hoping and hoping Wendy doesn't get any bad ideas.




Irene watches Wendy and Seulgi stand beside each other on the track field, getting ready to race each other.


“On your mark, get set...go!” the gym teacher yells and the girls take off, the other students watching in awe. They're wondering just how they can run so fast.


Seulgi eventually falters and Wendy comes back as the victor, but clearly, winning the race isn't on Wendy's mind at the moment.


“Wow, Seungwan! First day and you won against our star athlete! You're amazing!” a female student that had befriended Wendy earlier says and raises her hand for a high five.


Unfortunately, Wendy doesn't know what a high five is. She smiles at the girl and presses her hand against the other girl’s.


“Thank you.”


With that, Wendy makes her way towards Irene, leaving a blushing female student.


“So, liking school so far?” Irene asks as Wendy sits down next to her.


Irene tries her hardest not to get caught staring at Wendy’s...well, everything. The girl’s figure is perfect. She'd be lying to herself if she doesn't think Wendy suits the gym uniform.


“I like it so far, it's just…” Wendy’s reply worries Irene even more, until Wendy slightly tugs on the hem of her shorts.


“I do feel uncomfortable, what with my legs and arms exposed…”


Irene gives out a laugh and rests her hand on Wendy’s thigh.


“Next time I’ll bring joggers so you can cover up.”


Wendy looks at her with round, silver eyes.


“Joggers? What is that?”


Irene sighs and smiles.


Wendy has a lot to learn.


“I'll explain later,” Irene replies and looks at the girl Wendy had just talked to. “So...What did you say to that girl to get her so flustered?”


“Oh, I only thanked her, ” Wendy answers.




Seulgi comes jogging and catches up with them. She stops and sits down next to Wendy, who looks at her. At first, Seulgi only looks at the sky, in deep thought about something, but then she turns her head to look at Wendy.


"I refuse to accept this loss. We should race again sometime."


Wendy gives a playful smirk. "Are you sure you will still be able to beat me then?"


"Of course!"


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