Friendly Beginnings

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Irene stares, eyebrows furrowed and lips shut. She's trying her hardest to make sense of what the other girl just said.


How is she supposed to believe that?


“Seungwan, that's crazy talk. How the hell am I supposed to believe that?”

Seungwan sighs and sits on the floor as she fiddles with her thumbs.

“I am not meant to be here. Me being in this time means my time is being altered. My being in the future means…”

Irene slightly lurches her head forward to hear more, although she is still incredulous.

“Means what?”

Seungwan peels her eyes from the floor and looks at Irene straight in the eyes.

“I am not entirely sure. I must think...and quickly. You must believe me, Joohyun-ssi.”

Irene stares for a few seconds before chuckling. There's no way. Seungwan truly is crazy.

“You must've hit your head on something, Seungwan. How about taking you to the doctor?” Irene suggests, smiling out of amusement.

However, her smile falters when Seungwan stands up and walks closer, a stern look on her face.

Irene leans back with wide eyes when Seungwan leans close enough for there to be just a few inches between their noses.

Now Irene is practically trapped in between Seungwan’s arms, face turning almost bright red.

And God Irene is completely amazed by the magic in Seungwan’s eyes. The way they perpetually dilate and constrict gently at the moment makes her want to stare forever.

“Bae Joohyun, you have to believe me. It is dangerous to be incredulous of the things you cannot see or have never seen.”

Irene doesn't answer as she is too perplexed and flustered, but she does know one thing.


“Your breath stinks.”


Seungwan’s eyebrows furrow as she pulls away. She puts a hand close to and exhales experimentally.

“You are correct. How do I fix it?” she asks as Irene giggles.

“A toothbrush,” Irene answers.

Seungwan tilts her head to the side, still wearing her clueless expression.

“Tooth..brush? How can you place a brush into your mouth? Are humans’ mouths significantly larger in your time period?” she asks.

“Enough about your time period bull and follow me,” Irene says as she grabs Seungwan’s wrist and drags her towards the door.




Irene squeezes toothpaste onto an unused toothbrush and wets it before giving it to Seungwan.

“And is this the so called toothbrush?” Seungwan asks, holding the toothbrush in between her thumb and index finger.

The corner of Irene’s mouth twitches upwards as she looks at the awkward way Seungwan is holding the purple toothbrush.

“That is not how you hold the brush. Here. Smile big for me.”

Seungwan breaks into a huge, adorable grin that has Irene staring for quite a few seconds.

“Do I also look unpleasant?” Seungwan says, remembering to keep her grin.

Irene blinks and snaps back to reality, if she even knows what reality is anymore.

“Alright, so you brush it like this.”

Irene presses the brush against Seungwan’s unexpectedly white teeth and starts brushing in a circular motion.

As the brushing progresses, foam also forms and when Seungwan notices, she pushes away Irene’s hand abruptly and spits the foam out into the sink.

“What is that?! Are you trying to kill me, a righteous woman who has done no wrong?!”

Irene squeezes more toothpaste onto the toothbrush and wets it.

“It won't hurt you! Open wide!” she commands as she brings the brush closer to Seungwan.

“MY MOUTH IS BURNING! YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING! YOU VILE, EVIL WOMAN!” Seungwan screams, frantically turning her head left and right as Irene tries to jab the tooth brush in between Seungwan’s lips.



And somewhere, next door, a middle aged man is contemplating on whether to call the cops or not due to the manic screaming coming from his neighbors.


So with a sigh, he takes his hearing  aids off and sighs in relief.


He doesn't have to call the cops anymore. That is the other neighbors’ problem now.




“Why did you feel the need to hurt me?” Seungwan whines and pokes at her bruised lips.

“Okay Seungwan, breathe,” Irene says after settling herself in front of Seungwan on the bed.

They're sitting parallel to each other, both wearing Irene’s pajamas.

“I am most certainly breathing but you make me feel the urge to do the opposite,” Seungwan replies, still jabbing her lips.

“I'm checking if your breath still stinks. Just listen, Seungwan.”

Seungwan leans awfully close towards Irene and huffs out a puff of minty fresh air. Irene breaks into a smile and clasps her hands together.

“Great! Now we can go to sleep. Wait here, there's nothing that’ll hurt you in my room unless you do anything stupid.”

Irene hops off of bed and switches off the lights before heading back to bed.

Irene gets in bed and sighs when she feels Seungwan laying down on the wrong end of the bed.


“Wrong side, Seungwan.”


“Oh, right.”


Irene tries to sleep, since both of them are under a blanket, but can she if all she sees are the faint (yet still beautiful) features of Seungwan and her luminous eyes?

“Interesting contacts. Can you take them off?” Irene asks.

She knows she sounds stupid for asking because clearly, Seungwan’s eyes aren't fake. Their pupils dilate and constrict as if they are reacting to Seungwan’s change of moods; she finds it so bizarre.

“Contacts? Are we making too much physical contact? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?” Seungwan questions.

“Contact lenses. You know, the stuff people put in their eyes to either enhance their vision or give their eyes a different color,” Irene explains.

She wishes a part of her wouldn't believe Seungwan.

“I have no need of such a thing. My eyes are real. Are you still doubting me?”

Irene notices Seungwan’s pupils are dilating and constricting again, but this time, calmly and gently.

“If they're real, can you turn off its glow or something?” Irene asks, earning a blink from Seungwan(she can tell due to the brief disappearance of light)

“My eyes lose their capability to glow at night only when I am dead. They dim when I am in a state of sadness. They glow very brightly when I am inquisitive or processing information.”

Irene turns to the other side and shuts her eyes.


“Go to sleep, Seungwan.”


Irene opens her eyes back up and she can see the dim light on the wall disappearing in an instant, indicating that Seungwan has finally closed her eyes.

“Out of courtesy, I shall close my eyes and let you rest, since my eyes are significantly different from you humans’. Rest well, Joohyun-ssi.”


Although Irene is exhausted, she still manages to squeeze out one more question.


“Ha. Ha, Seungwan. You're human. Aren’t you? Stop talking like you aren’t one.”


Irene gets complete and total silence for a few seconds.


“...I am not entirely sure if I am human,” Seungwan whispers.


And Irene doesn't see how Seungwan opens her silver eyes; how their lights don't reflect off the wall this time.


Irene wakes up to the sound of clanging and a huge ruckus. She yawns and turns to the side, only to feel an empty space beside her.

Her eyes shoot wide open.


She peels off the blanket and rushes out of bed as quickly as possible.

When she finds out the noise is coming from downstairs, Irene runs down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Seungwan can be seen taking out all the pots and pans.


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