Three, Two

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Irene turns away quickly, eyes wide and face furiously red. She covers her face with the blanket, but her eyes are still pretty much wide open. If Wendy does anything like that ever again, Irene is sure to have a heart attack.

After turning the light off, Wendy crawls back onto bed and slips right underneath the blanket. She sighs when she sees that Irene isn’t looking at her at all. Shutting her eyes, Wendy tries to at least sleep.

Of course Wisps didn’t care about uality--if they even knew what uality is. Wendy loves who she loves. It doesn't matter to her what gender they are.

After running away, she really just lived life as an outcast among the Wisps--said she can’t possibly be one of their own. As a result, she never completely learned the ways of Wisps. She just stood behind trees, observing, watching. Wisps never had a problem with ual orientation, but they have a problem with changing their ways.

“Goodnight, Joohyun.”




Irene’s eyes flutter open and she doesn’t what’s different. It’s just like every morning she’s spent with Wendy; Wendy would be curled up with the whole blanket wrapped around her while Irene would admire the beautiful, serene sight.

But today is different. Irene figures maybe it’s how she feels.

And that darn kiss. Oh that darn kiss.

Irene almost squeals and jumps off bed. She hopes that it doesn’t stir the sleeping girl as she tip-toes her way to the door.




Irene sighs and plops down on the couch after washing up. She’s starting to miss school, but she feels safer at home than any other place. Today will be a bliss, stress-free day;

with replays of Wendy’s kisses running inside her head. Irene groans. She feels like she has a personal, repetitive theatre inside of her mind. And then the main character of the movies playing inside her head comes rushing down the stairs, eyes panicked.

“Wendy? What happened?” Irene asks and places the remote down. There goes her blissful, stress free day.

“Someone’s here. They’re here. I sense them,” Wendy replies and looks around frantically. 

“Did you just talk like a normal person from Seoul?” Irene says with a dopey grin.

Wendy’s face contorts into a bewildered expression.

“Nevermind that. There is a potentially dangerous being in this time right now,” Wendy says and that sure gets Irene’s attention.

“Okay who? What’s going on? Is it a Wisp?” Irene asks and stands up from the couch.

“Yes, it is,” Seulgi says from the stairs. “Though this one isn’t quite as powerful, they can still be dangerous. I’m not sure how they traveled to this period though. Only powerful Wisps can gain access to that.”

Irene groans internally. Yet another Wisp that they have to deal with. “Okay but, how do you know this one’s not as powerful?” Irene asks.

“Because Wendy and I can sense them. I couldn’t find the first Wisp we encountered until I was close enough to him. This one’s not able to deflect our uh, natural sensors. Look, there’s no time to discuss this. We gotta find him fast,” Seulgi answers.

She’s already dressed in grey joggers and a red windbreaker, whereas, Wendy’s dressed in a white T-shirt and loose black shorts.

“Uh, am I coming with you guys?” Irene asks while wondering if Wendy is even ready to go out with those clothes. “And Wendy, are you sure you can go out like that?”

“Uhh, yes and yes. These trimmed trousers are incredibly comfortable. What does it say on the side? Adidos?” Wendy answers as she tugs at the hem of her loose shorts.

Irene snickers at the response. “Trousers?” she asks sarcastically. 

“We gotta hurry. Come on!” Seulgi says and rushes for the door. She puts on her shoes as Irene hesitates.

Wendy is about to follow Seulgi out the door, but stops when she doesn’t feel Irene following.

“Is everything alright?” Wendy asks a nervous looking Irene.

“Look, I may just play everything off sarcastically, but I don’t want to see you getting hurt again. I don’t want to be kidnapped and get sent into a pitch black abyss again. Seeing you all bloody was pretty traumatic for me, you know?” Irene replies, head hung low. She feels guilty all of a sudden.

“You should be the one who’s scared, not me. I know. Your great healer is a big scaredy cat.”

Wendy’s expression softens into a small smile. She gently places her hands on Irene’s shoulders, making eye contact.

“It will be okay. I won’t get hurt because you’ll be there. You won’t get hurt because I’ll be there, alright? We protect each other,” Wendy says softly and that somehow eases Irene.

“Hey, what are you guys doing? Let’s go!” Seulgi says as she peeks her head in.

Wendy smiles at Irene and takes a hold of the taller girl’s wrist.


“Let’s go, Joohyun.”




People on the streets are wondering why three youthful girls are running across the streets of Korea. They decide to ignore it anyway--because that’s what everyday people do.

Irene has the hardest time keeping up with the other two girls. After all, she’s not a Wisp. Seulgi’s sword progressively appears in her palm, Wendy’s appearing right after. They make their blades touch with a clink as they run, causing the rest of the world to pause completely.

Irene observes her surroundings, all the people who are completely unaware. She doesn’t notice the still moving girl off in the distance, walking around the road in confusion.

The girl is donned in baggy pants, a long vest with cloth cover her torso underneath. She’s looking around, wondering why everything has gone quiet.

“Hey!” Seulgi yells, immediately catching the attention of the girl. The stranger turns towards them a

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