A Feeling

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Irene takes in Wendy’s words and feels an overwhelming feeling of sadness inside her.

That’s right. If she leaves, she won’t be able to see Wendy again.

Irene is interrupted by the sudden increase in water droplets, that eventually turn into rain.

“You always say the saddest things,” Irene says. Wendy smiles and listens to the rain splattering onto the earth.

“Still. I have to thank you for teaching me about your world,” Wendy says, and Irene clicks her tongue.

“We don't live in different universes, you know. Different timelines, which gives us a little chance that we might be able to see each other again after all this,” Irene says with just slight optimism. Wendy’s head hangs low at this. She fiddles with her fingers and then smiles.

“Since when were you optimistic?” Wendy asks and earns a light slap on the arm from Irene.

“Hey, since when were you pessimistic?” Irene asks in retaliation and laughs along with Wendy.

Wendy observes Irene and her smile stays on her face as she does so. Wendy thinks, and she nearly chuckles at how important Irene has become to her. She also finds it amusing that someone so precious could try to kill her any moment.

“I find it very interesting and bizarre that you’re an archer. And how we’ve ended up here together, as enemies, in a way,” Wendy states and Irene pauses to think for a moment.

“Maybe that’s why I felt so drawn to you the first time we met. Because I was connected to you in some way, and that I’d be your only healer until you get all your powers back,” Irene says and somehow, all of that makes sense.

“It is weird though. You’re my healer, but you also try to kill me by some unknown trigger. What a contradiction,” Wendy says and Irene chuckles at that because it is just so ironic.

“I have no idea how to even bring forth these...powers. I don’t feel anything in me that’s changed,” Irene says and looks at her hands. She still finds it so surreal.

“Because you have lived with that feeling your whole life and you’re used to it,” Wendy explains.

They’re interrupted by a sudden crash and scream from inside the home. The duo both look at each other and just know it’s Miss Hwang and her shenanigans.

“Oh what the hell!” Seulgi’s frustration can be heard.

Wendy and Irene rush back in, sliding open multiple doors until they get to the “crime scene”. Miss Hwang is lying on the floor, small cups and floating golden particles surrounding her.

“What happened?” Wendy asks and stares at Seulgi and Miss Hwang.

“She tried to trigger my particles to come out and I pushed her out of panic,” Seulgi replies and glares at the sheepish woman on the floor.

“Hey hey, I was just messing with you, Orange Girl,” Miss Hwang says as the golden particles enter back into Seulgi’s skin. Seulgi sighs.

“Who’s the adult here again?” she asks herself.

Miss Hwang sits up and starts picking up the cups.

“Anyway, Joohyun can’t leave right now,” Miss Hwang says and that gives the other girls some questions.

“How come?” Seulgi asks and Miss Hwang stands up.

“Well, I figure we need Joohyun here to find out why she wants to kill Seungwan. And Joohyun needs to learn how to draw forth her powers at her own will,” Miss Hwang replies and places the cups back onto the table.

“Now, who wants tea?”




Miss Hwang sits against a tree as the girls bathe near the waterfall. She takes a bite out of a baked sweet potato. She hadn’t eaten enough in at least three weeks. All that running and jumping around between timelines made her forget anything about food.

She sighs and looks over at the three girls playing in the water, splashing water at each other, playfully dunking each other.

“Okay I’ve had enough Promiscuous Woman!” Wendy yells and points at Seulgi as a sword appears in her hand.

“Oh yeah?” Seulgi says and summons her sword before lunging towards Wendy in the water.

Irene, during all this, is getting splashed around as blue and golden particles clash.

Miss Hwang takes a bite out of her sweet potato and sighs yet again.

“YAH NO FIGHTING IN THE WATER!” she yells but her message doesn’t seem to be heard.

Minutes later, Irene crawls back up to the ground and changes into her clothes sluggishly. She then walks towards Miss Hwang.

“Miss Hwang, help me, those two are monsters,” Irene says dramatically and collapses beside Miss Hwang, who takes out another potato out of her sack.

Miss Hwang holds the potato in front of Irene’s face. “Hungry?”

Irene sits up and takes the potato and takes a bite out of it.

“So, I must discuss with you about something,” Miss Hwang says and Irene swallows her food.

“Yes?” Irene asks, nervous. She gets silence as a response for a few seconds. Miss Hwang stares down at the two down in the water, still fighting with smiles and laughs.

“Do you love those two?” Miss Hwang asks.

“With all my heart,” Irene answers. Miss Hwang looks at Irene.

“Is it a different kind of love with Seungwan?” the woman asks.

“What do you mean?” Irene asks.

“Are you in love with Seungwan?” Miss Hwang clarifies and Irene sighs. She takes a few more moments to answer.

“Who knows. I know I feel something for her, I won’t lie,” Irene finally answers. Miss Hwang leans back and rubs her eyes.

“I knew it. So, what will you do when it is time for you to leave? The longer you stay here, the more attached you’ll get,” she states and senses uneasiness in Irene.

“I don't want to leave her,” Irene says quietly and sadly watches the two down in the water.

Miss Hwang finishes her potato and belches loudly, causing Irene to jerk.

“You scared me!” Irene yells as Miss Hwang ridicules her.

“How could such a young lady be so scared of such a noise! You are very funny, Joohyun!” Miss Hwang retorts with laughter and a point of a finger at Irene.




Miss Hwang has her arms crossed against her chest with a stern expression. Her eyes flit back and forth between Wendy and Seulgi.

“So, you both ripped your clothes fighting?” Miss Hwang says in a low voice. The two nod fearfully. Miss Hwang’s right eye twitches.

“How did that happen?”

Wendy and Seulgi both shrug their shoulders. Miss Hwang takes a deep dramatic inhale before pausing.

“WHY DO YOU HAVE MY PRECIOUS ANCIENT TOXOTIS CLOTHING ON? DO YOU THINK THEY'RE THERE FOR YOU TO JUST PICK AND CHOOSE?!” She screams, and Wendy swears she can feel a gust of wind from how loud Miss Hwang screamed.

“Well do you expect us to fight ?” Seulgi asks and Miss Hwang grunts. The clothes are wrapped around the girls’ waists tightly, but they seem a little baggy in other areas of their body.

Miss Hwang really does see herself in these girls; the clothing, ambition and whatnot.

“Yes, Miss Hwang. It wouldn’t be very wise to fight in such revealing clothing,” Wendy says and Seulgi looks at her in disbelief.

“You’ve been in Irene’s timeline for what, months and you’re still not used to it?” Seulgi asks and Wendy looks at her.

“No one can get used to this!” Wendy replies and the two stare at each other with childish anger.

Miss Hwang grunts again. “I suppose I can let you for a while, but you both need to put on some weight and start training again,” She walks over to her table and picks up her quiver (that she doesn't really need but carries around with her anyway.)

“Joohyun, you can borrow some of my clothes too, but first, I need to show you something,” she says and walks out into the rain. Irene is hesitant,but she follows anyway, not minding the rain.




Miss Hwang leads Irene into a fairly open area in the trees. The clouds are dark and gray with the rain splattering down to the earth.

This makes everything more intense.

Miss Hwang stops and faces Irene. The two stand a distance away from each other, making eye contact. Miss Hwang has her arms crossed, eyes moving up and down in scrutiny.

“Well, do you feel anything?” the woman asks.

Irene tilts her head to the side in confusion. “Well I do feel the rain, yes,” she answers sarcastically. Miss Hwang chuckles at the joke and her smile fades after a few moments.

“I meant inside of you. Do you feel a newfound energy? Like something is flowing inside of you and you don't know what it is,” she explains.

Irene thinks, and she lays her hand over her abdominal area.

“I have way more energy than I did. I can somewhat catch up with those two and there’s this tingling sensation in my stomach ever since that first attack on Wendy,” she says.

“So you don't know how to summon your powers,” Miss Hwang says and Irene nods. “Well I will be training you how to. It's going to be challenging, but I know a brat like you can do it.”

Irene opens to talk. A glowing pink arrow suddenly comes piercing through the rain. She takes a step to the side and slips on mud as she does so.

“Quick reflexes,” Miss Hwang comments and Irene stares from the wet ground in disbelief.

“What was that?!” Irene yells. “What if I didn't avoid that in time?!” She can't believe she saw that coming. She never saw Miss Hwang formulate her bow. Everything moved so fast.

“I think you've already learned how to bring forth your powers,” Miss Hwang walks closer to Irene with her bow in hand. “You just can’t bring yourself to believe it.” Miss Hwang says and stretches out her hand to Irene.

Irene takes the woman’s hand and pulls herself back up.

“I still find it hard to believe. I don’t know if I can be on par with Wendy and Seulgi,” Irene says quietly.

Miss Hwang’s pink eyes glow in the gloom of the rain. At this point, they’re both soaked.

“Oh I don’t think you can ever be on par with Seungwan. That girl has much in store for her, but you also have many great things to do with your power,” Miss Hwang says. “And that is why I must teach you how to use them.”




Wendy and Seulgi play rock, paper, scissor as they sit in the middle of the room. Seulgi’s hand

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