Wisp Too

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Wendy stays paralyzed in her spot as she stares at the seemingly impossible in front of her. That woman is definitely her mother; turquoise eyes, long eyelashes, blonde hair, and a tall height in contrast to Wendy's. Irene’s eyebrows form a crease as soon as she hears the word “Mother”.


Wendy's mother clutches the hilt of the sword even tighter.


Wendy still has a hard time processing because her mother should be dead. Wendy saw her die.


“Yeongweol, now!” Miss Hwang yells. Wendy’s mother immediately pushes her blade forward and in that moment, Wendy thinks it’s over. She thinks her father is gone, that everything will be alright now that he’ll be gone, but it’s false.


The blade doesn’t go through the man. Instead, he lurches forward and falls to the ground due to the force of the blade. He swiftly gets back up and attempts to make a run.


But he doesn’t get away because right there, the air seems to ripple and bunch together like sheets. A time reach opens up all of a sudden; in its blue and golden glory. He tries to stop, but he is immediately enveloped by it.


Wendy’s mother runs towards the time reach as she stares at Wendy.


”I’ll come back for you,” she mouths before disappearing into the time reach.


The time reach disappears before Wendy can even react. Tears almost start falling, but she controls herself.


Tears would have to wait until later.


“Aw, hell! She left without me yet again!” Miss Hwang yells as she lowers her bow. Her arrow disappears progressively into the air with pink particles as she walks towards Wendy.


“Miss Hwang, what are you doing here? H-how is my mother still alive? How is that man not dead?” the questions come flowing out of Wendy’s mouth, and Irene wonders how Wendy knows this woman with slits for pupils.


“Save those questions for a later time. Your mother is in a bit of of a troubling situation. I became concerned and decided to help her, but I am starting to reconsider because she has left me in this blasted place. Though it is pleasant,” Miss Hwang answers as the world around them slowly starts to come back alive.


“We best be on our way. People are gonna start staring and looking at us funny,” Seulgi says, her sword no longer in hand. Miss Hwang squints hard at Seulgi.


“You look fairly familiar...are you Kang?” Miss Hwang asks as Seulgi turns around to walk away.


“I’m not Kang Sunghwa, if that’s what you’re asking. She disappeared in time somewhere.” Seulgi responds and glares at a stranger who stared at her.


Of course it would seem peculiar that four strange women who are dressed so abnormally are walking through the streets of Korea.


“Ah, so you are from this time period, Orange Eyed Girl?” Miss Hwang asks.


Seulgi shakes her head. “Ask questions later.”


Miss Hwang turns to Wendy as she walks


“What has her in such a sour mood?” Miss Hwang whispers, eliciting a response from Seulgi.


“I can hear you, you know.”




Miss Hwang doesn’t seem to question anything. She makes herself comfortable by sprawling her body all over Irene’s bed. It doesn’t look like she’s had a shower either.


“Ahh, when was the last time I have laid in something this comfortable?” she sighs in content as she kicks off her shoes(that are seemingly made out of flexible twigs.) Irene side eyes the woman and crosses her arms.


“So, what the hell just happened? Wendy’s mother is alive? The bastard is alive too? How is he still alive?” Irene asks, but Miss Hwang seems to have dozed off already, snoring with wide open.


“Who is this woman? What is she?” Irene asks the two other Wisps in the room. She observes the woman; soft light pink hair tied into a high ponytail, stray hairs sprouting up everywhere. Irene has to admit, the woman is beautiful.


Seulgi leans over and raises her hand only to smack Miss Hwang right on the cheek. Miss Hwang’s cheek turns, but she remains asleep.


“Haha! She's still asleep,” Seulgi says, resulting in a nudge from Wendy.


“She is Miyoung Hwang, formally known as Miss Hwang. She's a Wisp also, but she’s from the Archer clan. Their eyes represent their arrows,” Wendy explains. She sits down next to Miss Hwang with a sigh and a blank stare.

Irene looks at Wendy in worry.


Her mother, who she thought was dead is alive. Of course Wendy would be confused and speechless.


“To think that my mother...all this time...alive?” Wendy says quietly and her tears are finally released. Irene sees the waterworks and immediately goes to hold Wendy.


Seulgi also does the same thing and smiles gently.


“It's alright Wendy, you'll find her.”




Miss Hwang is up in the middle of the night, eyes wide and irises glowing with pink. She leans close to Wendy.


“Yah, Seungwan. Seungwan!” Miss Hwang whispers as she pokes Wendy’s back. “Son Seungwan, I am well aware you are awake. Stop pretending.”


Wendy turns to face Miss Hwang in the bed.


“Do you need anything Miss Hwang?” Wendy asks quietly.


Miss Hwang’s stomach growls for a few seconds and Wendy doesn't need an answer anymore.


“Any food?” Miss Hwang says with a dopey grin. Wendy looks at the woman for a brief second and quietly groans.


“Later, Miss Hwang.”


“But I am starving!”


“It’s a curse to eat at night, Miss Hwang. A dishonor to the Moon Wisps.”


“Oh fine!”




Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy all stare at the woman, who is chugging down nearly three liters of orange juice after every bite she takes.


After showering and changing into Irene’s clothes, Miss Hwang is eating non-stop.


“Miss Hwang, why can't you just go back in time by yourself?” Wendy asks as Miss Hwang slows down on her eating.


They're all gathered around the dinner table, waiting for the woman’s answer.


“Oh that woman. She thinks just because she is powerful she can do whatever she wants,” Miss Hwang starts. “Your mother has been interfering with the time reaches so you can be safe from our time’s dangers.”


Seulgi almost scoffs at the idea and grimaces. Miss Hwang seems to take a notice.


“It doesn't seem sensible to me either. It means your mother has underestimated you. Seeing as how she has not been able to kill your bastard of a father yet, I am beginning to question her power.” Miss Hwang says and leans back on her chair.


“And now she has left me so I can protect you. I'm sure you can protect yourself just fine. After all, you are the daughter of one of the most powerful Wisps.”


Seulgi gets up and collects the plates Miss Hwang ate out of. Seulgi places the dishes down on the sink, creating a slight clink.


“If she's so powerful, why hasn't she been able to kill the man yet?” Seulgi’s orange eyes stare in curiosity as she awaits an answer.


“Oh that man has Wisps working for him like minions. I am not aware which Wisps, but they don't have a desire to live with Wisps is all I can tell you.To top it off, they have that woman leading them,” Miss Hwang says and sets her fork down gently with an unseen anger.

“Your father has caused a division amongst the Wisps. There has been conflict after conflict amongst Wisps. I want no part of it, but unfortunately, anyone who is closely tied to your mother must be involved in the war in some way.”


Irene wriggles in her seat, imagining a fight between angry, vicious Wisps. The thought of Wendy and Seulgi fighting is already scary enough--what would a fight between hundreds of Wisps be like?


Miss Hwang’s eyes land on Irene suspiciously, as if she had a realization of some kind.


“Young lady, who are you?” Miss Hwang says. Wendy and Seulgi look at Irene, who is still very much zoning off. Wendy nudges Irene out of her daydream.


“What? Huh?” Irene says and looks at Miss Hwang.


“Who are you? What is your name?” Miss Hwang asks. Irene looks at the older woman, wondering what made her so interesting suddenly.


“I'm Bae Joohyun. You can call me Irene.”


Miss Hwang puts a finger up to her chin. “Bae? Hm...that surname sounds very familiar….” Miss Hwang says, in deep thought.


“Miss Hwang, there are many persons with that surname in modern society,” Wendy says.


Miss Hwang shrugs her shoulders and eyes Irene again. “Too many Baes lying around.”


Seulgi sighs. “Well apparently we have school tomorrow. Ever since we got rid of the kidnapper, things have started to calm down. Get your uniforms ready for tomorrow. Irene,

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