Pretence (Gwi x Hae Ryeong)

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He was killed her husband in the past and make her turned to be a vampire by bited her neck. She really hate him to make her life turn to dark as a vampire and life as a bloodsucker. Because of him, she was lost her human life. She can't walk below the sunrise and has to keep living in the dark. Because of him, she can't enjoy the sun light anymore. She spend her whole day to hate him, and with a grudges in her heart she live over 300 years accompany the man who was destroyed her life because she has no other choice but to stay with him, in fact even she hate him so much she still can't manage to just turn around and go away from his life.
             As his wish, He can make her accompany him for the whole time, as he said, he doesn't matter even he make her hate him forever, all that he need is she stay beside him. Everyday, she always look on his eyes with her cold gaze. They live together even she keep being cold to him. He knew that she hate him to make her as a vampire like him and killed her husband in the past. But what all he did is because he is actually.... love her. Someday, after 300 years, he never saw her smile anymore. He want to do everything to make her smile even just for once, he just want to find her happiness. He make a plan and search for the way so they can life as normal human who also can barely walk on the day. But with that, he never aware that when she step out from their home on the day, she meet a man that make he afraid if she will finally choose to leave him and love that human man.
    on the other side, there is some people with grudges and ambition know about Gwi existence, they plan to make people in the world become stronger by the virus they injected to the body, but their plan is keep failed. When they know that somewhere there is a pure vampire who live in the world, they plan to find him. They believe that his blood will make their plan succes and they plan to kill Gwi for their "dream" to make a stronger human.


soo... I fall in love with a new couple lately after I watch drama Shcolar Who Walk at Night, I'm in love with Gwi and Hae Ryeong character, so I plan to make a story about them. I also love the interaction of SoRim couple during the show WGM. I hope I can make a good story about them in the future.


well, I change the firewood, suddenly I want to make this story base on the original drama. So, in this story, Gwi and Hae Ryong is live together after Gwi make her into vampire, and they life until the modern year, the present.

Due to copyright issue I need to change the character name

Lee Soo Hyuk as Helios

Kim So Eun as Choi Moon Ryeong

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