He is..... Not Him (Lee Soo Hyuk x OC FF)

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            His perky side, his warmth, his strange behaviour, his kindness, his insecure.... You love everything about him. So you decide to make a confession. But after you tell him about your feeling, a girl come to him who then he introduce as his... girlfriend. You heart broken , but even so everything about him still become a beautiful melody of your life. So you keep him in your heart even after 10 years, when you didn't even know about his existence anymore.
           One day you are accepted to work as a secretary at CNR company. But who would ever think that you would meet him and he becomes your boss? He treat you indefferently, like some stranger. He is totally a diferent person. You curse him, pull out all of your anger on him, when you realized a new fact that you never know.


Character :
You as Lee Hyu Ri
Lee Soo Hyuk as Han Ju Min and Han Hyu Min

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