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Hello! Long time no see! I am currently a teacher in a primary school, so I haven't been here for a long time. But I am happy to announce that I am picking up writing again! Yay! ^V^

Every time I write, part of myself is healing, I learn a lot in the process! 
Currently having fun in trying different writing styles. 

Try my best to update as soon as possible since my life is super hectic...T_T I'm sorry for the wait! 

Always love to receive comments and feedback of the stories!!! 



* the same color means in the same universe*


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This guy is the one who brought me back to K-Pop in 2023. 

Planning to write stories about him :)

IM (Changkyun) - Monsta X


OSH will be the death of me. He occupied my heart for 7 years and still occupying.