Mr Detective

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When you are the kryptonite of the famous detective — Oh Sehun.





"2 hours, 48 minutes, and 36 seconds."


"That's how much time I've taken to fall in love with you."







Kim Jongin facepalmed himself in mind. He should never forget to ask who was the lawyer for that bastard; if he knew sooner it was you, he would never bring Sehun here.

Because for Sehun, you are his kryptonite.

It was clear that Sehun recognized you once he heard your voice. His vision lingered at you when you first stepped inside the room. There was a vacant seat beside Park Chanyeol, so you took the seat naturally, waiting for the officers to give you the bail documents.

A blazing stare on your face made you look up, only to realize it was from the pale detective after that.

"Nice to see you too, Mr. Detective." The stunning smile highlighted your beauty even more.           

This was not the first time you met this detective. In fact, from the very first time you saw him, you've been calling him Mr. Detective, never by his name or surname.

And when everyone was expecting the detective to act indifferently in front of every woman like normally, they got jaw-dropping once again.

It was because the detective, who never approached women before, took the unprecedented steps of leaving his seat to lean closer to your face across the wooden desk, "Still remember what I said last time? That I don't want to see you again at the police station."

His face was so close to you, and you didn't see any resentment but a sense of playfulness from his crescent eyes. Never scared by the dangerous proximity, you eyed him back mischievously, "Oh, really? But sadly, I don't think so, Mr. Detective."






This story is based on my imagination, nothing is real in the story. I'm sorry if someone found the story not being logical and professional enough, I've tried my best! 

I've always wanted to try to write stories with this kind of style, and I'm so glad I finally tried it! I saw this as another breakthrough of my interpersonal self :) 

I planned to write this story with no more than 10 chapters as I'm kind of tired of dragging the story into a long one :( 

Anyway, please enjoy it! <3




*the same colour means in the same universe*




Sehun & OC




Taehyung & OC



This is an original story.

It is just pure coincidence if similar to anything else.

Please do not plagiarize, reproduce or reprint.

All right reserved MaisyDaisy @2020.


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soohaehunnie #1
Chapter 1: I wonder what is their relationship with each other? I hope your will come back to continue this
TessWinters04 #2
Chapter 1: Author, it's been a year...I am waiting patiently for the book to be updated again!
aabbbkelvin #3
What a start! Can't wait to see how the kryptonite works on Sehun!
61 streak #4
wow ♥
Chapter 1: This is a great start.
Chapter 1: I already love this, I will patiently wait for another chapter
Chapter 1: This looks very promising, cant wait to see another update from you author!!
Chapter 1: Can't wait for the update. Interesting with how the MC is kind of Harley Quinn drag doll character. ;)
692 streak #9
Congrats on winning the bid: ^^
You're just one in a million. I will wait till the story gets deeper before I start reading. Good luck❤