Find Death, To Love

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If God wants to destroy a piece of glass, he will use gravity.

If God wants to destroy all the crops, he will use locusts.

If God wants to destroy Kim Taehyung, he will use you.

If there was no hope to stay by your side, I'd choose to die in the dark.

 For without your love, I choose not to exist.

For you, not loving me is killing my soul as sure as a dagger can stop a beating heart.

Sometimes, you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.


And God is betting on how much he loves you.



He was once the brightest son of God
but now fell to the darkest place of the world. 
I was the reason he went through Inferno. 
It turned out he waited for me for a million years there.



It is said that a long time ago, the edge of a city was full of large blocks of Lycoris Radiata, most known as Red Spider Lily by people. Its floral fragrance has a magical power that reminds people of the past.

Two angels guarded the flowers; one guarded the petals, the other guarded the leaves. They have guarded the flowers for millions of years, they both know the existence of each other, but they never met. When the flower blooms, there are petals but no leaves or just leaves but no petals.

They missed each other crazily; the great pain and yearnings tormented both. Finally, one day, they decided to sneak out to see each other once in violation of God's rules.

That year's Red Spider Lily was extremely beautiful with the scarlet red petals set off by the viridescent green leaves,

for only one time in a million years.


It was also expected that God would blame them.

The two angels were beaten into reincarnation, were cursed, and could never be together. They were suffering in the world alone while could not be with each other's side.

Since then, Red Spider Lily has also been called "the flower from the other side," meaning flowers open in heaven. The shape of the flower is also like a palm that only prays to heaven. But the flower blooms on the "Road to Death" only, so it has also been called "the flower of the soul." There has a huge bed of Red Spider Lily, which looks like a fascinating red carpet made of blood from afar, and the red also looks like iridescent fire in the inferno, so people referred to this road as "the Road of Fire."

Every time the two angels smell the fragrance of the flowers on the Road of Fire, they remembered their past life, and then vowed to each other not to separate again before fell into the reincarnation of the curse in the next life again and again.




The flower from the other side,

bloomed for a million years,

withered for a million years.

The petals and the leaves,

they never met.





You didn't know when and where these myths and legends start.

Do you believe in those ridiculous legends?

No and Yes.

No, because they are just myths. People in the past always made this up casually just for scaring children.

And yes,




because you are a Red Spider Lily spirit.  

And you are the Flower of Death, who leads people to the road of death.  






According to the art of Hanakotoba (花言葉)(Japanese floriography), the Red Spider Lilly- known to the Japanese as Higanbana(ヒガンバナ), to the Chinese as Manjusaka (蔓珠莎華), is associated with loss, longing, abandonment, and lost memories. It is said that if you meet a person you may never see again, these flowers will grow along your path. It is also known as shibitobana (死人花), the flower of the dead.








Authors' words:

Hi guys, I'm back with a new fanfiction with another flower featuring Taehyung this time!

I've done Rose in My Love for you is Incurable, one of my Sehun's fanfic, and now with Red Spider Lilly! I guess I'm just so fond of flowers! Haha!

I hope you guys will enjoy the fic as much as I do! ^^

Please be reminded that everything in the fanfic is my imagination only. The principles do not fully follow the facts here in real life, also the same for any bible, mythology information! I hope you guys understand!





*the same colour means in the same universe*




Sehun & OC




Taehyung & OC




This is an original story.

It is just pure coincidence if similar to anything else.

Please do not plagiarize, reproduce or reprint.

All right reserved MaisyDaisy @2019.

Planned this in my head for a year already! Will update this story after I finished 'Hundred Billion Heiress'. In the meantime, please enjoy the foreword first ;)


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