Moon in the Water

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Everything was the moon in the water  he, Poseidon, God of the Sea, could never have you, Artemis, Goddess of the Moon in his arms. 







If you go to the sea but suffer a shipwreck, just pray to the Goddess of the Moon, she will grant her believers whatever is requested.

That's why every year in the temple, the statue of the Moon has the most people kneeling and praying. 


Little do they know, only the Goddess of the Moon can cease the anger of Poseidon, the God of the Sea.







I was born to love you. 





-MaisyDaisy's Greek God Series-

Book 1: My Love for You is Incurable [M] [completed] (Sehun)

Book 2: Moon in the Water (Taehyung)



 The song of the story: SF9 - Fall In Love



Kim Taehyung once thought that he could be satisfied with just watching her reflection in the water every day. 


However, everyone in the world is greedy, and God is no exception.


Ever since the last time he saw her in person at the Goddess of Wind Ceremony, he found that he was no longer satisfied with only her reflection in the water. 


His desire for her was growing. 


From just staring at her reflection in the water, 


to see her in person, 


to hold her in his arms, 


to kiss her, 


to make her his, 


to never let her go. 


At that moment, his eyes were on the rose bouquet placed inside his bedroom. 

The bouquet was made from fifteen black roses, and the new Goddess of Wind gave it on the day he participated in her ceremony.

With Taehyung's personality, he would never receive this kind of thing, but the silver ribbon of the bouquet resembled the silver moonlight, which reminded him of you.

Normally, he would never attend any party or ceremony, but he showed up anyway because he knew you like going to mirthful and boisterous places like this. 

And because he would never let go of any chance to see you.

Even if just from afar. 


The silver ribbon from the bouquet flashed and emitted a beautiful silver light. 


Sometimes, fate comes so suddenly that two parallel lines will also intersect one day. 


That night, there was a burst of fire in the sky. Its orange light shone and lighted up the whole sky from the dark. 


Just then, the moon suddenly fell vertically and straightly from the sky into the sea.


Everything was happening so unexpectedly. 


This is the first time that the moon has disappeared from the sky.


This is the first time the moon cannot be found in the sky by the people underneath. 


This is also the very first time that two parallel lines intersect. 





Because you fell into the arms of the sea just like this. 





And Kim Taehyung just thought he could never have you in his arms, found his wish had been granted so suddenly.
















*the same colour means in the same universe*




Sehun & OC




Taehyung & OC







This is an original story.

It is just pure coincidence if similar to anything else.

Please do not plagiarize, reproduce or reprint.

All right reserved MaisyDaisy @2020.


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