Floral Fantasy

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Indulgence of floral fantasy,

what will you see through the petals?

Will you see a cherry blossom tree who stays with you for a thousand years?



Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels, but their magic sparkles.


Wherever you go, wherever you are, I will find you and stay with you.


The petals are falling, so much, like stars filling the dark trees, and lighten up my heart.


In the end, I hope you remember there is a flowering tree that loved you for a thousand years.


You are my today and all of my tomorrows.


And I’m going to stay with you side by side in this life, and many lives after.


Every time we met, it is the best present from God.



MaisyDaisy's Angel Series:

Book 1: Floral Fantasy (Sehun)

Book 2: Find Death, To Love (Taehyung)



 The song of the story: Howl's Moving Castle Theme Song


Sehun saw the gatekeeper was a grass spirit. Normally, every soul had to go to the gatekeeper to register before entering the gate of reincarnation. So the gatekeeper is supposed to have every information of the souls.

And maybe it was because of the familiarity of finally seeing his kind, Sehun decided to ask this gatekeeper.

"Hey, grass, help me to check the soul of a girl."

Baekhyun looked at the tall man before him, whose eyes showed very clearly he had just suffering from vicissitudes.

But who hadn't suffered if appeared in the place of death?

And, those thick layers of power surrounding the man had caught his eyes.

"Cherry blossom, you know that's not the rule here." the grass answered smugly.

"How about I'll give you some of my powers?" the tall man offered with making a white energy ball in his hand.


And after Sehun mentioned your information, the grass spirit gatekeeper silent for a moment before answering,

"Oh, that girl is the only pure soul comes in a thousand year, and her lives are destined to end up in misery..."


Only then did Baekyun realized that he had said too much, so he went into silence.

Sehun then formed two more white energy balls in his hands and said, "How about I'll give you more of my powers?"

And the gatekeeper answered at once, "Okay, it's all God's plan. The girl is one of God's process of advancing human history."

Sehun frowned, "So we can't change this situation?"

The gatekeeper nodded, "Yes, there's no way to alter God's plan, not even the angels."

Sehun squinted, "I'll give you half of my powers."

And the gatekeeper answered instantly, "Oh, I suddenly remember! Her destiny of ending up in misery will end in only two more rounds of lives."

He added, "You need to wait for nine hundred and ninety-nine more years for her destiny to break so she can finally return to normal life......"


"That means, you need to wait for her for a thousand years in total."







This is a four chapters story. 

This story was on my mind a year ago, but I'm determined to start this only I finished my other Sehun story, My Love for You is Incurable. Glad this is finally going to happen:)  

I hope you'll all enjoy this :)











*the same colour means in the same universe*




Sehun & OC




Taehyung & OC







This is an original story.

It is just pure coincidence if similar to anything else.

Please do not plagiarize, reproduce or reprint.

All right reserved MaisyDaisy @2020.

If you enjoy my Sehun's Greek God story, you will also be enjoying this:) I'm sorry I'm planning to post Chapter 1 of this today, but the length of it is too long, so you may need to wait longer for that :(


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This looks so wonderful!!! Not only do I love historical aus, but I absolutely love flowers. They're just so enthralling and beautiful to look at. And I also like me some Oh Sehun ofc :D
99 streak #2
Woaaah!! Seems very interesting and deep as well.. am very excited!