Hundred Billion Heiress

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"How about, to every single Disneyland on the planet, featuring the princess and her fox?"



Your occupation is a professional role player. This occupation is not yet common in society. The goal is to accomplish the client's request, by pretending to be a people in different identity based on their different requirements.

One day, a man requests you pretend to be the long-lost heiress of a hundred billion dollars family, the Min Corporation's granddaughter 

and the fiancé of the Kim Corporation's heir 一 Kim Taehyung.



-Be prepared for a journey full of suspense, romance, and plot twists.-



The man's eyes sharpened, like a wolf staring at his prey, "I want you to pretend to be Mr Min's granddaughter, and get his heritage."

You let out an incredulous laugh, "What? You think this Mr Min doesn't remember what his granddaughter looks like?"

The man looked smug, taking out a photo from his briefcase and placed it on the table.

"This is Mr Min's granddaughter, Min Ahreum. Doesn't she look like you?"

You gawked at the photo, surprised by the striking resemblance.

"So I found you, Miss Lee, for a reason." The man seemed to be satisfied by your reaction, "Do you know how much Mr Min is saving for his granddaughter?"




"A hundred billion. Dollars."










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