Fifth Headshot

Hundred Billion Heiress
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It's really interesting to see how you guys process and guess for the story development XD It becomes my favourite thing now~ And I'm planning to choose those comments I like and post them at the end chapter, so comment now if you want yours to be chosen! Don't forget to upvote the story too! Love ❤


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miyoonji #1
Chapter 33: Congrats for your dream job.
Wow it's been so long!!
Miss you author-nim!!
Chapter 33: wow yes!
Chapter 32: Pls. Update soon are you okay author?
leetaehee #5
Please update soon... Love your story.
RParkSJ #6
Chapter 32: Did Hoseok really have such a great obsession for Areum? Even with Hoseok’s confession, I feel he is protecting Holli.
Oops I didn’t mean to unupvote this story! I reupvoted lol
Chapter 32: I caught up lol! I don’t want Hoseok to go to jail or anything...but like he did help with committing a crime sooo....XD
atia1412 #9
Chapter 32: Wait so holli didn't know about things in Finland, so is she actually involved in plotting the car accident or not? But then what did she do five years ago?? That was very suspicious and idk why but I believe there's more to this whole evil plot right~~~ I'm extremely curiousss tho. And I like how ahreum act to catch hoseok, and her logic heol she's smart~
Chapter 32: Ahreum with the logic is exactly me when I read the last chapter lol

Holli and hoseok , their relationship ( kinda not sure if hoseok is doing this because he loves holli , that's my first guess before but now not so sure anymore , I think there might be something more ) is surely confusing yet interesting but complicated.. I wonder what their original plan are , are they in this together or not because obviously Holli don't know a thing about Finland.. why would he go a long way to kind of save Ahreum if their plan is to kill her..

Holli duh.. she is just not the smartest lol
And about the truth 5 years ago , I think there would be more to it ... * I'm secretly hoping for a mind-blowing plot twist ;) *

Lastly..... Thankyou for updating author-nim.. I'm really excited for the next chapter ><