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"Baby, kissing me is something that would make you cry?"

You and I represent the binary number system.

Call it kismet. We are perfect together.



Never look into his eyes.



There's a monster living inside us. It just a matter of time that we both killed each other. 


Don't die, don't be killed by anybody, because I'm the only one who allows to kill you.



Please don't cry, my little tiger, it makes me want to kill everyone.



Next time you see me, make sure to kill me.







 The song of the story: Foreign Figures - Cold War







Never look into his eyes.



He chuckled, "I am the one who kissed you every time, so when will be your turn to kiss me back?"


He held your shoulder; the light in his eyes was as bright as a ruby.


Your jaw was lifted by him violently, and your eyes were forced to meet his. 


His eyes were illuminated as if a bright red Mars was burning in his pupils. 


The combination of extreme gorgeousness and soaring evilness would make people feel he's twisted and creepy in a way. 


But for you, he felt so familiar in a way that gave you a twisted sense of security.


"Hug my neck and kiss my lips." 


Domineering and alluring, lingered in your ears liked an incantation.


As if your brain was controlled by it, you leaned in his arms willingly like an obedient pet. 


He squinted with enjoyment, his hands wrapped around your shoulders and waist securely, and focused on kissing your lips.


Your teeth were forced to pry open, and the shallow kiss was forced to become a burning entanglement.


He seemed to be very familiar with the shape of your lips, and he tossed over your lips over and over again.


Kiss him. Kiss him. Kiss him.


He buckled your waist with one hand and supported your back with another, deepening the kiss step by step.


As if your heart is about to explode, it kept beating rapidly like a timer clicking and counting warningly.


The kiss took very long, so long that you thought he had plundered all your breath. 


He circled his arms around your waist as you were paralyzed weakly in his arms.


Then you heard him chuckling overhead.


His warm breath sprayed to your ears temptingly.


He raised his hand to lift your hair, and the soft hair slipped along his white slender fingers. 


"You still owe me one more kiss, baby."


"With only my kiss has already made you worn out like this, what should I do if I make more excessive demands in the future?"


He kissed away the falling tears on your cheeks gently. 


"Baby, kissing me is something that would make you cry?"


His nose was straight and tall. His deep voice touched and rubbed into the bottom of your heart.


"You once said tears are vulgar and hypocritical."


He squinted and said in a low voice that showed adoration.


"You just looked weak, dear."


Dangerous and bewitching. 


"And showing weakness is like proclaiming your own death sentence to everyone." 


He lifted your chin gently and forced you to look into his eyes again. 


"But with my little tiger looking weak, it's unexpectedly addictive."


He bent his body to make the tip of his nose rubbing yours.


"And looking at you like this, I want more."


Between the shrinking pupils, you saw a gorgeous color in his eyes.


Affectionate, possessive, and madness.


"You're a mind-controlling devil." 


This was the first sentence you said to him today.


He loosened his arms around your waist but carried you into his arms the next second.


The playfulness in his eyes gradually turned into warm anger, like dynamite before exploding.


Mars crackled and burned around his pupils along to the center .


"Says the one who is exactly the same person as me."


His strength that was carrying you had tightened slowly. The cold palms clasped at your back sent cold air up along your backbone to your heart. 


His eyes were born with pride and hostility, usually frivolous and casual, but extremely cold when angry.


As you were so close to him, he eyed you from sideways, with his orbs as sharp as a blade.



"If I really do this one day, you will not even have the opportunity to complain and resist."



"Every day, every minute, you will only have my name in your mind."



"Your world will only have my voice and my shadow."



"I am the only one you see and hear."



"You will not do anything else except for loving me."



"Don't force me to do that." 




"You know I can." 















*the same colour means in the same universe*




Sehun & OC




Taehyung & OC




This is an original story.

It is just pure coincidence if similar to anything else.

Please do not plagiarize, reproduce or reprint.

All right reserved MaisyDaisy @2020.

I'm so excited about this story! Will update this after I finished 'Hundred Billion Heiress'. In the meantime, please enjoy the foreword first ;)


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taeligram #1
I LOVE the posters of the story!!!
And I would love to look at Taehyung's eyes to let him control me!!
Thank you so much authornim for crafting another masterpiece!
I'll wait for your updates patiently, no rush! ;)
iamzero #3
TTTT This is so unique and exciting! I can't wait, hope you'll update this as soon as possible T_T
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OMG I'm so hooked at the story for just reading the foreword!!! Authornim you're so good!!!
AHHHHHH I'm so in love with this Taehyung!