8 Facts About Me, MaisyDaisy (tagged by Bhumig)

This is tagged by the sweetest person in the world, @Bhumig. She always sends me encouraging words, and even made a poster for one of my stories, Hundred Billion Heiress How wonderful is she? T__T


8 Facts About Me:

1. A boring soul but aim to be a funny person :) Am a pessimist after the death of my father, but am learning to be more and more optimistic, as well as to laugh and smile more :)

2. Love meeting new friends, but am too shy to say hi? T_T So please feel free to send me messages if you want! *shy*

3. Always lacking confidence in my English since it's not my mother language T__T And I don't have an environment to speak English with the people around me here :(

4. I'm a young adult already but I still look like a kid all because I'm extremely short and tiny.....T_T

5. I have a special interest in writing letters to my friends. I met wonderful penfriends in AFF six years ago; @AnnaMoogeun is one of them, and we keep this friendship since 2013 Today, we still exchange letters, text each other in Whatsapp, even Facetime with each other:) If you want to exchange letters with me, you can message your address to me privately :)

6. Have never watched a horror movie in my entire life because I'm scared :) 

Fun fact: could not bear to watch Snow White when I was 5, was scared to death after the Evil Queen transformed into a hag, and her image still haunted me today...... 

7. Joined AFF in 2012, but I actually started read fics here since 2011, only signed up for an account a year later for some 'member-only' fic. 

Fun fact: found this website when I was searching for Infinite's Sungyeol's pictures, but then one of the pictures brought me to a  fic about Infinite here...which I had entered a whole new world...hahahahaha!!!

8. Constantly confused about life :( Especially I've just finished my History degree in uni. It's always difficult for a fresh graduate to find a job, and it's even much more difficult to find a job during this chaotic moment of life......So I am currently focusing on my interest, which is writing on this website. I guess I could just think about other matters later since I'm poor in dealing with stress, my body will shut down completely :(


Thank you for reading this nonsense:) Hope everyone would have a nice day!



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wow I learned a lot more ^^ penfriends sounds really cool, maybe i'll try it one day (when i'm not as busy XD) Aw i hope the stress goes away :( it is really difficult in this current situation with everything that's going on. About the horror movies part tho, I absolutely hate them since they scare me so much, but i've ended up watching a few with my family (that still haunt me to this day T0T). Wow, you've been on AFF for a long long time compared to me XD Thanks for tagging me uwu, I'll put a blog up soon ^^
Hey~ you seem such a wonderful person! So touching that you write letters and befriend people you meet online. I also actually wanted to major in history (like my uncle) but when I told him that, he straight up discouraged me and I was so disheartened. Til now I am so into history and economics grr. I'll do my best to do a blog like this since you tagged me. Tho I don't really have much friends here. Always take care ♡
1) i too became a pessimist after my grandma's death, and still can't seem to put myself together
2) i will send you lots of then *winks*
3) you write English very well though
4) I'm also short
5) WOW !! Great!!
6) hahaha XD
7) it happened with me too lol XD i was searching if Descendants of the Sun will have a season 2 or not
8) don't be hard pn yourself, everything will work put eventually .. be patient and kind to yourself... have faith
Everything will be good *thumbs up*
yay , i'll take on your offer