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A Feline's Wish

Kim Minjeong, a 24-year-old living in a trouble-free life, encounters a mischievous troublemaker in the form of a cute cat, flipping her world upside down.

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The Secret Of Us (Eng Translation) Novel By Mee Nam

By ggomokunn Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   novel   girlxgirl   sapphic   wlw   lingorm   doctorxactress 
Characters Lingling Kwong, Orm Kornnapat
With 40 chapters, 36 votes, 217 subscribers, 12900 views, 12 comments, 118357 words
Status [M], Completed

Side by Side, Eye to Eye

By jollyforegoing Updated
Tags  novel 
With 2 chapters, 60 views, 2175 words
Status Members Only

Sabrina and Ashley Watterson are one-year apart twin sisters that share thoughts and interests and other things that you would expect from siblings. But there is one thing that they never shared: December, 2007 in the Winter. In this story, you will see two sisters, and one boy in between, unravel the mystery of their past friendship and, potentially, a love that had truly exsited!

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

By sehun-ssi Updated
Characters Original Character(s), GOT7, EXO K
With 1 subscribers, 70 views, 668 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only


By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 1700 views, 2 words
Status [M]


By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 3620 views, 1 words


Chasing The Dragon

By HaoTaro Updated
Characters Li Haoming, Jiang Kentaro, Lan Boyi, Huang Sichao, Levi Zhang, Lin Xinshan
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 360 views, 8455 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Ever since they were kids, the Shui clan and the Jiang siblings were always told about different cultivation clans, and how there's only few left. They were told no one must know they're cultivators, but they must keep training in order to help protect the land of Meixia, and the Dragons. They were told stories of the Demon Clan and how they have turned against the world, and that they were to never ever come in contact with the Wan Clan, a clan of demonic cultivators. However, one da


By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 13 chapters, 2 subscribers, 3290 views, 5 words



By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 1 chapters, 5210 views
Status [M]


By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 3 chapters, 3 subscribers, 6110 views, 4 words
Status [M]


By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 3480 views, 28 words



By nadomorra Updated
Tags  novel 
With 4 chapters, 3 subscribers, 5990 views, 1 comments
Status [M]

Sestal's Obsession

By clumsydumbty Updated
With 4 chapters, 27 votes, 887 subscribers, 5990 views, 14 comments, 69789 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only


By igotupearly Updated
Tags  novel 
Characters 阿尔巴利诺,赫斯塔尔
With 1 chapters, 160 views, 2 words
Status [M], Completed

Trial Marriage Husband (Pangyo Couple version)

By gtaepangyo Updated
Tags  seohyun   novel   adaptation   pangyo   kyungpyo 
Characters Seo Juhyun, Go Kyungpyo
With 289 chapters, 13 votes, 249 subscribers, 6950 views, 54 comments, 376165 words
Status Subscribers Only

Hello hello everyone! So yeah! I am trying to write, or should I say plagiarize a story, charot! Hahahaha No, so I am currently, so fond of this certain Chinese Novel called Trial Marriage Husband Needs to Work Hard by Passion Honey. And I stumbled upon a TaeNy version of this novel and thought, "Why don't I write a Pangyo Couple version too?" I really love Pangyo couple so much. Soooo, if you have read the original version by Passion Honey, you probably know the plot, the whole story

A Sunrise to Remember

By aishlinnharu Updated
Tags  angst   drama   jinki   jongho   jonghyun   jongyu   key   minho   onew   romance   shinee   taemin   novel   sanghyunpark   onjong   mblaqthunder   highschoolau   onewxjonghyun   jonghyunxjinki 
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 51 subscribers, 700 views, 9 comments, 19154 words
Status Subscribers Only

JONGYU VERSION | ORIGINAL VERSION | DISCONTINUED. Lee Jinki's delinquent ways were rampant during his high school days. He is a known bully. He doesn't care about the feelings and well-being of other people as long as it satisfies him. After almost 3 years of delinquently dominating the campus, the school director decided to give him a task, that the director believes can change him.    

Doomed from the Beginning

By razy_m Updated
Characters Demon overlord, Son of almighty, angels, demon king
With 21 chapters, 48 subscribers, 1170 views, 1 comments, 36826 words
Status Subscribers Only

300 years ago, he was born to stop the demon child from destroying the world but it was a curse- a curse from the demon himself. Has it ever been possible to stop a curse from taking place? Is the world really destined to be diminished? They were just two little kids when they met, indifferent of everything that fate has in store for them. All they cared about was each other...till the end. .... But wait...300 years later, when he wakes up, how is the world still intac

Different World: Genesis

By IamMrsOh Updated
Tags  action   college   gangs   paranormal   romance   scifi   supernatural   novel   jin   fiction   rose   sciencefiction   jimin   bts   parkjimin   kimtaehyung   kimseokjin   btsv   lisa   blackpink   parkchaeyoung   lalisamanoban   shareduniverse 
Characters Park Chaeyoung (Rose), Kim Taehyung (V) also as HanSung, Park JiMin, Manoban Lalisa, Kim SeokJin (Jin), BTS members (Kim JungKook, Suga, RM, J-Hope) &Others.
With 13 chapters, 3 votes, 21 subscribers, 1000 views, 3 comments, 34656 words

"Don't look for me." He told her, while she was trying to hold onto him, tears running down her cheek. He took a step forward and when she tried to chase after him, he disappeared to where he came from. While sobbing, she cried out, "You promised to stay with me an

Lord Frieza incarnate in Gensokyo

By Ridoux_Studio Updated
Tags  action   adventure   comedy   drama   harem   romance   dragon   novel   story   funny   fanfiction   project   touhou   interesting   ball   protagonist   overpowered   flandre   mokou   gensokyo   reimu   yuuko 
With 13 chapters, 380 views, 36195 words

-=| Please Read Everything Below Before You Start The Story |=- Synopsis : A playboy weeb from our world, that doesn't know anything about Touhou, gets Frieza-sama powers and the appearance of Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter, then gets isekai-ed to Touhou Project world. Read According To Your Status : _If you KNOW what Touhou is > In case you find incorrect information in the story, don’t worry, it’s not me who didn’t know it, but the characters themsel

Winds of Desire by Donna.

By bcsuza_cooza Updated
With 15 chapters, 1 votes, 1040 views, 2 comments, 24899 words
Status Completed

I never knew love until I met Raj. We have had one of the greatest love stories ever known to man! If only you knew how I was back then. Flash black. Back then, I was an innocent girl who laughed at everyone in love and who thought love was for losers, I told myself that I was great for not falling in love and being fooled like everyone else, and for a moment I got myself to believe it! That was until I was going to my prom alone and I saw him, he was up against the glass doing hi


By PhongTaa Updated
With 14 chapters, 330 views, 1626 words

I saw her eyes and fell in love.

Dance to Love

By BlueskyIzz Updated
Tags  blockb   drama   lovestory   romance   sliceoflife   novel   exo   bap   nuest   collegelife   btob   psychology   universitylife 
Characters EXO, B.A.P, Block B, NU'EST
With 25 chapters, 30 votes, 159 subscribers, 9680 views, 119 comments, 127113 words


Air Castle // Jinyoung

By xxaircastlexx Updated
Tags  angst   comedy   dark   drama   jaebum   jinyoung   jyp   korean   kpop   krystal   mina   romance   sad   songfic   novel   alternateuniverse   love   humor   english   fxkrystal   friendshipandlove   youngjae   collegeau   ocgirl   bambam   aufic   universityau   messages   jackson   mark   got7   yugyeom   markson   irene   lisa   redvelvet   mamamoo   moonbyul   hwasa   twice   heize   blackpink   twicegot7   bamlisa   novellength   blackpinkgot7 
Characters Alice (OC), GOT7, Lisa (BLACKPINK), Myoui Mina (TWICE), Hwasa (MAMAMOO), & Others
With 19 chapters, 3 votes, 62 subscribers, 2360 views, 14 comments, 40793 words
Status Subscribers Only

    She's a musical prodigy who swore off playing music forever as a way to cope with her troubled past. He's an arrogant rich kid whose future depends on h

The Greatest Life Is With You

By CelynShan2014 Updated
Characters Harry Kim , Su Young Ahn , Jeniffer Zulorei , Takashi Urika, Manha Choi, Vannesa Ruka, and Ri Hyung Kwon.
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 210 views, 664 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only


By EpilogueG Updated
Tags  malay   romance   novel   exo   funny   vixx   indonesiafanfic 
Characters Patricia Lee (OC), Seth Wu / Sehun (EXO), EXO, VIXX, and other character
With 14 chapters, 7 votes, 24 comments, 18064 words
Status Subscribers Only

Patricia Lee. Tak pernah hayat dia dikenali sebagai Patricia mahupun Cia. Hatta Lee sekali pun. Cukup sekadar P’Nut. Gadis berdarah kacukan Irish-Cina ini dilahirkan dan ditinggalkan di Korea Selatan tanpa keluarga

Bila Hati Berbicara

By izumy_ Updated
Tags  malay   novel 
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 370 views, 1151 words

Nur Ain Izwani, gadis bertudung litup yang misteri. Orangnya sangat pendiam dan digelar 'anti-lelaki' di kampusnya. Mana taknya, berdepan saja dengan spesies bernama lelaki, automatik dirinya menjadi 'mute'. Satu perkataan pun tidak akan keluar dari mulutnya. Tapi yang peliknya, dia berkawan baik dengan Farah Hanani, gadis yang riuh dan bersahaja, hatta dgn lelaki sekalipun. Apa perasaan Farah bila abang kandungnya sendiri berkenan dengan kawan baiknya itu? Mampukah Alif Zayyad menukar mood '

A Wolf Who's In Love With You

By Goddess_rim Updated
Tags  novel   fanfic   werewolf   bts   taehyung   btsvtaehyungwerewolfbts 
With 1 chapters, 190 views, 1709 words

What mystery unfolds when dark raw power meets a pure ,soft soul. Trust the moon , it never makes mistakes . Gods don't eer . She is his heart as he is hers . A deep love story of a star lighting up the dark unfolds .  "Well, how to put it... ," he said ," I am to you what I am for nobody else. Time and your heart will teach you ." A gothic love story with twists and turns.  A smile , family ,love and romance with humor as I would like it to be described .

Trough Different Worlds

By Amechii Updated
Tags  novel   moonbin   astro   moonbinxoc 
With 4 chapters, 17 subscribers, 1580 views, 1 comments, 8151 words

How to meet the guy of your dreams... in the closest meaning. MoonbinxOC with supernatural contest. I hope you'll Enjoy it!

Worldwide Book Trade!

By OriannaGoldelle Updated
Tags  fun   novel   book   games   funandgames 
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 133 words
Status Completed

Dear bookworms,  Here are FREE BOOKS send straight to your  doorhouse!

25519 PRAGMA

By EpilogueG Updated
Tags  angst   malay   romance   novel   frienship   addinlee 
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 860 views, 1 comments, 3098 words
Status Subscribers Only

  I   “Along ni…biar betul?,” Dee merenung Yen. Atas, bawah. Bawah, atas. Kadang-kadang dia

Stay With Him

By s3xyangel Updated
Tags  romance   seohyun   novel   luhan   seohan 
Characters Luhan, Seohyun
With 2 chapters, 12 votes, 98 subscribers, 2070 views, 16 comments, 905 words

Inspired by Gayle Forman’s If I Stay come a story about two childhood best friend and their journey to discovering the meaning of life.                 Seohyun lived a perfect life she had a career as a pianist, an amazing boyfriend and a family that loves her dearly. Then one day a tragic accident brings her to the blink of death. She has to choose…live or die. Memories of the past bring her closer to death but only one thing will save her. Please stay

Siapa Suka Kau ?

By Kai-alys Updated
Tags  malay   you   novel 
Characters notfanfic you malay
With 3 chapters, 6 subscribers, 520 views, 2 comments, 2198 words

First , ni bukan fanfic. Ni takda kne mngena ngn kpop or anything. It just a novel yg aku reka and aku nak kongsi just for malaysian. So , korg bila dah baca mohon lah komen eh. Hahah.   " Kejap..  kejap bukan ke kau ni sikit punya lembut dulu ? Ni dah kenapa tiba-tiba jadi singa ni ? Dulu bukan main senyuman tu manis betul kalah gula ni aduh.. senyum pon tak nak. Apa kena dengan kau ni ? Sejak kita kahwin terus berubah 187.9%!"  -

Karma Butterfly

By Susy_Mi_Kwang Updated
Tags  novel 
Characters Jessica Jung, Danbi (OC), Minhee (OC)
With 1 chapters, 40 views, 514 words
Status [M]

♥ Malay 1-2-3-Shot ♥ ::: NEWLY OPEN :::

By darkclov3r Updated
Tags  malay   novel 
Characters You & I
With 2 subscribers, 170 views, 2 comments, 173 words

Selamat Tinggal

By lisayuni Updated
Tags  malay   novel 
Characters Iva (OC), Asha (OC), Tae Hyun, Mino (WINNER)
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 130 views, 1056 words

Satin and Sanity

By Thacus-Damartis Updated
Tags  2pm   chansung   romance   sistar   novel   bora   youngadult 
Characters Hwang Chansung, Yoon Bora, Hyorin, SISTAR + Other groups as flat characters (No spoilers: more to be revealed)
With 3 chapters, 7 comments, 16606 words

22 year old Chansung was given 2 choices: giving up college, which he took various jobs for 4 years just so he could earn enough money for a 4-year Bachelor's degree; or searching for 6 letters that was left to him behind by a loved one whom he hasn’t seen in 3 years. And in each letter, he uncovers thoughts, secrets and surprises. 

قصه قصيره :عزيزتي انتي نادره

By sweetmero Updated
Tags  novel 
With 1 chapters, 160 views, 4 words

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته  هذا اول قصه لي راح تعجبكم ان شاء الله  اسم القصه: عزيزتي انتي نادره  نوع القصه: رومنسيه  الحين بنزل الشخصيات اكثير راح تعجبكم

The Portrait's Bloodline II

By darkclov3r Updated
Tags  novel 
Characters Melisa Ai | Shinn | Ren Danial
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 1 comments, 3018 words
Status Subscribers Only

[CONTENTID3]Potret Bahagian Satu Tekan Sini[/CONTENTID3] [CONTENTID2]Hidup Melisa Ai berubah sejak bertemu dengan adik-beradik San (Venelisa & Shinn). Dia mengenal erti persahabatan, erti menyayangi dan disayangi, erti perpisahan dan jug

A Story of Love (Among Others)

By Catch_me_Yunho Updated
Tags  myungsoo   romance   novel   yooara 
Characters Kim Myeong Su L Yoo Ara Kai Bang Minah Zico Hwa Young Shin Hye Jeong
With 10 chapters, 1020 views, 24333 words


Wa Cinta Sama Lu,Bro! Bab 1

By PuteraAreQiel Updated
Tags  novel   love   sama   cinta   same   weena 
Characters AQil ThaQif
With 925 words

Weena menjadi ketakutan apabila Lamborghini Aventador yang dipandu oleh Izzan Aril Haik

Happiness in Fiction

By Haniey Updated
Tags  b2st   dooseob   junseung   kiwoon      novel   fiction 
Characters B2ST, Lee Joon & others will be added throughout this fic
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 34 subscribers, 2800 views, 12 comments, 9739 words

Yang Yoseob is an ordinary high school teenager.He was always laughing and smiling when the truth was,he had never really been genuinely happy in his life.His parents never really cared for him as they were busy managing 'Yang Corporations',a family company.Yoseob is an only child and had never found love.Until one fateful day changed his life forever.It has been 2 years since that inci


By deerestwinter Updated
Tags  fantasy   you   novel   exo   lay   yixing 
Characters Lay/Yixing, You, other EXO members, OC
With 3 chapters, 6 subscribers, 280 views, 3 comments, 3221 words

“The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn.”