Chasing The Dragon

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Ever since they were kids, the Shui clan and the Jiang siblings were always told about different cultivation clans, and how there's only few left. They were told no one must know they're cultivators, but they must keep training in order to help protect the land of Meixia, and the Dragons. They were told stories of the Demon Clan and how they have turned against the world, and that they were to never ever come in contact with the Wan Clan, a clan of demonic cultivators.

However, one day the devil himself, a dragon named Aoki Rimu, sets off to destroy the land of Meixia. All clans must put aside their differences and band together in order to defeat the Aoki Devil.



The Golden Age will end when a devil takes down the King.

The devil’s Son will rise to destroy all that is good.

The devil’s son will only be defeated by his very own brother and the King’s second son on the young prince’s 18th birthday.”



Ming Meixia became the most known cultivator on Earth. She won many battles and protected millions. Everyone began to worship her, looking forward to her every move. Her fame and success allowed her to ascend and become an immortal god. 

As soon as Meixia became a god, she decided to create her own world. One that would allow the dragons, who were becoming extinct on Earth, to be protected and cared for. A world that would have peace among all creatures, whether that be humans, dragons, demons or elves alike. 

She brought along her most trusted allies and created the world of Meixia. This world mirrored Earth and people were happy. She had 7 lands, and each lands had their own set of cultivators to help fight off any spirits or demons who had gone astray. This world was harmonious.

That is until one devil, who had slipped in without anyone knowing, came along to destroy what Meixia had worked so hard to protect. 




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