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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗪𝗲𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗼𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿 (One-Shot)

Gia Kim, a renowned wedding coordinator, finds herself entangled in the bittersweet dance of past and present when tasked with planning the wedding of her ex-fiancé, Jun.

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Endless Playlist Stories

By moussline9riri Updated
Tags  oneshots   yerin   2jung   97line   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   sinrin   eunrin   umb   wonb   yujuna   viviz 
Characters SinB Sowon Umji Yuju Yerin Eunha
With 34 chapters, 27 votes, 687 subscribers, 13800 views, 141 comments, 159130 words
Status Subscribers Only

A collection of diverse Gfriend ships oneshots. I got the inspiration from my music playlist. 

Carry on

By SooWan_ss94 Updated
Tags  jihyo   2jung   gfriend   sana   twice   eunrin   twicefriend   wonb   yumji   viviz 
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 1930 views, 15 comments, 23200 words
Status Subscribers Only

Just something I wanna write out of fun. I hope you'll have fun too haha. This is a revamp so there would be changes from when I originally posted it but the idea is essentially the same. (don't mind the word count, the old chapters were on drafts and it counted)

Time Lapse

By SooWan_ss94 Updated
Tags  yerin   2jung   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 68 subscribers, 870 views, 4 comments, 23292 words
Status Subscribers Only

In which Yerin and Eunbi realized that even a happy ending has the day after.


By nadezda Updated
Characters YeJu, SinRin, 2Jung, WonRin, OT6
With 58 chapters, 10 votes, 141 subscribers, 13070 views, 73 comments, 104014 words
Status Completed

different stories related to 6 girls. my heart is given to Jung Yerin, so the whole ratio in pairs will mainly consist in the main role of Yerin.

The Soul's Voices

By moussline9riri Updated
Tags  magic   tragedy   mythology   spiritual   greekmythology   actionadventure   yerin   historicalfiction   persian   2jung   jungkook   empire   97line   antics   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   sinrin   eunrin   ancientgreekau   umb   wonb   alternativereality   viviz 
Characters Sowon Umji SinB Eunha Yerin Yuju Jungkook
With 7 chapters, 7 votes, 76 subscribers, 1550 views, 14 comments, 22441 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

By Your Side

By pikeunjoo Updated
Tags  angst   college   romance   gfriend   eunrin   umb   soju 
Characters Sowon, Eunha, Yerin, Yuju, Sinb, Umji
With 16 chapters, 13 votes, 253 subscribers, 10810 views, 79 comments, 64195 words


kpop oneshots || girl group

By kojibruh Updated
Characters red velvet gfriend twice oc
With 2 chapters, 10 votes, 1552 subscribers, 20170 views, 11 comments, 2305 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Real Estate Nightmare

By buddysmt Updated
Characters eunha yerin
With 1 chapters, 10 votes, 68 subscribers, 2190 views, 2 comments, 2977 words
Status [M], Completed

I want to walk this path with you

By shen022 Updated
Tags  gfriend   sinrin   eunrin   wonha   soju   yumji   umrin   eunhaxyerin 
Characters Sinb yerin umji yuju sowon eunha
With 13 chapters, 14 votes, 431 subscribers, 4990 views, 56 comments, 25284 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Compilation of one shot stories and fluffs with Our different pairing.

Pocket Eunha

By Thoughts_await Updated
Tags  fluff   yerin   2jung   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   umha   eunrin   wonha   galaxywish   eunbiline   2eunbi   smolline   yujuna   smolsline 
Characters Sowon | Yerin | Eunha | Yuju | SinB | Umji
With 13 chapters, 8 votes, 69 subscribers, 2820 views, 31 comments, 5978 words

Eunha shrunk. No one knows how or why. She now stands at 100cm. Let's see how the members take care of Eunha or fluffy eunha-centric oneshots with her being funsized

Yours Truly

By moussline9riri Updated
Tags  action   dystopia   sciencefiction   space   futuristic   yerin   2jung   empire   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   yujuxumji   sowonxsinb   eunrin   umb   wonb   yumji   eunhaxyerin   sinbxsowon   yerinxeunha   umjixyuju 
Characters SinB Sowon Umji Yuju Yerin Eunha
With 21 chapters, 10 votes, 192 subscribers, 4880 views, 73 comments, 49843 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

Gfriend One-Shots

By BuddyBunBun Updated
Tags  yerin   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   umha   sinju   sinrin   eunrin   wonha   umb   soju   wonb   wonrin   yumji   umrin   eunbiline   2eunbi   yesisters   leamak   tallline   smolline   yujuna   gfriendships 
Characters Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji
With 32 chapters, 31 votes, 1194 subscribers, 17440 views, 140 comments, 33251 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  Gfriend One-Shots     A series of Gfriend One-shots cuz I feel like it. REQUEST ARE OPEN and very much appreciated. \^o^/      

Gfriend Oneshots

By jemayin Updated
Tags  yerin   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   yeju   sinrin   eunrin   wonha   umb   soju   wonb   yumji   yesisters   smols   leamak   yujuna 
Characters Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, Sinb and Umji
With 22 chapters, 8 votes, 400 subscribers, 5770 views, 20 comments, 25339 words
Status Subscribers Only

gfriend one shots/short drabbles. can be ansgty, can be fluffy, can be mix, who knows 

Im The Queen

By shen022 Updated
Tags  yerin   sinb   gfriend   sinju   sinrin   sinbxyerin   eunrin   wonha 
Characters Sinbxyerin
With 19 chapters, 13 votes, 364 subscribers, 6110 views, 100 comments, 27307 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

sinb and yerin were queen bee in their own school before they both went to the same school as they went to college. Who will become the queen of the new school and who will win the war that they started now that none of them wants to be defeated?.


By Khimmyyyy Updated
Tags  maknaeline   yerin   2jung   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   eunrin   umb   soju   tallline 
Characters Eunha Sinb Yerin Sowon Yuju Umji
With 13 chapters, 7 votes, 463 subscribers, 4150 views, 13 comments, 21497 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

What do you think will happen with the Gfriend members on their given vacation by their company?  Do you think they will be happy? Or there are something bad will happen to them? Let's find out here in the story!

4 Babies and 2 Idiots

By Fandom_Gaydom Updated
Tags  gfriend   yeju   umha   sinju   sinrin   sowonxsinb   eunrin   wonha   umb   soju   wonb   wonrin   yumji   sinwon   eunbiline   yesisters   sinbxsowon   yujuna   smolsline 
Characters Sowon SinB Eunha Yerin Yuju Umji
With 3 chapters, 19 votes, 874 subscribers, 6530 views, 30 comments, 3912 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

When Sowon arrives back to the dorm she stares in shock as she sees SinB surrounded by 4 babies who looked like the rest of the members of GFriend. Sowon stares in shock and little Eunha and Yerin run to her. SinB and Sowon stare at each other in shock before letting out a scream and then starting to panic.  "SINB-YAH, WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME?" Sowon yells as she picks up a crying Umji. "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! I JUST WOKE UP TO KIDS CRYING AND ALL THE MEMBERS TURNED INTO BABI

After The Rain

By BuddyBunBun Updated
Tags  angst   yerin   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   sinrin   eunrin   eunbiline 
Characters SinB, Eunha, Yerin and Sowon, Umji, Yuju
With 3 chapters, 8 votes, 46 subscribers, 1360 views, 5 comments, 3898 words
Status Completed

The apartment where Eunha lived in had always been the happiest and coziest.   But now, the house she always stays at became empty, with no signs of the usual happiness in it.   And every time she would open the doors, she would always be greeted by a dull and as if lifeless, Hwang Eunbi who shares the same unit.   It was because she was gone, that this house was no longer home. "Why did you left us, Yerin~unnie...?"

Timeless Sun

By moussline9riri Updated
Tags  fantasy   mystery   kingdom   mythical   yerin   2jung   magicalfantasy   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   sowonxsinb   eunrin   umb   wonb   sinbxumji   yumji   eunhaxyerin   sinbxsowon   epicfantasy   yerinxeunha   umjixsinb 
Characters SinB Sowon Umji Yuju Yerin Eunha
With 17 chapters, 7 votes, 291 subscribers, 4340 views, 63 comments, 35388 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

There was a time when there were three kingdoms on Earth. In the north, there was the Snow Kingdom famous for it beautiful snow, it calm snow. Then, in the middle, there was the Mountain Kingdom and it princess Sowon. In the south, the Sun Kingdom was a perfect paradoximon of desert and sea; an opulent, lush kingdom with a massive, gilded palace. The three kingdoms were living peacefully until a tragi


By pikeunjoo Updated
Tags  assassination   slightangst   gfriend   hitmanau   eunrin   umb   soju   sinbxumji   umjixsinb 
Characters Sinb, Umji, Eunha, Yerin, Sowon, Yuju
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 51 subscribers, 1090 views, 12 comments, 3028 words

T A R G E T   I N F O R M A T I O N Kim Yewon: Daughter of the CEO of Korpernation Client: Yoon Jihun - CEO of rival company Soul Corp.  

Dear Diary

By pikeunjoo Updated
Tags  diary   romance   yerin   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters YeRin, EunHa
With 23 chapters, 4 votes, 52 subscribers, 4460 views, 34 comments, 11642 words

September 16, 2015   Dear Diary,             ...             … I think I’m in love. EunHa

So it's you???

By No1cares02 Updated
Tags  romance   eunju   97line   gfriend   sinrin   eunrin   wonha   yumji 
Characters sinb, yerin, eunha, sowon, juyu, umji
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 197 subscribers, 2380 views, 11 comments, 4666 words
Status Subscribers Only

"If I came sooner, would you choose me?" Asked the amazing person in front of her. . . . "You promised you won't forget about me." She then remembered the face of her childhood friend slash boyfriend.   Her little crush or her first love? Who will SinB choose?

Yerin's Harem

By lovebythemoon29 Updated
Tags  yerin   sinb   gfriend   eunha   sinrin   eunrin 
Characters Yerin, Eunha
With 5 chapters, 10 votes, 422 subscribers, 6910 views, 32 comments, 3521 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Yerin is gay af but hopelessly in love with Eunha while Eunha is well, let's say she experiences jealousy in ways she's never had before, and she doesn't even know why. aka Yerin falls in love with her clueless straight groupmate and tries to hide her feelings by being touchy feely with everyone else.  

Highschool with GFriend

By Fandom_Gaydom Updated
Tags  yerin   2jung   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   yeju   umha   yerinxyuju   sowonxsinb   eunrin   wonb   thesmolsline   tomandjerryline 
Characters Sowon SinB Yerin Yuju Umji Eunha + Wheein
With 19 chapters, 16 votes, 166 subscribers, 8330 views, 68 comments, 28615 words
Status Completed

This is just a random story of GFriend in high school with my favorite pairings. Also, I am new to GFriend so don't judge me. I found them through Mamamoo. This was done randomly. Also, this is my first story on here. The story is about how three friends Sowon, Yuju and Eunha meet up with three other friends; SinB, Yerin and Umji. But things aren't easy for everyone when people start to fall in love. Sowon falls for SinB at first sight without realizing until the story continues. Yuju

To Be Alive

By pikeunjoo Updated
Tags  angst   friendship   depression   yerin   2jung   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Eunha, Yerin
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 254 subscribers, 3010 views, 18 comments, 11603 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only


By blinkoncebuddy Updated
Tags  yerin   2jung   gfriend   sowon   eunha   eunrin   wonha 
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 37 subscribers, 20 comments, 3907 words

  Eunha got bored on her everyday life. So destiny gave her a blondie who would turn her life upside down.

memoirs of springtime

By corinneniix Updated
Tags  yerin   2jung   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   eunha   umji   sinju   eunrin   mainline 
Characters Kim Sojung, Kim Yewon, Jung Yerin, Jung Eunbi, Choi Yuna, Hwang Eunbi
With 7 chapters, 4 votes, 74 subscribers, 3390 views, 10 comments, 3241 words
Status Subscribers Only

Recounts of a spring spent amongst six children.

You're Beautiful

By paris22 Updated
Tags  yerin   97line   sinb   gfriend   yuju   eunha   eunrin   yujuna 
With 40 chapters, 23 votes, 168 subscribers, 7770 views, 92 comments, 56750 words
Status Completed

Yuju is an ordinary girl who will had a special mission from a ghost. Can Yuju survive this mission if she had to endure the coldness and bitterness of the broken hearted Jung Eunbi aka Eunha?

Eyes,Nose, And Lips

By SolidTuanc Updated
Tags  yerin   sinb   gfriend   eunha   umji   yeju   eunrin   soju 
Characters Gfriend Yerin,Eunha,Sinb,Yuju,Sowon, And Umji
With 44 subscribers, 900 views, 1 comments, 81 words
Status Subscribers Only

In your eyes nose lips The way she used to touch my skin Your head down to your toes It’s like you’re standing right in front of me now Though the light’s gone darker now You’ve just gone way too far I’ll keep you in my heart Though it kills me to say it now Baby I’ll get over you

You and Me

By kimiikay Updated
Tags  yerin   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Eunha and Yerin Feat. Sowon, Yuju, Sinb and Umji
With 7 chapters, 12 votes, 111 subscribers, 5710 views, 20 comments, 10141 words
Status Completed

The Roller Derby Team's long awaited end-of-the-year outing.

First High School

By lovebythemoon29 Updated
Tags  eunseo   joy   yerin   sinb   gfriend   yuju   sowon   umji   yeju   sinrin   eunrin   wonha   yerinxjoy 
Characters Gfriend
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 132 subscribers, 1950 views, 13 comments, 1574 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

In 22th century the concept of supernatural or commonly known as ‘magic’ no longer a legend or fairy tales but its become a technology. Unveil the story of Yerin and Eunbi Hwang attending their first public school for magic trainning!

The Masterpiece

By yerinough Updated
Tags  oneshot   yerin   2jung   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Jung Eunha, Jung Yerin
With 1 chapters, 9 votes, 17 subscribers, 1410 views, 5 comments, 3314 words
Status Completed

Yerin swears she waited. She did.

Our Own Treasure Chest

By JjanyangRin Updated
Tags  oneshot   yerin   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Jung Yerin, Jung Eunbi (Eunha)
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 880 views, 3 comments, 1487 words

A collection of us, kept dearly inside the box of memories. (EunhaxYerin oneshot collections)

Rain in The Spring Time

By thewalkingfish Updated
Tags  2jung   gfriend   sinju   eunrin 
With 2 chapters, 12 votes, 49 subscribers, 2500 views, 16 comments, 5285 words
Status Completed

All the cold wind goes away, and you came to me like that warm spring rain. You melt me, baby.

Hold Me Tight

By DaddyLongLegs Updated
Tags  eunju   bts   gfriend   eunkook   sinju   eunrin   wonha 
With 13 chapters, 28 subscribers, 1160 views, 7 comments, 7892 words

Sowon is a really quiet girl. She never talks to anyone except her childhood best friend Eunha. Eunha is the one that has been with Sowon since they were babies. At the age of 15, Eunha fell in love with Sowon but she never confessed because she knows Sowon will not return her feelings back, and she was right. Sowon won't return her feelings... well, for now at least. There's still hope for Eunha.


By TeamReowesome Updated
Tags  oneshot   yerin   yubi   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Eunha x Yerin ft other Gfriend members
With 3 chapters, 18 votes, 96 subscribers, 4670 views, 14 comments, 24508 words
Status Completed

Eunha felt Yerin became so cold and distant to her recently. They used to be close but now it just seems like strangers until a vacation trip reveals everything.


By JjanyangRin Updated
Tags  oneshot   yerin   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters (GFRIEND) Jung Yerin, Jung Eunbi / Eunha
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 14 subscribers, 880 views, 4 comments, 1237 words
Status Completed

When we see the word angel, we’d instantly think of a beautiful human-like being, with a white uniform, having two big fluffy wings, sometimes accompanied by halo on their head.

The Start Of A New Beginning

By JjanyangRin Updated
Tags  schoollife   yerin   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Jung Eunbi / Eunha, Jung Yerin, Hwang Eunbi / SinB, Choi Yuna / Yuju, Kim Sojung / Sowon, Kim Yewon / Umji
With 20 chapters, 14 votes, 85 subscribers, 5210 views, 26 comments, 16545 words
Status Completed

Jung Eunbi's life changes when her friend, Choi Yuna, asked her to join the roller skate club in their school. There, she met Jung Yerin, the one who made her perfect self feel imperfect.


By Mitchokun Updated
Tags  lgbt   yerin   gfriend   eunha   eunrin 
Characters Eunha, Yerin, SinB, Yuju, Sowon, Umji
With 1 chapters, 10 votes, 40 subscribers, 4100 views, 12 comments, 1782 words

A story about Eunha & Yerin. A story about first love. A story about being young and being confused. Inspired by the "Navillera" MV