About Me

I'm a UAENA(IU fan) and a new BUDDY(Gfriend fan). Also a VIP(Bigbang fan), and Melody(BTOB fan). 


  • I discovered Kpop from Psy's Gangnam Style (which I didn't know was Kpop until I entered junior high), but I was a long-time fan of IU from her dramas. I recently took a liking to Gfriend after their Time For Us Album came out and had become a fan since then. I love Yerin first cause I remember her from Running Man, but 'they' destroyed the whole definition of 'bias' and 'bias breaker' so meh~ I'm an OT6 stan.


  • I first got into LGBTQ+ stories from reading a SinRin fanfiction called "HER" on Wattpad (I was a SINKOOK shipper), it was just so emotional that I had to read it and the rest is history. There's also this story titled 'Bumblebee's Playlist' by EyeforSR that I found on the same site but was discontinued there, so I set up an account here just to read it.


  • I'm a hardcore SinRin, UmHa, and Soju shipper, but WonHa, UmB, 2Eunbi, YumJi, and UmRin as so SOFT, I just can't LoL


That's all I can share for now, so if you're reading this, then thank you for stopping by~