A Weird Confession


Everyone has their own dream proposal, and Yuju being her dedicated and passionate self thought of the best way of confessing and giving the love of her life the most memorable and beautiful confession one can give. But there are TWO major problems.


"Does Sowon feel the same way? And how will I confess to her?" - Yuju.



 YO! I'm back with a One-Shot! And as to why I didn't just put it on my other one. That I don't know, cuz I just feel like it. Srsly. But this is a SoJu (Sowon x Yuju) ship. Sprinkled with 2Eunbi and a spoonful of Umrin


Yuju talking about her feelings with Yerin and Eunha as the two manage to catch on the younger's feelings with alcohol and few sides. And not just about Yuju's feelings but also about how the other two received their confessions from the two shy and cool maknaes.


If you guys don't know, I have a Gfriend One-shots collection too with various ships that include SinRin, Yumji, WonHa and more! check it out if you guys want to~~

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