Endless Playlist Stories

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A collection of diverse Gfriend ships oneshots. I got the inspiration from my music playlist. 


Hello dear readers, 

I am back this time with a collection of Gfriend oneshots based on my music playlist. That is to say that I am writing every story according to one particular song. Just like the music, the stories genres are diverse. About the ships, I am familiar with certain Gfriend ships but who knows maybe I will try others? Normally it is only Gfriend ships based but if I try other groups then it will only be bts x Gfriend stories (and again only certain ships). 

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy it. 

PS: This stories collection is a side project as I am still working on my upcoming new big project (a bts x Gfriend story). So I will upload it from time to time. So far, I don't do request but this can change in the future. 

EDIT: I decided that this collection will be my main project since it explores many Gfriend ships/genres (and thus I can make up for the lack of Gfriend stories nowadays)  and my current side project is rather a Gfriend Full story "The Soul's Voices"


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