Planning to write a one-shot story. Which couple should I featured in the story?

  • Red Velvet's Irene & Wendy
  • Itzy's Yeji & Ryujin
  • Gfriend's Sowon and Eunha

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  • Forever - Completed.
  • Love & Wolves - Completed.
  • Navillera - Completed.
  • Peaceful Day at Red Velvet House - Completed.
  • Me or a Plane - Ongoing.
  • Enemies, Friends, Lovers - Ongoing.
  • Forever: EP 2 - Completed.
  • The Stone of Aiden - Ongoing.
  • 7 minutes in Heaven - Ongoing.
  • Save Your Tears - Ongoing.
  • The DEVIL in Me - Ongoing.

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