Shards of Us

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In a blink of an eye, Oh Sehun left her standing on the top of his building. In return she vowed revenge, and so she gave up everything for his very own brother, but along the way she shattered her own pride. Kim Hana, successor of Kim Cooperation, was born into a battle she didn't know if she wanted to fight anymore. A silver spoon meant more than just wealth, but corruption and greed. She happened to play both very well in her hands when she forced herself into Byun Baekhyun’s life. 


"Was it worth it? Was destroying me really that important to you?"


This is written purely for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to any other stories are purely coincidental and unintentional. Please do not plagiarize Shards of Us. Copying in whole or even in part is still plagiarism. It takes the fun out of everything and ruins things for me and my readers.

Only characters I own are Kim Hana all other OCs.

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xoxo_seora_yoo 0 points #1
Chapter 7: Oohhhh~ It was a good update any way!!! Thank you for updating!
azskmee 0 points #2
Chapter 7: Im okay with both version xx
175 streak 0 points #3
Chapter 6: I actually like both versions but I chose revamped because I don't think Jongin appeared much in the original. I'm also going to agree with saywhuuut about Jongin getting punched, that's just wrong since he helped Hana while Baekhyun didn't reach out to help her. But I do wonder if Sehun is just acting with his date just to get Hana jealous. Is the stomach pain Hana important, like does it relate to how she used to be pregnant?
Hana marrying Baekhyun to get back at Sehun is kind of similar to the typical revenge scheme people go through. They go after the enemy's loved ones but fall in love which screws up their revenge plans so they're stuck wondering what is more important to them.
saywhuuut 0 points #4
Chapter 7: wow that was a rollercoaster of emotions
....also that punch towards jongin was completely unnecessary baek;__; I enjoyed this update! Keep going♡♡♡♡♡
xBDKo62 0 points #5
Chapter 6: I don't even know what to say. I'm so shook rn T.T
Jhilmilp 0 points #6
Chapter 6: I like that there is no innocent character. Everyone did something wrong which makes it more realistic
55 streak 0 points #7
Chapter 7: She is stupid for dragging other in her picture of misery. So I see, she wants to cover up her pregnancy with arrange a marriage for herself and Baekhyun because Sehun is breaking up with her. If I were Baekhyun, I will also can't find myself loving this wife no matter how long the time we'd spent together. Because they started it wrong. It's not about arranged marriage, it's about you using "innocent" people to cover up your sin and act like nothing had ever happened. She used him, how could a man with a huge pride like him ever forgot that fact? It hurts his pride more than his feelings and a man with a broken pride is way more cold blooded than a man with broken heart. I guess. Omg.... I don't know what into me, but I really didn't agree with Hana's doing right now. She is destroyed and dragged Baekhyun into her broken picture, hoping he will fix the mess without even care whether he could get hurt by it or not. Just like a spoiled brat she is, Hana is not innocent to me
0 points #8
Chapter 7: What's that smirk about, Jongin ?
I smell something fishy, aside of Sehun ofcourse.
Weeps, I'm waiting to see how the story is going. Actually, this is so close to reality, people (stupid one) can be as dumb as hana when they blindly in love with someone, and when she is with someone else, she couldn't lie but to seek hopes from Sehun. Wondering whether Sehun might already changed or could treat her better than Baekhyun. Maybe not better, but not worse than Baekhyun does.
While Minji, I'm not sure about her relationship with Baekhyun. It seems that Baekhyun only plays with her?
Hana is a bit hypocrite yeah, but It's still understandable for me. I kinda understand her character because, slight ooc, I once being on her shoes. People in depression wouldn't be able to think straight, like hana did.
Your characters are frustrating in a good way, they have such complicated traits and I'm willing to dig deeper.
This is a complex story and such a heavy..angst.

I love both version, Jongin's appearance gives warmth to us.
I enjoy the story. Please don't be discouraged and keep on writing. I love youuuuuuuu.
Czq0-0 0 points #9
Chapter 7: I think so rare as those moments comes, as precious it is for Hana, someone who doesn’t expect much to really happen in her favour to be rewarded his love, will be hooked when received “bittersweetness” from Baekhyun. Like why they say girls like “bad boys”..(?) push and pull.

But man and pride can’t be separated.