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The Celestials : The Fall

kai and Nara hated each other when they were young, and only to find out they were destined mates when they reunite. How will they react and love? The pack decided to come back together as most of their family got killed. How will they defend their kind?

An Angel for Kyungsoo

Bytheuglypiglet updated
Characterskyungsoo jongin exo joonmyeon
With18 chapters, 8 votes, 66 subscribers, 700 views, 11 comments

“Who are you?” Kyungsoo asked, his mouth against his shoulder.   “Jongin,” he said, as though he should have known that.   “I don’t know any Jongin.” Why wasn’t he struggling to get away? He wondered, even as he leaned against him. Who was it who had been hit by the car, anyway?   “You know me,” he said softly, his hand entangling in his hair. He’d had it swiped back for the awards ceremony tonight, but it had come in down and was now hanging in his f

Romantic Escapades

By_Kaileidoscope updated
CharactersKai, Kyungsoo
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 120 views, 1 comments

You really don't love somebody, until you can't get enough of them.  

Let's play a game of you and I

Bykaidoki updated
With1 chapters, 60 views
Status[M], Completed

A person doesn't stay the same for a long time, they say. Sometimes you just have to wait for that light that's going to change you from head to toe, oh and your heart too.     ; KAISOO | R | Lots of fluff/crack | 7.4k | university!au

고독 (Solitude)

Bymariethekpopaddict updated
Characterskyungsoo, jongin
With11 chapters, 6 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments

Bonjour tout le monde ! Je vous présente ma nouvelle fanfiction qui aura pour pairing principal le Kaisoo ! Ce couple est tiré d’une de mes histoires précédentes, mais il n’est pas nécessaire de la lire pour comprendre la suite des choses.   Voici le lien de cette dernière, il s’agit d’un multi-shot basé sur le hunhan :

Another Day

ByLeeHyemi updated
Characterskai kyungsoo exo members
With2 chapters, 33 subscribers, 210 views, 1 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

When I was in high school. I fell in love for the first time. I can't forget the boy who I fell in love with. I didn't expect that we will see each other again after three years.

The One

Bysweetmelon89 updated
CharactersKai, D.O.,*Kaisoo, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Baekyeol, other appearances
With14 chapters, 10 votes, 338 subscribers, 4250 views, 58 comments
Status[M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

                  Kyungsoo and Kai were trying to catch their breaths after their second round of . Kyungsoo was mostly in a daze because he couldn’t get over the fact that his cute, pouty-faced boyfriend, who blushes even at the littlest touches or compliments, begged—more like demanded—that he ‘shove your up my .’ He can still remember how Kai w

His Heart Beats for Me

Byjae123 updated
CharactersJongin, Kyungsoo
With3 chapters, 28 subscribers, 330 views, 3 comments

            Kyungsoo could feel the mist of the waterfall prickling against his skin, the sound of the water splashing against the jagged rocks when the blood begins trickling down the side of his face. The entire event was a blur, a sudden flash before his eyes. He can’t remember how but he found himself sitting on the cobblestones as his eyes, wide with adrenaline and fear stared out at the water. His clothes were torn, the palms of his hands stinging as he clenched onto the broken fragment

Love, Is Not Just A Game!

Bybabypandaboy updated
Characterskai, do, exo member, etc
With1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 30 views

Jongin got dare from his friends, he must tease kyungsoo or maybe if he can he must make kyungsoo fall in love with him too in 3 months Can Jongin tease Kyungsoo in 3 months? Can Jongin make Kyungsoo fall in love with him in 3 months? Will there be love between two of them? Will the love between two of them growing just because stupid games?

The White

BySillence updated
CharactersDo Kyungsoo | Kim Jongin | Kim Kai
With16 chapters, 28 votes, 452 subscribers, 6070 views, 84 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Sometimes you need to show emotions, so they think you have feelings like pity, guilt, sadness and happiness in your life but Do Kyungsoo has tried and failed.    

Bruises and Bandaids

BySaranghaeKPOP302 updated
CharactersKwon EunJi Kwon JiHyun Kwon JinSu Do Kyungsoo Kim Jongin Krystal
With11 chapters, 6 votes, 197 subscribers, 1660 views, 12 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

EunJi was just a little girl when it all started, her mother and father constantly arguing and fighting. Until one day her father, JiHyun decided it was enough. He took EunJi away and left her mother to die. EunJi becomes older and wiser as she meets her best friend Do Kyungsoo, he shows her the positives of life and that you must live life to the fullest, until EunJi meets a special person who will turn her life back to the way it used to be, nothing but bruises and bandaids...  


Byexoplosions updated
With21 chapters, 241 votes, 2033 subscribers, 46360 views, 866 comments
Status[M], Completed, Subscribers Only

  What can I do when that one person I'm yearning solace from the most, is the one who's causing me pain? How can I want so desperately for him to wrap me up in his arms but also want so much for him to leave me alone?  


Bynotsospatial updated
Characterskai, kyungsoo, kris, suho, baekhyun, luhan
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 36 subscribers, 190 views, 7 comments

Muggle-born Jongin battles his shyness after transferring to Hogwarts, and draws the attention of aloof Slytherin prefect Kyungsoo, who finds that perhaps glory and power are not the greatest prize after all.   


Byfanfictionist updated
CharactersDo Kyungsoo | Kim Jongin
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 35 subscribers, 250 views, 2 comments

"we're not normal, kyungsoo" jongin cups his boyfriend's cheeks "but we're the same," he continues "we're together.

Isn't This Right?

Bydyossert updated
CharactersKyungsoo ; Jongin ; Taemin
With1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views, 1 comments
Status[M], Completed

"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be." If love was meant to come back, Jongin assumes everything will come to him, he's made mistakes but sometimes he can't  wrap his finger around how certain mistakes are worse than others 

If You Tell Me You Love Me, I'll Run Away [may be changed in the future]

Bylubaekhug updated
CharactersKyungsoo, Missy; OC
With4 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 250 views, 4 comments

    You, Miso/Missy, a twenty one year old in particular, finds being a hostess at a club an inconvenient hindrance. It’s not that you don’t like your job. It’s a relaxed and entertaining job however, unreasonable and depressing. It doesn’t pay well, but that doesn’t bother you especially since there’s this regula

You're only mine!

ByKaisooisadorablexhot updated
CharactersKyungsoo, Jongin, Sehun
With4 chapters, 4 votes, 168 subscribers, 1050 views, 10 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

It's a two shots fics! I decided to write it out on what happened in my dream before!  Well I changed some part of it to make it more interesting!  A ty fics about Kyungsoo, Jongin and Kyungsoo where trouble happened while they're having their vacation in Sehun's chalet where his family bought for him as a gift for the Age Day. Do subscribe! Jongin not gonna let his baby being touch by Sehun! Anticipate for the chapters coming!!♡ Thank you!!

Knuckling Under

Bytangledskies updated
CharactersKyungsoo | Jongin | Sehun | Joonmyeon
With1 chapters, 32 votes, 109 subscribers, 1810 views, 15 comments
Status[M], Completed

In a world filled with fierce alphas and fragile omegas, poor betas like Jongin has no real status to live up to. But maybe a certain omega doesn’t really mind that.

Date with an angel

ByLadyTickleBack updated
CharactersKai/Jongin, Kyungsoo, other members of EXO
With59 chapters, 10 votes, 3380 views, 33 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

"Heartaches and abstinenses have that in common, that you can die from them," I say as I blow the steam away from my tea. Wu Yifan thinks again. I actually don't want to know, what he figures out, so I quickly ask him: "If this was a movie, which song should be the first soundtrack?"   Three boys are spending time in the streets of Seoul with a huge addiction. Jongin is seing the worlds as a move, he creates, but is at the same time a labyrinth he gets lost in. One n

That's my Kyungie!!! And That's My Baekkie!!!

ByKyungsoo28143 updated
CharactersKyungsoo, Baekhyun, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Luhan, Chen, Xuimin, Lay, Suho, Kris, Tao
With20 chapters, 7 votes, 110 subscribers, 3660 views, 27 comments

  When two friends, Do KyungSoo and Byun Baekhyun, found themselves in a time when their feelings for each other are overpowering them. Only one friend from the past, Kim Jongin, finds a way to break up this relationship to its end. Mainly Jongin's pupose is to get the love of his life, Kyungsoo. What happens when Baekhyun is left out? That's where this old friend Park Chanyeol comes in. Will the love of Kyungie and Baekkie prevail?

No one's here.

CharactersDo Kyungsoo, Park Chanyeol.
With1 chapters, 19 subscribers, 450 views, 5 comments
Status[M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Kyungsoo is in a relationship with Jongin. Chanyeol is in a relationship with Baekhyun. But............. Kyungsoo and Chanyeol were attracted to each other in a ual way...... Both fantasizes the other...   Wh


Bynot_me updated
CharactersKim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo
With39 chapters, 89 votes, 603 subscribers, 22440 views, 584 comments

Kim Jongin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to live a pretty boring life of no serious commitments. He gets in his car driven by his personal driver to and from school and everywhere he wants to go, attend classes, talk to friends and on weekends go to clubs and parties and probably get laid if he wants to. It had been a routine since he entered high school and now he's a senior but maybe meeting his new college student personal driver would change his boring routine. Maybe, just may


ByFrostBite_900326 updated
CharactersDo Kyungsoo and Yoon Sarang (OC)
With2 chapters, 2 subscribers, 30 views

  I have been meaning to write this story idea for angst and now the urge has let itself out. My other story is still ongoing and I will still update that but in the meantime, I feel strongly in writing this angst story idea. Enjoy :)   Kate x

Hidden Truth

Bycupcaking updated
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 22 subscribers, 90 views, 4 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Jung Mina is a girl who forgets her memory at the age of 12. She recalls nothing until she meets a certain someone who helps her regain her memory back. He claims that he’s known her and her family for a long time but she is skeptical of him. He tells her all that he can and she star

Dead Wayfarers

ByKaihleeLo updated
CharactersYoo Seungho, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Jun Gyu, Lee Hyori, CL, Bang Yongguk, Zelo, and more Idols will come in later (OC)
With20 chapters, 4 votes, 15 subscribers, 260 views, 35 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

A zombie apocalypse broke out in North Korea for unknown causes;

Your Destiny

Bybbhbyunnie updated
With6 chapters, 4 votes, 267 subscribers, 2270 views, 17 comments
Status[M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Baekhyun >> The Sassy Diva but kind hearted >> Arranged marriage with Chanyeol >> stubborn Chanyeol >> Heartless >> Fall in love with Kyungsoo >> Arranged marriage with Baekhyun Kyungsoo >> kind hearted >> Fall in love with Chanyeol >> work at the bookstore