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Junmoney [Complete]

by gaytan updated on
Tags: comedy money exo humor crack suho junmyeon
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 18 | Subscribers: 152 | Views: 4490 | Comments: 55 |

"My name is Junmyeon. Wait, scratch that. My name is Junmoney."... Read More


by RichnessRP updated on
Tags: money roleplay twitter
Chapters: 3 | Views: 100 |

Gathering all the riches out there!! ... Read More

❝ the bling ring ❞ ↷ apply now [Subscribers Only]

by -katherine updated on
Tags: apply drama money crack applyfic stealing
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 5 | Comments: 2 |

... Read More

Someone To Save You

by chickdancer15 updated on
Tags: angst drama leeteuk money you
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 22 | Views: 3100 | Comments: 26 |

Shin Hyun Ae was single mother of two kids, ... Read More


by dreamer_kid08 updated on
Tags: money love child deals
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 9 |

Whatever our souls are made of, he and mine are the same by Emily Bronte (quote) Chung-ae is pregnant and she knows th... Read More

Paid Lies

by xloretta updated on
Tags: choiseunghyun lies money top fake
Chapters: 8 | Subscribers: 15 | Views: 330 | Comments: 11 |

In the world of entertainment, paparazzi are sharing your good moments, and earning money off of you, but what really rakes in the dough is some scandals. Poor T.O.P has been caught in the middle... Read More

White C o n f e s s i o n Bank ♥ Under CO.

by _GwiyeounHara_ updated on
Tags: money
Chapters: 2 | Subscribers: 11 | Views: 180 |

T... Read More

Sexy sensei [Complete]

by gotgo001 updated on
Tags: drama money teacher
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 470 |

*Sensei handsome guy that ready to destroy all the girls heart in anytime. The whining girl need to be prepare!    *sensei mean Teacher ... Read More

Our Marriage Sounds Like Heaven But It Is More To Hell

by Anis_Yusman updated on
Tags: money rich marriage hyunaleejun hyunaxleejoon gossips
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 5 | Views: 250 | Comments: 1 |

~Money$$ and... Read More

Money Can Buy Love, Right?

by SekshiPanda updated on
Tags: chunji drama ljoe money teentop trust
Chapters: 12 | Subscribers: 37 | Views: 1240 | Comments: 26 |

... Read More

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