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Hello Exo

Bycharliechanakan published
Charactersexo ot12
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  Hello baby is back, and the Exo members finally get to try their hands at taking care of their very own baby.... Bless their souls. 

BTS' Hello Baby!!

ByIlovekpop published
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 "You guys know the show 'Hello Baby'?? The show you guys wanted to be on?" Their manager starts, catching their attention. "NE!" They replied, "You guys will have Hello Baby!" Their manager beamed, "Are you serious?!" J-hope ask in happiness, "But it depends on the deal they gave us..." Their manager said. "What is it?" Suga asks, "So every week you will have 4 babies, you will be split into groups, but one of you get to take care of a baby by yourself as the king!" the manager said.

Hello Baby!

Byfyeungyaa published
CharactersEXO | Red Velvet
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"So, are you going to accept the deal? The filming will start on the next two weeks." Hello Baby PD asked the EXO members. It's going to be fun, right? "Yes. We accept it." Leader Suho said after Sehun coded him to answers yes.

〈 HELLO FAMILY ♡ 〉— kbs new reality tv show // apply closed!

Bykpopdazed published
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One Two Three I Found You

ByCrazyLuv published
CharactersSHINee and Yoogeun
With2 chapters, 20 views, 2 comments

SHINee are playing hide and seek with Yoogeun. Can SHINee appa's find him?

Hello Baby Exo

Byexonese published
CharactersExo Leon Minhwan Eunmi
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 46 subscribers, 1010 views, 10 comments

in which Exo finally stars in hello baby     The three devils angels:    

❤ ♡ HELLO FAMILY (KBS's new variety show) || Apply Open ♡ ❤↵

Bykiyohyo published
Charactersyou, chosen idols, chosen kids
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Bylittlevampire published
Charactersexo gogi lea erynn chandoo and some idols
With1 chapters, 2 comments

        MY appa !!  ' we cant stand with them, they are like a ' ' except l

Hello Baby: VIXX Edition!

Bymitanime published
Charactersall of vixx (N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, & Hyuk) and OCs
With4 chapters, 1 votes, 36 subscribers, 730 views, 15 comments

20 year old Emma has lived in Korea for the past 6 years do to the fact that her father was transferred because of his work. She made many friends through the years, but when she entered college, she only really stayed in touch her best friend and housemate, Youngwoo. The two had sa

"Babies Aren't My Style."

ByJlugo24 published
CharactersKris, EXO-M, and at least two OC's
With3 votes, 5 comments

Whenever Kris wants to get out of something, he simply says "That's not my style." Well what happens when EXO is going to air on Hello Baby? And what if babies... aren't exactly Kris's style...?  

✖ LOVEBABY — EXO'S HELLO BABY┊applicants have been chosen! check chapter 3!

Bypetited published
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    ♥ BABY

exo hello baby

Bylillypad published
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So exo is rumored to be on hello baby for season 8. I think that it would be cool for exo to be on hello baby. My favorite season was the one with MBLAQ( joon was my favorite dad) how many kids would exo get? MBLAQ is a five member group and got 3 kids so how many would exo get? I'm really looking foreword to it. 

"Excited Meeting !! "

ByDeer07 published
CharactersLee Hye Ri and exo group :)
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Hello Baby: SNSD

Bygreginei published
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Hwang Tiffany, Seo Joohyun, Im Yoona, Kwon Yuri, Jung Jessica, Choi Sooyoung, Lee Sunny, Kim Hyoyeon, Hana (OC)
With4 chapters, 18 votes, 268 subscribers, 3040 views, 23 comments
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The girls missed Kyungsan,the oh-so-cute-and-pretty baby, even if it is three years after their last meeting. Now, they are given another chance to take care of another kid. One more chance to experience the feeling of being mothers once again. Three more months or exceeding that. A whole new story of Hello Baby.

(New Version )Tixity JYP New Girl Group! We Got A Special Family! (KBS MBC New Show!) Apply open

ByCellineYasmine published
CharactersExo teen top infinite Ocs JYP
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There's Alot Of Group Want To Go To Hello Baby Or We Got Married But How Do You React If There's A New 12 Girl Group Are Goin To We Got Married And Hello Baby With There Sunbaenim Exo? 12 New Girl Group of JYP It's Called Tixity Tixity B Stand's For BadGirls And Tixity CM stand for Cantonese Members

Happily Ever After... Or Not Quite

BySillieSoozie published
CharactersIlhoon, Hyunsik, BTOB and others
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         Out of the 7 they were the best choice. Two strong characters with totally opposite personalities, fighting for their dreams as they get stuck with a show they thought was innocent. But they couldn't be more wrong. 

`Our Married Life ↷ MBC's New Reality-Variety Show

Bynirvana- published
Charactersyour oc and their love interest
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Appa, by any chance?

BySUJU_SHINee_13 published
CharactersChoi Minho. Jung Yoogeun. Jung Hei-Ryung [OC/You]
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 11 comments

Yoogeun and Minho were close weren't they? Everyone said they looked alike, very alike. Even personality wise. All of Yoogeun's other appas were jealous of how they bonded. Was it just because Yoogeun preferred to have Minho as an appa compared to the others, or was there another reason? What if there was a hidden secret of Choi Minho that he didn't tell anyone? Just what if? Maybe it was even a secret he himslef didn't know of?

Hello Baby EXO

ByYoungminandI4ever published
CharactersOCs + EXO
With5 chapters, 25 votes, 22 comments
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Dancer Line Vocal Line Rapper Line 12 boys who have yet to grow up.  But what happens if they have to become parents? To abandoned kids?

hello marriage rp! | twitter // open // KRYSTAL WANTS LAUREN LUNDE!!!1!!!! ONLY ACCEPTING MALES AND BABIES FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Byhellomarriagerp published
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hyohyuk + exo hello baby : special hello baby version..

Byhy0ye0nex0 published
With13 chapters, 7 votes, 42 subscribers, 2080 views, 56 comments

introducing .... Hello Baby is a South Korean reality show where celebrities experience parenthood by raising children ages 5 and under. The main purpose is to see whether or not the celebrities make "good" parents. character.. kim hyoyeon :  -dancing Queen of girl generation (snsd) . of course u know about her right.. keke..

Kids Decide! - You are my Umma and Appa!

ByShiritsu published
With6 chapters, 7 votes, 56 comments

We all know the extremely popular and known shows 'We Got Married', 'Hello Baby' and the one, which had

Hello Baby Go Go Go Competition - EXO Addition (need more applicants!)

Bymayhuang published
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웃 유 ┆ We Got a Family — MBC's Newest Variety Show

Byooyu_cha published
Characters( apply open )
With5 chapters, 3 votes, 7 comments

What happens when the two hyungs turn into babies

Byredbloodburns published
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just me imagine what would be like when exo filmed hello baby when their two hyung turned into babies too... hyunseung would appear at chap 4 and the rest of the fic xiuhan tag cause hey xiuhan turn into kids and luhan don't ever want to let go of Baozi