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Taming of the 22nd Floor Screwball

Taehyung lives below a woman with curious tendencies; hijinks ensue.


By daphne312 Updated
Characters EXO - K & A pink (other kpop idols through the whole story.)
With 12 chapters, 2 votes, 21 subscribers, 740 views, 17 comments

EXO and A Pink were suppose to collaborate for a performance when an unexpected event happened. Zombies. They need to survive through this apocalypse and live their lives normally. But how? Read the fanfic for more thrill and exciting things to see/read.


By SongAhRa Updated
Characters Park Chorong, Kim Suho, Jung Eunji, Park Chanyeol, Krystal Jung
With 11 chapters, 2 votes, 102 subscribers, 1110 views, 15 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Have you fallen in love? How about you first love? Did you have experience about fall in love at the first sight? Do you have crush? Have you ever broken heart because your crush have girlfriend? Park Chorong experienced all of those in one time. She met Kim Suho and fall in love at the first time and at the first sight. Then she knew that Kim Suho has girlfriend. She was Krystal, the popular and beautiful girl. But, she didn’t give up easily. She beli

Criminal Act - The Story

By minifantasy Updated
Characters Namjoo, Chorong, Suho, Sehun
With 7 chapters, 3 votes, 20 subscribers, 590 views

When Namjoo regains her memory she calls Park Chorong to aid her in the search for missing friend Kim Joonmyun. Armed with her own agenda, Chorong leads Namjoo to Land's End Haenam where Joonmyun has been hiding. The first hunt begins when Namjoo leaves home and Agent Oh Sehun, whose been playing as her husband for a year, goes in search of her under the light of his own mission. With no one to trust both Joonmyun and Namjoo fall back in danger when the feds, a triad of drug dealers, and a ki

More Than Words

By stateofrai Updated
Characters Apink, Exo, BTS, Vixx, Btob, B.A.P., B1A4, Infinite, Got7, etc.
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 1310 views, 6 comments
Status Completed

Strange words, less strange stories.  

Blue Coffee

By stateofrai Updated
Characters Park Chorong, Kim Taehyung, Wu Yifan, Kim Taeyeon, Byun Baekhyun, Jung Eunji, Kim Namjoo
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 63 subscribers, 880 views, 16 comments
Status Subscribers Only

If one thing was certain in her life, it would be that guy who's a constant in her daily problems. Blue coffee depicts the melancholy and heartbreak of Park Chorong.    

Wanna Be

By dimplepurple Updated
Characters Yoon Bomi and Do Kyungsoo
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 120 views, 4 comments

I wanna be love love for you Oh my boo, I keep seeing you Baby yoo hoo hoo, I’m only thinking about you Baby, I want to call you my baby yeah If you are by my side, if you are by my side Wanna Call Yo

Seventh Floor Boys

By nicorobin Updated
Characters Bomi, Eunji, Minseok, Junmyeon, Jongdae, Jongin
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 76 subscribers, 950 views, 10 comments

  The pair of best friends Bomi and Eunji decide to move to a new apartment together, and like the other tenants, they are charmed by the polite, good-hearted, devilishly handsome men on floor seven. But nothing is ever as it seems, and they find out more about their neighbors on their visit to the club downtown. . .

First - My Love

By ohsehunhayoung Updated
Characters main sehun hayoung ; chorong suho bomi baekhyun eunji chanyeol naeun kai namjoo chen
With 18 chapters, 3 votes, 3390 views, 24 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

"The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly, but will it even last forever?"

The Girl Next Door

By lovelymemories Updated
Characters Myungsoo♡Naeun♡Kai
With 1 chapters, 15 subscribers, 280 views, 3 comments

    She was a girl who moved to her new house, which her neighbors are two handsome, young boys.    


By DiceyPanda Updated
Characters EXO & APINK
With 5 chapters, 9 votes, 69 subscribers, 1220 views, 31 comments

  Once there was a key that was kept hidden in a bottle inside an old cabin. No one knew when the owners come back No one knew if they ever will. One day a wildfire burned the cabin down Burning every piece of it into ashes. No one even cared for it. But under

Fairytale Love: The Little Mermaid

By DiceyPanda Updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Jung Eunji, EXO, Apink
With 13 chapters, 18 votes, 95 subscribers, 3260 views, 63 comments

Baekhyun was a boy who lived with the sea almost all his life.   He was one of those few who have witnessed the mystical creature of the sea.  

Next To You

By ohyexopink73 Updated
Characters Apink Yoon Bomi and EXO Park Chanyeol
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 35 subscribers, 310 views, 9 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Best friends since forever. Bomi is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has never short of everything while Chanyeol only a son of Yoon's family lawyer who live next to her house. Bomi like partying but Chanyeol prefer to reading book. In her teens life, Bomi started an adventure in search for true love when in fact the true love she was looking for actually is right next to her.

The Language of Flowers [REQUESTS CLOSED]

By bbybear Updated
Characters EXO & APINK
With 62 chapters, 40 votes, 362 subscribers, 11750 views, 310 comments
Status Completed

Roses? Who needs roses when there are thousands of other flowers out there to express your feelings? What happens when you let a little bit of nature come into your life?    

Tell Me, What Is Love?

By sonhaera Updated
With 4 chapters, 10 votes, 44 subscribers, 830 views, 10 comments

What will happen when two persons who didn't know a single thing about love was forced to marry each other? Can they find the happiness in their marriage? Can they tolerate with each other well? But the most important thing was, will their marriage survives till the end? As we all know, marriage is not a simple thing — pure love needs to occur in the marriage. But it's not impossible at all. It's not impossible that they can fin

Her Mr. Guardian

By changters Updated
With 11 chapters, 8 votes, 83 subscribers, 2990 views, 54 comments

When two persons are tied by an arrange marriage, what could happen to them.  Protection is what she needs and what he has to give

Match made in heaven

By kimnalee Updated
Characters Yoon Bomi , Byun Baekhyun
With 13 chapters, 10 votes, 165 subscribers, 2520 views, 53 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Story of a girl who dreams of marrying someone she loves and doesn't believe in arranged marriages. She feels that arranged marriages are nothing but sacrificing our wishes and dreams but her parents fix her marriage with an unknown guy. She escapes from it with a hope to fall in love and marry someone. Will her dream be fulfilled ? Will she marry the one she loves? 


By by9293bb Updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Yoon Bomi, and other Exopink couple
With 24 chapters, 7 votes, 225 subscribers, 3720 views, 52 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When their eyes met at his concert, EXO's Byun Baekhyun fall in love at the first sight with a commoner girl name Yoon Bomi.   

Marriage Contract

By CherryKaiEun Updated
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 61 subscribers, 1250 views, 24 comments

  “You like me, don’t you?”  

Blind Date

By ohyexopink73 Updated
Characters Apink Chorong and EXO Suho
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 89 subscribers, 850 views, 10 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control." - Jane Austen Chorong staring the ceiling, her tears keep falling on her cheeks, darkness was fulfill all the side of her room. She lost the love that she believe it would be last forever.  

Cupid of love

By kimnalee Updated
Characters Do kyungsoo, kim namjoo, kyungjoo exopink
With 13 chapters, 5 votes, 106 subscribers, 1920 views, 33 comments
Status Subscribers Only

A guy and a girl hate each other. They always fight and were nick named as Tom and Jerry by their classmates but one day a cute cupid came into their lives and love blossomed between the two. Story of how a relationship changed from hate to love between two people and also find out who this cupid of love is.

There's a Chance

By cherry_on_top Updated
Characters Suho, Eunji, exo, apink
With 30 chapters, 13 votes, 8110 views, 254 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

“I don’t like her.” “She’s pretty tall.” “Not my type.”


By Mino_Candy Updated
Characters Suho & Eunji
With 20 subscribers, 180 views
Status Subscribers Only

When different people with different personalities become a seatmate.....   Will they feel a sparks of love between them ?   or they just will stay as a a

Spring Love

By EXOstan1288 Updated
Characters Chanyeol, Eunji
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 43 subscribers, 810 views, 14 comments
Status Completed

Jung Eunji is scared to fall, while Park Chanyeol has his arms wide open to catch her.  

Jung Eunji Short Stories Collection~

By pandainpink Updated
Characters Jung Eunji, Kris, Sunggyu, Bang Yongguk, Baekhyun, Doojoon, Leo, Hoya, Suga, Minhyuk, KangSeungyoon, Zico, Mino, Minhyuk, Chen, Chanyeol, Suho,others
With 58 chapters, 28 votes, 584 subscribers, 18840 views, 352 comments
Status Subscribers Only

        This is the collection of short stories of Jung Eunji with different people :) Click below for directly going to the story you want!

Angel of Death

By Inspirit_97 Updated
Characters Oh Hayoung, Kim Minseok, Oh Sehun , Hong Yookyung , Kim Suho, Luhan
With 30 chapters, 14 votes, 66 comments

Title: Angel of Death ( A.o.D) Genre: horror, romance Status: on-going   Have you heard a legend of the death angel or it was known as the angel of death? Angel of Death was also being called Seoul’s HellGirl for she only attacks her victim’s in Seoul. For those who never heard of it, let the story begin. Once upon a time, the world was in peace after the world war. However, jealousy and murders are everywhere. One wish, One name.