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Living A Double Life

"I never thought I would be able to live a normal life until he came along. He was the one who saved me and I would do anything for him, even if it means to die."

This is My Arrogant Husband, EXO-K Kai!

By-vatey updated
Characters[You] Yoon Bomi || Kai || Others
With67 chapters, 80 votes, 946 subscribers, 47130 views, 646 comments

[You] Yoon Bomi, 18 years old, a heiress who loves books more than any other things in the world. Why? They just simply made you felt at ease and you just like them like spongebob loves jellyfish, mr krab loves money, sandy loves karates, and squidward loves his clarinet. Living without books equal the end of Yoon Bomi's life.

Babies and Us

Byjxstchanyeol updated
CharactersWu Yi fan , Hayoung , Aleyna Yilmaz , Ye Ziyu
With11 chapters, 4 votes, 74 subscribers, 1120 views, 7 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Wu Yifan and Hayoung are couple marriage at the young age after fall in love almost 4 years ago . And after 1 year Kris married Hayoung , Hayoung get pregnant ! Wu Yifan (25 years old) Choi Hayoung ( 25 years old) (Soon ) Wu Bin Wu Rinp>

ExoPink Oneshot Collection

Byjundaes updated
CharactersEXO and Apink
With54 chapters, 34 votes, 290 subscribers, 25690 views, 328 comments

A collection of oneshots and drabbles featuring Exo and Apink Just because I love exopink <3     Characters:


ByEXO12WOLVES00 updated
Characterschanyeol eunji exo apink
With14 chapters, 23 subscribers, 680 views, 11 comments


L O V E Blossom // ExoPink Drabble

By_noonim updated
Charactersexopink, exo, apink
With13 chapters, 16 votes, 101 subscribers, 3560 views, 93 comments

~ T a b l e

Three Things

Bycherripop updated
Charactersjoonmyun, chorong.
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 comments

I only have three things left: to not cry without you, to not walk alone and to not call your name and look for you even if it hurts.

Rainy Days

By_noonim updated
CharactersSehun, Hayoung
With11 chapters, 6 votes, 93 subscribers, 2220 views, 58 comments

Oh Sehun loved rainy days. No, it was not because the sounds it made when it falling against the windows.

From The Heavy Rain

ByNorseman updated
CharactersBaekhyun, Eunji
With5 chapters, 3 votes, 83 subscribers, 770 views, 10 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

  From The Heavy Rain . I like her, but does she likes me back?


BySandyboo updated
With12 chapters, 6 votes, 860 views, 36 comments

A newbie sergeant who has to handle a case which is more likely a mission. Or more likely MISSION IMPOSIBLE.  To rejects the case, feels guilty and scared at the same time with his leader. But to accept the case, it will be a months of hell. Will his "work comes first" helps him...    Kai nervously checks the details. After the long silence, he spoke out " but sir, i don't sure if i can handle this case" he looked worried. This is his first case after his


Bypiggybank0102 updated
CharactersKyungsoo, Bomi, the rest of EXO and A Pink
With13 chapters, 10 votes, 50 subscribers, 2090 views, 66 comments

Two girls are living in their own lives     However, they finally find each other in incindental event     How if their lives have to be entangled?      Ho

Hello Baby(EXOPINK)❤

ByMarshaarsha_ updated
CharactersEXO & APINK
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 98 subscribers, 570 views, 21 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

6 Members of EXO will be choose to join a variety show called Hello Baby,meanwhile Apink members will join the variety show too so they have to live together caring 3 babies,so will they ready to handle this fussy babies? check this out!! ❦ 

My LOVE , My ENEMY ???

Bykpoplism updated
CharactersExo Apink
With19 chapters, 9 votes, 113 subscribers, 2860 views, 33 comments

"I like teasing and annoying her" - luhan  "I hate that annoying idiot , and all the stupid things that can describe him." - choron

Never Did, Never Will

Byphotographs updated
CharactersChorong | Luhan
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments

To him, he was the brightest among the stars. And she liked him. She liked him a lot.

Around The Corner

ByKyotae updated
CharactersYoon Bomi, Byun Baekhyun, Apink, EXO-K and others
With25 chapters, 27 votes, 146 subscribers, 78 comments

Byun Baekhyun's world crashes to ground 0 at the news of his dating scandal, but his rabid fans only know half of the story, the half that doesn't involve Yoon Bomi. When Baekhyun becomes a fixed member alongside her on Weekly Idol, his intentions might change. But idol relationships don't come without a price. Once again, he will be forced to give up thousands of jealous fans. And she wil

Lost in the Woods

ByDiceyPanda updated
CharactersOh Sehun | Oh Hayoung
With2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 220 views, 3 comments

Sehun got lost in the woods during their camping, but he's not alone. Because he met another lost kid in the forest, the girl with the bunny plushie, Hayoung              

The Wood Elves

Bystoryteller1101 updated
CharactersEunji Suho
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

A short story about Suho and Eunji, two Wood Elves who go on a walk through the forest. They end up in a place so magical, enchanting and beautiful that she can't help but fall in love with him all over again.


ByDiceyPanda updated
CharactersByun Baekhyun, Jung Eunji, Park Chanyeol, Yoon Bomi
With12 chapters, 4 votes, 75 subscribers, 2320 views, 54 comments

THE LETTER L   Because the letter L can stand for different words.  It can mean as the heartwarming feeling of being in LOVE, bu


Byseyoung123 updated
With7 chapters, 39 subscribers, 1150 views, 6 comments

Oh Hayoung (18) - 1st year of College  - Her parents owned a chicken restaurant. - She is not living in poverty nor rich. Oh Sehun (19) - 2nd year of College - His parents owned the biggest amusement park and owned an island in Sweden. - Due to the loss of money from the deception of insurance they need money to maintain their    amusement park. So, Sehun was forced to be engaged to Suzy. Bae Suzy (18) - Was Oh Ha


Bynicorobin updated
CharactersHayoung, Sehun, Jongin, Hyeri, Naeun
With5 chapters, 20 votes, 124 subscribers, 2580 views, 70 comments

  In the school where Kim Jongin was the golden boy, everybody hated to love Lee Hyeri while they loved to hate Son Naeun. Then there's Oh Hayoung, the first year who blended perfectly among her peers, until one night the jack-of-all-trades Oh Sehun told her to say yes. And it's not a confession.   ***

Nothing's Over : Time Traveler

ByCookiezzz updated
CharactersPark Chanyeol ; Jung Eunji ; Park Jimin ; ((yet to decide))
With8 subscribers, 70 views, 3 comments

Nothing’s over (Nothing’s over) Nothing’s over (Nothing’s over) Nothing’s over, you’re reciting a spell to me You can’t see another guyYou can’t be already like thisIt’s not the end yet,

As Sweet As A Candy

Bysmileymoon updated
StatusSubscribers Only

Xiumin and Chorong have been married for about 2 years and already gained 2 twin childs, who were so naughty and cheeky. The couple always got caught up from their twin babies, who always sneak silently into their bed when their making out. What will happen, if the twins knows their parents hired them a babysitters? Who will be the babysitters? What will the twins do? And what will their parents react?

Deceit & Love

Bystoryteller1101 updated
CharactersEunji Kai Kaiji
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 4 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only


The Language of Flowers [REQUESTS CLOSED]

Bybbybear updated
CharactersEXO & APINK
With62 chapters, 32 votes, 319 subscribers, 8210 views, 291 comments

Roses? Who needs roses when there are thousands of other flowers out there to express your feelings? What happens when you let a little bit of nature come into your life?    

The Heartbreak Sessions

Bybbybear updated
CharactersOh Sehun & Oh Hayoung
With26 chapters, 47 votes, 545 subscribers, 9130 views, 240 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Like cookie crumbs, the pieces of Hayoung’s broken heart all lead back to him.

No Ordinary Cat

Bystoryteller1101 updated
Characterseunji baekhyun baekjicouple cat shapeshifter
With1 chapters, 6 votes, 7 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

At night I watch her sleep, if only I could touch her. She stirs, her voice calling out the weak remnants of a dream, and then she opens her eyes, and I am a cat once more.