Help Me! I Can't Remember 'Em!

This is a Yulsic fic that I had read quite a while ago. The problem is I can't remember if I had read it here or on Soshified. 


The Jungs family was going to have their annual family reunion. Usually, they would have a little family get together before going to the reunion. Suffice to say, like at any family reunion, the ladies of the house like to show off their daughters or their son-in-laws and compare them to the other ladies. At the previous get together, the talk had strayed to Jessica and her lack of partner. Well, her parents (or in this case, her mother) gave her an ultimatum; find herself a partner, or she will find one for her. To get her mother off her back she had been telling her that she already had a partner and even described this boyfriend. It has now come back to bite her in the because her parents had demanded her bring said boyfriend to the get together.

It's not like she can just show up with said boyfriend when said boyfriend doesnt exist in the first place. Jessica and friend came up with a brilliant idea. Why not put it out on an ad? The pretend boyfriend will have to fit the description she had already given to her mother. Said description were: tall, dark, handsome, a doctor. After multiple interviews, they concluded that Jessica was never going to find a man who hit all those marks. That was until Yuri walked in. Only problem was, Yuri was a female, and that Yuri hadn't known she was there for a "pretend to be my boyfriend" interview. In fact, Yuri had thought she was there interviewing Jessica for a position.


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Chapter 12: Shoot!! I was thinking I haven't read the last TaeNy fic you mentioned and was about to comment then, I remembered that I did read about it!!!!! It's definitely a short one but I'm not sure if it's part of multi shot fics or a single fic. Dang ittttt. Now it's stuck in my mind and I have to reread it. I'll definitely post the link here when I found it, haha.
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Chapter 12: i would also like to read it along with you, so pls if any one knows this kindly post the link or even the title
Gaejihyo815 #3
Chapter 12: I would love to read chap 12, if anyone finds it
reveluv316 755 streak #4
Chapter 1: sounds interesting
Jayzxn #5
Chapter 11: Ohh I never actually read the last one part 1 did anyone send you the title yet for that one
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Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - i think the title is Let Us Pretend! by Bluppy. I read that on SSF back then and it's still not completed.
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