Help Me! I Can't Remember 'Em!

this is a short story (might have been a one-shot) i read a couple of years ago. i recalled it a few days ago and was searching for it ever since. Unfortunately, i did not subscribe or bookmark it.


so in this story, taeyeon is a police officer while tiffany is a popular singer. the two met a a club and had a one night stand. tiffany tried to sneak out early in the morning and if i recall correctly it was becuase she had a schedule to get to, but got caught by taeyeon. taeyeon is a workaholic and the only thing on her mind is work and cases so she did not know that the woman she had spent the night with was the tiffany hwang.

their second run in was at the club once again where they hooked up and had another one night stand. they swapped contact so that if either felt lonley and needed a fixing, they would contact the other. they would meet up every once in a while and have s*x, and bippity boppity boo, feelings grew and they became more than just s** buddies. they were something but never really put a label to it.

taeyeon was working a drug smuggling case or some other nefarious crime. she and her partner were staking out a club where the smuggling was a happening. things escalated and they became involve in a shoot out. taeyeon got shot. 

tiffany was in her make up room, getting ready for a shoot, when she saw on the news about the shoot out and how a police officer was fatally wounded. she dipped and rushed to the hospital where her presence surprised the whole police department who was waiting outside of the surgery room. taeyeon survived and happily ever after...or something like that.




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Chapter 12: Shoot!! I was thinking I haven't read the last TaeNy fic you mentioned and was about to comment then, I remembered that I did read about it!!!!! It's definitely a short one but I'm not sure if it's part of multi shot fics or a single fic. Dang ittttt. Now it's stuck in my mind and I have to reread it. I'll definitely post the link here when I found it, haha.
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Chapter 12: i would also like to read it along with you, so pls if any one knows this kindly post the link or even the title
Gaejihyo815 #3
Chapter 12: I would love to read chap 12, if anyone finds it
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Chapter 1: sounds interesting
Jayzxn #5
Chapter 11: Ohh I never actually read the last one part 1 did anyone send you the title yet for that one
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Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - i think the title is Let Us Pretend! by Bluppy. I read that on SSF back then and it's still not completed.
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