Help Me! I Can't Remember 'Em!

Part I
This is a Kryber fanfic. I've read this elsewhere but saw it on here at one point in time but if I remember correctly, it was taken and put on here without the author's permission. So if anyone could point me to the correct site, that'll be great! This fic is about how Amber's kisses were like good luck charms. And after a small incident where Kryber crashed and accidentally kissed, Krystal found out that if she kisses Amber before her tests she'll definitely pass without her having to actually study. Hence why Krystal chases Amber around trying to kiss the latter. Again, I can't remember where I read this or what it's called. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Part II

This is another Kryber fic (I think). In here, Amber is deaf and Krystal is mute if I'm not mistaken. Because of their impairment, Krystal would always lay on top of Amber just so she could hear Ambers heartbeat. Honestly, I don't remember much about this story. I just remember one (or both) had an impairment. I've looked for quite a while but I just can't seem to find it. 

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Chapter 12: Shoot!! I was thinking I haven't read the last TaeNy fic you mentioned and was about to comment then, I remembered that I did read about it!!!!! It's definitely a short one but I'm not sure if it's part of multi shot fics or a single fic. Dang ittttt. Now it's stuck in my mind and I have to reread it. I'll definitely post the link here when I found it, haha.
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Chapter 12: i would also like to read it along with you, so pls if any one knows this kindly post the link or even the title
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Chapter 12: I would love to read chap 12, if anyone finds it
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Chapter 1: sounds interesting
Jayzxn #5
Chapter 11: Ohh I never actually read the last one part 1 did anyone send you the title yet for that one
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Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - i think the title is Let Us Pretend! by Bluppy. I read that on SSF back then and it's still not completed.
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