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“Amber pleaseeeeee…..” Key begged the boyish girl as she just ignored her friend and continues doing her own things on the computer.


“Just one last time, I promise!” Key almost kneel down on the floor begging the girl but when his left knee drops touching the harden floorboard Amber just couldn’t let her friend do this. So she reached her hand out grabbing onto the boy’s wrist before his right knee drops.


“Alright, this must be the last time and I mean it.” Amber said pulling the almost crying boy up, a smile instantly crept up on Key’s face knowing his friend is soft hearted when it comes to begging and pleading.


“Thank you Amber! This is why you’re my best friend!” Key hugged the boyish girl and said the same sentence every time he needed Amber’s help at his own matching-making business.


“So what is it this time?” Amber pushes the boy away freeing herself from getting squish.  Key straightens himself up and giggled from happiness that the problem is solved.


“I need an extra boy for this speed date, like usual you just have to sit there and make up on the counts.” Key said. He loved the fact that Amber can pass on both being a male and a female. It comes in handy when the speed date event he sets up is missing a person, he can either ask Amber to fill in the space for both gender. But to Amber it’s not just simply filling the space. She had to put on a fake smile and pretend she is actually interested in finding a partner. Key once told her off when she actually was just sitting there to fill the count up. He was saying how it looks bad to his business, downgrading his business image and quality of clients.


“Alright alright just give me the date, time and place. I’ll be there on time.” Amber rolled her eyes, she walk to the kitchen for a drink leaving Key behind.


“7:30pm tonight at Thomas’ Kitchen. I’ve booked a room so just ask for my name.”


“TONIGHT!?” Amber spit out the water that she was drinking onto Key’s pretty face. “Oh I’m busy tonight. I still got an assignment to finish.” Amber put the empty glass down and refuses to go.


“But you promised!” Key panicked, Amber was only the person whom willing to help him when it comes to his matchmaking events. If Amber refuses to go then his company will loses its truth to the customer, and he can’t let that happen.


“Pleaseee….” Key was back to his begging status, already dropping down on one knee and peek at the corner of his eye to see if Amber is going to once again stop him before he drops on his second knee. But this time Amber didn’t, she just went back to her computer and began typing. Key was hesitating whether he should continue his act or not but he did. He knew Amber would soften seeing his knees on the floor.


Key drops his second knee on the floor hugging onto Amber’s legs hoping to get the boyish girl’s attention.  After a few minutes of Key’s continuous begging and whining Amber finally avert her eyes to the poor boy. She saw the tears in his eyes that don’t look fake. She closes her eyes and sighed. Spinning her computer chair to face the boy.


“Alright. I’ll be there. So now can you get up from the floor and wipe those tears away.”


A smile formed on Key’s face, he push himself up and happily plant a kiss on Amber’s cheek. “I love you!” And Amber just disgustingly wipe her face where Key has kissed.




Amber casually wore a pair of jeans, white t-shirt and a black blazer jacket. She was only there to fill in the space and not actually to look for a life partner and attract attentions from the girls. Looking at herself in the mirror one last time because Key will definite yell at her if she didn’t dress properly. When she thinks she looks perfect she grab her car keys heading to the restaurant for the boring event that she was forced to go.


She walks in the restaurant and went to the lady at the desk giving Key’s name. The lady smiled giving Amber a weird look before leading her to a private room. Amber bowed to the lady when she arrived and the lady open the door. Amber step in and the lady close the open and left. Inside in the middle of the room was a long table with six seats on one side.


When Amber entered all eyes are fixed on her, as she was the last one to arrive. She feels that the girls are striping her with their eyes. Amber gave an awkward smile to the girls and sat beside the guy in a business suit. The guy in the business suit was busily pressing the buttons on his phone to even realize somebody sat next to him. Amber felt uncomfortable being stared at the lady sitting opposite.


Amber avoid the eye contact sending from across, she cleared and look somewhere else hoping to be able to find Key to start this awkward event.


The door of the room finally opens and Key walks in greeting everyone.


“Hi everyone as you all knows my name is Key and I welcome everyone to this under 30 speed date event.”


Amber almost want to laugh, definitely some doesn’t look like they are under 30. Key stops his speech and gave Amber a glare telling her to behave. Amber just smile like ‘what are you going to do?’ but she did as what Key want and put up a stern look.


“Let’s start with the introduction then we can freely talk to whoever you are interested in.” Key continued and he gave a gesture for nearest guy to speak.


One by one the guys introduce themselves until it was Amber’s turn who is sitting on the far end of the table.


“Hi I’m… A…J, I’m 25 years old. I’m still studying and I’m working as a part time photographer.” Amber forcefully smiled. She was relief because she almost forgot her male name being used whenever she has to play the guy for the speed date.


Once the guys have introduced themselves it was the girl’s turn.


“I’m Krystal, 24 years old.” The girl said in quite a cold tone and she has a face telling everyone ‘don’t come near me’.


Amber turns her attention to the girl. She was attracted by that unique way of introduction. The girl was very pretty definitely don’t have the need to attend to a speed date to find a partner. All guys would fall into her beauty. Amber’s eyes never leave the young girl and have completely ignored the rest of the introduction.


When everyone did their introduction it was time to freely move around and talk to the ones’ you are interested in. Amber sat still eating the food on the table and was totally not interested in talking.


A girl then approach Amber sitting next to her. “Hi, AJ right?” Amber turn her head to the voice, she wasn’t paying attention to the introduction after Krystal’s so she didn’t know her name.


“Hi.” She said back as she completely forgot her name.


“So you’re a photographer? Must be able to see a lot of pretty models?” The girl tried to start a conversation but all Amber could care was the food.


“I do landscape.” She said that completely shuts the conversation up.


Feeling rejected the girl just walks away to find another guy to talk to. Amber was glad that she didn’t have to deal with the girl. But before she can peacefully eat her food another girl approach her. The girl sat on the same spot that girl no.1 sat on. But girl no.2 closes the distance pulling the chair up close to Amber’s.


“Hi.” The girl flashed her charming smile. But it had no affect on Amber.


“Hi.” Amber said back and went back to the food.


“So I guess you must be really hungry.”


“Sort of. I didn’t have dinner.” Usually people who come to these speed date knowing that they won’t be able to eat. Foods are just there for display because everyone would be busily chattering up to find a partner.


The girl didn’t say anything and caress her hand against Amber’s face, freaking the boyish girl that she almost chock on her meat. She quickly grabs the glass water drinking it all down. She coughed and girl no.2 look very guilty for making the girl suffer.


“I’m sorry.” Girl no.2 apologized. But her hands are not as it continue to caress Amber’s face. Amber tried to avoid and looking around she saw the girl, name Krystal sitting there alone on the couch. She breaks free from girl no.2 and wipes . She got up and approached the lonely girl.


“Hi can I just sit next to you?” Before Krystal say anything Amber just sat down beside. It was a lot safer for her since Krystal gives off a cold vibe that everyone is afraid of approaching.


“Was that even a question?” She said since Amber already sat herself down.


“Well I won’t bother you okay. I just want this event to end so that I can leave.”


“That’s strange, you joined this speed date but not interested. Or is it because there are no girls interest you?” Krystal chuckled and Amber was stunned at that pretty smile.


“Let’s just say I was forced to join.” Amber was finally able to look away from the beautiful girl.


“Oh me too.”


Her words has just caught Amber’s attention again to face the beautiful girl.


“I knew it. Such a pretty girl doesn’t need to go on speed date.”


“Same goes for you.” She smirked and Amber couldn’t understand what she meant.


Krystal puts down her drink and leans on Amber. Amber instantly move back leaning her back against the couch. Krystal’s face was near and moves beside to her ear.


“I wonder what’s a girl doing here pretending to be a guy.” She whispered and quickly moves herself back.


Amber gulp, it was her first time being discovered and she didn’t know how to react to it. She straightens herself up trying to come up with an excuse or maybe denying the fact that she’s a girl.


“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She said finally going with the choice of denying her gender.


“Whatever. Let’s just pretend we hit it off so that we can leave this boring place.” Krystal leans back in and whispered. Once she finished she crashes her lips onto Amber’s kissing her thoroughly that caught the attention of everyone. Amber was taken a back of the sudden kiss but she like it very much and even respond back. The two continue to kiss under the gaze of everyone. Their eyes closed and got caught up in each other’s taste. Their tongue snake out, tangled together and feeling each other.


Krystal was the first to pull out. She panted heavily shocked at her very own action. But soon her expression change to a smile and she grab Amber’s hand dragging her out of the restaurant.


“Hey where are you going?” Key shouted seeing the two running out of the private room. Amber could only look back at Key before she picks her pace up again.


Krystal’s hand never let go of Amber’s and they continued to run until Krystal feels exhausted and tired in her heels. They stood in the middle of the street trying to catch their breath. But before Krystal could fully catch her breath her lips was captured and they continue on their long passionate kiss in the midst of the busy street.


A/N: Just a quick update in the early morning. Didn't really put much thoughts in it. But enjoy!

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