Yulsic? Kryber?

Help Me! I Can't Remember 'Em!


It's been such a long time that I can't remember if this fic was a Yulsic or a Kryber pairing. However, for this I'll just refer to them as Kryber.


Amber and Krystal had been together for a while. The two had moved in together in Amber's apartment, and like any couple they had their share of ups and downs. But in the end they always pulled through. However, not this time. After a nasty argument, Krystal had enough and walked out. Amber assumed the younger girl just needed her space and that eventually she'll come to realize that despite their differences their relationship was stronger than whatever problem they might had have. Weeks came and go, Amber slowly came to realize that she had been wrong. Krystal wasn't coming back. And a pain, worst than she had ever experience, hit her like a sledge hammer. 

Being alone in their apartment made the matter worse. Amber was constantly haunted by the memories they shared in that apartment. She couldn't even sleep in their bedroom anymore because that was where it was the worst. In fact, she could barely sleep a wink because she'll dream about Krystal returning. And she'll startle awake only to realize that reality wasn't as such. In the end, Amber claimed the couch and living room as her living quarters in hopes to limit the memories that haunts her. Safe to say, Amber wasn't in the best health as of late and had came down with a severe cold. 

Krystal hesitated in turning the door knob to the apartment she shared with Amber. She was not sure if Amber will take her back. Or worst, what if she comes to learn that Amber has moved on? With whatever little courage she could muster up, she hurriedly entered their apartment before she could back down again. Krystal noticed that their aprtment was dark. Too dark. They never had it this dark, too with it being the middle of the day. She came to find a cold and whimpering Amber curled up on the couch with the TV playing in the background. And this pained her grealty to know that she was the cause of Amber's pain. She regretted ever leaving, ever making the tomboy wait for so long.





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Chapter 12: Shoot!! I was thinking I haven't read the last TaeNy fic you mentioned and was about to comment then, I remembered that I did read about it!!!!! It's definitely a short one but I'm not sure if it's part of multi shot fics or a single fic. Dang ittttt. Now it's stuck in my mind and I have to reread it. I'll definitely post the link here when I found it, haha.
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Chapter 12: i would also like to read it along with you, so pls if any one knows this kindly post the link or even the title
Gaejihyo815 #3
Chapter 12: I would love to read chap 12, if anyone finds it
reveluv316 801 streak #4
Chapter 1: sounds interesting
Jayzxn #5
Chapter 11: Ohh I never actually read the last one part 1 did anyone send you the title yet for that one
supercookies #6
Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - i think the title is Let Us Pretend! by Bluppy. I read that on SSF back then and it's still not completed.
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