do not trust him

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do not trust him.

To trust the male so easily, it didn't seem right.

She was too afraid of everything. Nothing was home. 

Her family. Her village. All gone!

All she'd known all her life wasn't here anymore and knowing that she's all alone, she grew more afraid of everything.

She wanted to run and escape and yet she knew that there was no use running. She doesn't have a chance of surviving by herself. 

From the people that abducted her and the place she was ed upon, there was no one that showed her kindness.

And to see that in this boy, a few years older than her, didn't make a difference. She's still afraid and couldn't force herself to trust the boy the beautiful lady introduced to her.

With her arms wrapped around herself as her only protection as fear wrapped around her tightly, she backed herself into a corner and shook her head, not wanting any help from anyone. Everything that she saw made her more aware that there's no one to trust.

"Leave me alone." Her small voice whispered in a plea. "please. Just leave me alone."

Suho, the fair black-haired boy who was introduced to her, frowned at her choice. He wanted to comfort the young girl but her fear stopped him from approaching. 

"I'm really sorry, but I hope someday you'll accept my help."


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