trust him.

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trust him.


The girl, with tears from her eyes looked at the boy who was told to be her guardian. 

The woman called him Suho, an unusual name. It was the first time she heard such a name. One would think it was a foreigner's name but the boy had the same asian features as most people. Maybe it was because she had lived all her life in a small village that any other names used by the villagers in her home sounded foreign to her.

This boy, should she trust him? The girl was afraid to,but without her family by her side, there was no one else. 

She wanted to be strong for herself and be independent but at such a young age, she knows that she couldn't do it on her own. No one would help her except this boy...

This boy was the first person in this unfamiliar place that showed her kindness. He was the only one that smiled at her without that look that made her shiver with fear.

That fact made her want to believe in him and trust. 

With a slow move, she nodded and replied, "Yeah, friends." She sniffed and messily wiped her tears. 

Suho grinned and looked relieved at her acceptance and began to approach her more confidently this time. He reached for her face and helped wipe away the tears with a handkerchief he had in his pocket. 

The show of concern and care almost brought the young girl to tears again as she remembered her own family back home. She worried for her widowed mo

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