blood flower.

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Blood Flower


Blood Flower.


A revered house among the rich and powerful men.


It is not a place where one can enter easily. Only people with prestige are given the honor of entering the house.


One would think that the blood flower house is a simple house of relaxation and entertainment.


The blood flower is a house of taint.


It is a brothel house that caters for the rich and men of power.


They the life of anyone unfortunate enough to get tangled on its web.


One of the unfortunate ones is the little girl from the raided village.


Those brutal men took her away from her mother, the only remaining family she had. The other young children were also taken from their parents. 


The adults couldn't fight the men. They were too strong and cruel.


Everyone cried. 


She cried.


Every single child taken where in tears. They begged to be let go and sent back to their loving families. These men laughed and mocked at their childishness.


The young girl also begged to be let go but no one paid any attention to her.


She heard that she was only a piece of ware to be sold to the highest bidder.


The raiders traveled for days. All the young ones were exhausted.


When they stopped, the children were too tired to notice. It was only when one child screamed when they become alert.


Girls were separated from the boys.


Few kids were struggling while some gave up, cooperating with their captors.


The little girl did the same. She was far too weak to get away and her chance of surviving on her own was close to none.


She followed the men without complaint. Her eyes wandered the houses they passed by.


The boys remained on the carts while the girls were taken away to be brought across a large red gate.


Crowds of men filled the streets. Some were shouting.... some were laughing...


The captive girls huddled closely together, fearing of what might happen if they didn't. Most of the members of the crowd ignored them while some stared in interest.


 The front ho

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