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12 men who bears the mark of the moon...

One shall be chosen, destined to complete it's half...

Two shall become one... and fulfill the legend of the intertwined moons.

But beware of  the numerous paths towards the end of the journey...

The choice that could end in tragedy or everlasting happiness...

The kingdom's fate lies in their hands...

Only one thing is certain...

Change will be inevitable.


Water, the giver of life.

Calm and soothing but unwavering and cruel at times.

Learn to fear the calmness for its strength is hidden.


*Night Gladiolus - A flower that blooms at night. It symbolizes preparedness, strength, splendid beauty and love at first sight. 

Gladiolus is a latin word meaning, "sword". Also called as the flower of Gladiators.


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I made separate interactive stories for each element to help me keep track of everything.
Check the main option to see a alternative take on Sword Lily (still revamping).


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