Night Gladiolus | Water |
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“WATER.” The child told the guardian of the forest. She has always been fascinated at its color and strength when the water moves as one. She fears the water's strength and at the same time loves its mysterious qualities.


For awhile, the being didn’t speak. His expression almost sad as if he didn't like the future he saw for the child.


“I fear for your future my child.” He touched her hand and she felt his touch comforting.


She didn’t understand what her choice meant.


“I just hope that the tides will change and will be in favour during your journey.” The child felt a kiss on her forehead.


A cold rush woke her up.


“Daughter! You must wake up! The storm is too strong.” Her mother’s face was in her view, filled with fear. "We have to seek shelter elsewhere!"


Without second thoughts she got up from her bed and followed her mother who was busy packing up as much things as they could.


“Where’s father?” The little girl asked frantically.


“He’s out to save the animals. We need them if we’re to survive the storm.”


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