find your father.

Night Gladiolus | Water |
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Find your father...


  "My child don't!" Her mother's voice pleaded.   The little girl didn't listen and ran out of the cave.    Her feet was covered in mud. The rain made the ground soft that her feet were sinking.   The wind was strong that it could almost carry the young girl along with it.    She could hardly see through the rain but she did not stop nor turned back to the cave.    Her eyes strained to see where her father was.   It was cold. Her body was soaked from the rain.   She didn't care.   Her father was all she could think of. She couldn't bear the thought of losing her parents.   "Father! Father!" She shouted as loud as she could, hoping it would reach her father.   No one answered.   She couldn't here the other villagers that were said to be saving the animals.   Fear crawled into her.   The young girl quickened her pace, searching frantically for her missing parent.   She prayed hard that he was alive.   She walked and walked until she stepped on nothing but air.   After that....   Nothing.   continue.  




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