Night Gladiolus | Water |
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It's not easy to accept everything that just happened to her.

After the great storm that ravaged her village and her abduction together with the younger ones in her village, she was suddenly ed into this unknown place. Nothing like this existed in her home.

People come and go. Women mostly resided in her new home while different kinds of men visited. There was always a hungry look on those men whenever they see a woman they like. The women would often bat their eyelashes, making the men's look hungrier.

She knew that it was ion, a word she learned when she and her mother once visited a city and something similar took place. People were whispering about it and didn't notice a young girl such as herself would be listening. It was too crowded and noisy for a girl like her to be spotted.

But despite knowing the word, she was still unaware of what it meant. 9 years old is pretty young to understand what it signify. 

She had been here for almost a week doing chores such as cleaning the rooms once people have vacated the room. It was a simple task that she had somehow enjoyed doing. Being busy made her forget her fears and pass the time.

Suho was always with her, a grateful thing. His presence, as he was older than her by 2 years, she felt protected. It also prevented unwanted attentions. 

There have been two attempts of men trying to catch her alone. Somehow Suho would come at the right time and convince the men to leave her

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